Best Social Media Conferences of 2017

Most Social Media conferences offer value not so much in the content, but in the networking. In reality, most of the content pushed out at the conferences will end up being live streamed, blogged about, and shared all over social media. However, there are some conferences that offer true value when it comes to knowledge. […]

Pro-Donald Trump Hashtags for Instagram

Donald Trump has been elected to be the 45th President of the United States of America. If your core audience is pro-Donald Trump, then you have a HUGE opportunity to reach out and connect with them. That being said, you will have quite a job on your hands. Donald Trump is very visible on Social […]

Anti-Donald Trump Hashtags

As controversial as President Elect Donald Trump is, you can’t deny he is quite a popular topic on Social Media. The 2017 Presidential Campaign is historic and so will be Trump’s presidency. Because of his popularity, those who are working to create content around PEOTUS Trump on Instagram will face some yuge challenges. Competition is fierce, […]

Use these Inauguration day hashtags to get organic views on Instagram

Inauguration Day Hashtags

Whether you love or hate PEOTUS Trump, the 2017 US Presidential Inauguration will be historic. Mostly everyone will be talking about it. Some people will be hosting #MakeAmericaGreatAgain parties while others will be running theirs as #NotMyPresident. Regardless of which side you and your audience fall on, you want the most amount of eyes on […]

A List of Optimized Rain Hashtags and How to Use Them

It’s not just weather forecasters who need to know which rain hashtags to use in Social Media. These hashtags can be used by weather gear companies, retailers, local businesses and more. Just think about it, on a rainy day people are looking for umbrellas to purchase, places to get out of the rain and more. […]

How to prevent clients from not paying you

What Should I Do If My Client Does Not Pay

Many of us working in Social Media Marketing are either freelancers or small firms. That means that every penny counts in your social media manager budget. That means that when a client is late (or does not pay at all) you can be in a dangerous spot and put your business and the rest of […]

How to Target the Right people on LinkedIn

As of the end of 2016, LinkedIn had 460+ million members. That’s a whole lot of people and it means that it is very much a great place to market your business, and to get more customers. The issue is how to target the right people on LinkedIn so you don’t waste your time. Today, […]

Twitter Reports Update

Social Media is just like baseball, it’s only fun (and lucrative) if you keep score. You need to know what’s working and what is not so you can actually yield an ROI from your social media activities. That’s why at Socialdraft, we are always reviewing how we can make reporting better for you. We take […]

Giving Tuesday hashtags are a great way to get donations via Instagram

Giving Tuesday Hashtags

Giving Tuesday is celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is part of the many holidays of the fall and winter season including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The biggest difference is that this holiday was created in the spirit to get people to be more altruistic and charitable. This holiday is all about philanthropy, but that […]

Facebook groups offer great benefits for businesses and brands

A Complete Guide to Facebook Groups

One Social Media power tool most people don’t consider is Facebook Groups. Facebook groups are a fantastic way to get more traffic to your blog, to network with others in your industry, and to get more clients. If you are a social or digital marketer who is not currently utilizing Facebook groups, you’re missing out. […]