Tips & Strategies to Increase Twitter Engagement in 2017

December 15, 2016       Published

We recently wrote an article outlining all the Twitter stats that show that the network is not dead. If you’re not getting an ROI from Twitter, it’s probably because you’re using it wrong. Today, we’ll be outlining some very simple ways you can use Twitter so you can connect with the right people AND get […]

How to Create a Twitter Poll

December 15, 2016       Published

Twitter polls are super easy ways to garner engagement and increase your social media influence scores. The best part is that they are super easy to implement. They were introduced in 2015 and we absolutely love them. They are a super easy way for people to engage with you (they just need two clicks). This […]

Mardi Gras  is a big day for business not just in Louisiana, but anywhere in the US where people like to party. Local businesses like restaurants, bars, bakers, hair dressers, and clothing retailers can benefit from a good Mardi Gras social media campaign. Mardi Gras revelers will spend to have fun and look their best […]

How to Use Reviews in Your Social Media Strategy

December 13, 2016       Business

It’s time to get your head out of the sand. Reviews matter and your customers (and potential customers) are looking at them whether you like them or not. This is not just something that applies to local businesses. This affects every industry. If you’re going to a new restaurant, chances are you’ll pull out your […]

Valentine’s Day is a big day for business. As a matter of fact, the average annual consumer spending on this day of love is 19.7 billion dollars on average. This means that 54.8% of consumers will spend an average of $146 on just flowers, candy, and apparel. Needless to say you NEED to market yourself […]

As you and million other brands and businesses are aware, the Super Bowl is a huge marketing opportunity. Today we’ll discuss your Super Bowl Hashtags for Instagram and how to use them, but before we do, you need to click thru and read why you need to be careful when marketing on Social Media during the […]

Groundhog Day Hashtags for Instagram & How to Use Them

December 9, 2016       Instagram

If you have ever lived in the US, you know that everyone eagerly awaits the mos famous weather man on February 2nd. His name is Punxsutawney Phil (there’s also Staten Island Chuck and Malverne Mel) and each year, this woodchuck sneaks out of his resting place. If he sees his shadow, it is said that winter […]

MLK Day Hashtags and How to Use Them

December 8, 2016       Instagram

Businesses and brands want to make the most out of most holidays on Social Media. They are absolutely great opportunities to build relationships, get conversions and sales…but some holidays need to be treated with respect and care. Just as you need to be careful with Social Media on Memorial Day, you need to think about the […]

Twitter is NOT DEAD. Here’s Why

December 7, 2016       Published

We all keep hearing that Twitter is dead, but this is not the case. Twitter is still very much relevant and has value to offer those who use it right. If you’re just using Twitter as a dumping ground for links, then you’re not going to get any benefit from the platform. If you still […]

Why You Should Be Marketing On Pinterest in 2017

December 1, 2016       Pinterest

If you’re not marketing yourself on Pinterest, then you’re missing out. Pinterest is incredible at driving web traffic, especially for those who are marketing in the areas of food and beverage, home decor and repair, and anything creative. If you have an online shop, then Pinterest needs to become a priority if it isn’t already. […]