Summer Hashtags For Instagram

December 20, 2016       Instagram

The first day of Summer is always exciting. What’s even more exciting is that you can use the Summer Solstice to get more eyes on your brand, your business, and your products on Instagram. But it takes more than a beautiful picture and a well thought out write up to get the attention of your […]

You need to get personal for Father’s Day, but you need to keep your audience in mind. You’re reaching out to spouses, sons and daughters who will be doing the purchases during the holiday, but you’re also reaching out to dads who may straight out tell their families exactly what they want as a present. […]

Memorial Day Hashtags for Instagram

December 19, 2016       Instagram

Memorial Day is a tricky day for marketers. We’ve already discussed best practices for Social Media on Memorial Day in the past, it may be a good idea to check out that post before you schedule all your social media updates.  A good rule of thumb, if you’re not sure about your post, just skip […]

Cinco de Mayo Hashtags for Instagram and How To Use Them

December 19, 2016       Instagram

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day (that happens September 16). Although 5th of May is not a huge holiday in Mexico, it’s become HUGE in the USA. Particularly for those who are in food and beverage. But, you also need to keep Latinos (in particular Mexicans) in mind. According to Nielsen, it was […]

Mother’s Day is one of the most special holidays of the year. It is the one day that is set aside to show moms of all ages just how much they are loved. This also means that it is a big holiday for sales. In 2016 alone, $21.4 billion dollars were spent on Mother’s day. […]

Earth Day Hashtags For Instagram & How to Use Them

December 19, 2016       Instagram

Since April 22, 1970, we’ve been celebrating Earth Day and teaching the new generation that it is a necessity to get involved in protecting our planet. Instagram’s visual nature makes it the ideal platform for this holiday.  Instagram is huge for travel bloggers, adventurers, and scientists. But, even if you’re not in these industries, Earth […]

April Fools’ Day is an awesome holiday. April 1st means a lighthearted day of silly pranks and trying to outdo each other. It also means a HUGE marketing opportunity for brands and businesses who do things right. Today we’ll discuss how you can use April Fools’ Day Hashtags on Instagram. Before we do, take a few […]

Women’s Day Hashtags and How to Use Them On Instagram

December 18, 2016       Instagram

49.6% of the word’s population is women. That means that if your brand or business has anything to do with women (half of the world’s population), you have a huge opportunity to connect with this very desireble demographic on March 8, International Women’s Day. The question is, how exactly do you go about that? Well, […]

Pi Day Hashtags for Instagram and How to Use Them

December 16, 2016       Instagram

Pi Day is one of my favorite holidays. If you’re not familiar with this scientific celebration, Pi is a day to celebrate π (or 3.14). This number is the ratio of th circumference of a circle to its diameter. It never changes. It’s an irrational number which has no end or pattern. It’s really cool and […]

St. Patrick’s day may have started off as a celebration of one of the most favored Saint, but now it has become a huge marketing opportunity for all types of businesses including bars, restaurants, breweries, and – of course – any retailer that sells green apparel. Today we’ll discuss how to market your Instagram posts […]