National Dog Day Hashtags

December 20, 2016       Instagram

We love dogs. Wanna know how much we love dogs? In fact, in 2016, 80 million dogs were a part of a US household. That means that 47% of all households in the USA have a dog as a part of their family. We love dogs so much that we’ve dedicated an entire day (August […]

Friendship Day Hashtags

December 20, 2016       Instagram

Friendship Day is another greeting card holiday. It was concocted by Joyce Hall who founded Hallmark Cards. This one didn’t take off like Valentine’s Day did, but it is still a great marketing opportunity for your brand or business. If you plan to post to Instagram on this holiday, take a few seconds to copy […]

Ice Cream Day Hashtags

December 20, 2016       Instagram

As if we needed an excuse to eat more ice cream, the 3rd Sunday of July (National Ice Cream Month) is now National Ice Cream day. That means that if your brand or business has anything to do with ice cream, you should be planning out your posts to get the most out of this […]

Canada Day Hashtags and How to Use Them

December 20, 2016       Instagram

July 1st is the day where Canadians rejoice. It’s also a great opportunity for you to market to those who are interested in Canada or are planning to visit Canada. You can post anything from Canadian recipes, Canada Facts, artwork…there are plenty of possibilities. But before you do that, copy and save the Canada Day […]

Star Wars Day Hashtags

December 20, 2016       Instagram

Star Wars may be the most beloved film saga in history. When it opened in 1977 it made $775 million dollars and became the highest grossing film of all time. We’re all still obsessed with Star Wars, and if you are a brand or business, you’d be smart to start planning out on how to […]

National Sibling Day Hashtags

December 20, 2016       Instagram

Not everyone loves their brother or sister, but even if you don’t, National Sibling’s Day is a great opportunity for your business to get a little ROI from this family holiday. Take a few seconds to copy the National Sibling’s Day hashtags below and save them to your phone to use them before, during, and […]

Flag Day Hashtags for Instagram

December 20, 2016       Instagram

We Americans are a patriotic bunch and National Flag Day is very special to us. On June 14, we celebrate the adoption of our flag, Old Glory. It is a day where we celebrate the symbol of our nation. It is also a day where US businesses and brands can connect with their audience and […]

Summer Hashtags For Instagram

December 20, 2016       Instagram

The first day of Summer is always exciting. What’s even more exciting is that you can use the Summer Solstice to get more eyes on your brand, your business, and your products on Instagram. But it takes more than a beautiful picture and a well thought out write up to get the attention of your […]

You need to get personal for Father’s Day, but you need to keep your audience in mind. You’re reaching out to spouses, sons and daughters who will be doing the purchases during the holiday, but you’re also reaching out to dads who may straight out tell their families exactly what they want as a present. […]

Memorial Day Hashtags for Instagram

December 19, 2016       Instagram

Memorial Day is a tricky day for marketers. We’ve already discussed best practices for Social Media on Memorial Day in the past, it may be a good idea to check out that post before you schedule all your social media updates.  A good rule of thumb, if you’re not sure about your post, just skip […]