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Whether you love or hate PEOTUS Trump, the 2017 US Presidential Inauguration will be historic. Mostly everyone will be talking about it. Some people will be hosting #MakeAmericaGreatAgain parties while others will be running theirs as #NotMyPresident. Regardless of which side you and your audience fall on, you want the most amount of eyes on your social media post. Today, we’ve put together a list of Inauguration Day Hashtags you can use to achieve just that, getting the most organic views from your targeted audience. So take a few seconds to copy and save these hashtags and then read on so that you can learn exactly how to use them on Instagram.

Inauguration Day Hashtags

#inauguration2017 #inauguration #inaugurationday #constitution #merica #america #USA #UnitedStates #USpresident #donaldtrump #presidenttrump #trump #presidentdonaldtrump #mikepence #pence #makeamericagreatagain #January20 #liberal #conservative #republican #democrat

How to Use Inauguration Day Hashtags

The first thing you need to know is that #InaugurationDay has only been used around 7,000 times on Instagram as of 1/17/16. That means that there’s not an incredible amount of competition and that you can really get a good amount of eyes on your post. In fact, it should be very easy for your post to come up on Top Posts. But before you start to post, let’s talk about how Instagram hashtags work. You need to think of them as Instagram SEO. Hashtags are the way you get found, so in order to be found by your target audience, you must use the right hashtags and combine them with other types of hashtags.

Mix In Hashtags for Your Industry

How to combine Inauguration Day Hashtags with hashtags for your business to be seen by people who can become customers

If you are a business that is not politically active, it may be a good idea to stay neutral. Brodiefur, an account that sells custom socks, was very smart in their 2017 Inauguration Day post. They went with a fairly neutral post that stayed away from politics, and which zeroed in to dog lovers by using industry hashtags such as #happylabpack #TalesofaLab #fab_labs_ #dogsofinstagram #happydog #worldoflabs #labs_of_insta #labradoroftheday and #talesofapuppy. This makes it so their post gets to hijack some traffic on Instagram from the #inauguration day hashtag bringing them both conservatives & liberals who may be interested in purchasing cute socks, AND that they are seen by dog lovers who even if not interested in patriotic socks, may be interested in getting some custom ones made.

Use Location Hashtags

How to get your Inauguration Day Instagram Posts seen by a local audience

If you are a local brand, service, or business (like a restaurant, museum, or dog walker), you need to use geo-location hashtags. Why? Because while it is great to get all those Inauguration Day eyeballs, you need eyeballs that convert. The Rubin museum created a neutral post prompting people to visit the museum on Inauguration Day. They were smart by offering #nyc #chelsea #nycmuseums to give themselves a chance to be seen by people in NYC and Chelsea.

Use Custom Brand & Vertical Brand Hashtags

Custom hashtags can get your audience involved

When you craft your Inauguration day Instagram posts, you will want to use two types of branded hashtags Custom Brand Hashtags & Vertical Brand Hashtags. These are your custom hashtags. Usually, they are your brand or business’ name. Sometimes, as seen above, they can be for a related product such as #wetheresilient. Using this type of hashtags is a great way to market yourself and to get your community involved in helping market you. If I were the Amplifier Foundation, I would have included not just the vertical tag #wetheresilient, but also the tag #AmplifierFoundation with a call to action on the profile teaching people how to use the tag for maximum impact.

Use Party Related Hashtags

Mix party hashtags with your Inauguration day hashtags

The hashtags given above are generic Inauguration Day hashtags. These will give you general exposure to people who are interested in the Inauguration. The issue here is that you need your posts to be seen by your audience, and that requires that you speak their language. If you are on the democratic side, you’ll have to include hashtags to appeal to your audience. Same if you are on the republican side. A good example is how the Conservative Babes account uses party hashtags to attract their target political audience.

How to Manage & Grow Your Instagram Account

You now have a great set of starter Inauguration day hashtags and you know how to combine them with other hashtags. But it takes a lot more than that to be successful on Instagram. You need to be consistent in posting, engaging and managing your account. The Socialdraft Instagram tool will save you time and make you more effective when managing your Instagram account. With Socialdraft, you can:

Schedule Instagram Posts
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Search for posts in a particular industry
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Clean up your Instagram account.

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It’s not just weather forecasters who need to know which rain hashtags to use in Social Media. These hashtags can be used by weather gear companies, retailers, local businesses and more. Just think about it, on a rainy day people are looking for umbrellas to purchase, places to get out of the rain and more. There are even more uses for these rain hashtags, imagine you’re a nature photographer, or a travel blogger on Instagram taking shots in the rain. We’ll discuss strategy for these rain hashtags for each of these industries, but before we do, take a few seconds to click the “copy” button below these rain hashtags. Then save them to your phone’s note pad or use the nifty trick in the video below so you can use them whenever you need.

Rain Hashtags for Instagram

#rain #raining #rainyday #pouring #rainydays #storm #water #rainy #clouds #thunderstorm #cloudy #soaked #puddle #umbrella #storm #weather #lighting #rainyweather #wet #splash #instarain #thunder #raindrop

How to use Rain Hashtags on Instagram

As mentioned above, rain can be a great thing for some local businesses. Just imagine that someone’s walking in NYC when it starts to rain. Wouldn’t it be great if when they hopped on Instagram to post their image of rain your post saying that you’re open comes up? Let’s get down to a few examples and best practices on how to use your rain hashtags for Instagram.

Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags help to create brand advocates

Instagram is “the” place to build your brand. Make sure to think of a hashtag that is unique to you. Begin to use it in all your posts, and begin to train your community to use this hashtag. For example, Hunter boots has been using the hashtag #rainstartsplay on their posts. When you click over to the hashtag, you can see that customers and influencers are sharing pictures of their product with the hashtag. It is fun, inventive and a great way to convert your audience and customers into brand advocates.

Industry Hashtags

If you create posts about rain you must include industry related hashtags

Artist Leonid Afremov understands that rain hashtags alone won’t get him in front of all the possible people who may purchase his works. That’s why he combines rain hashtags such as #umbrella and #rain with #art and #painting. By mixing up both of these types of hashtags he has increased his chances of being seen by people who are interested in both the rain and the arts.

Location Hashtags

Use location hashtags to be seen by people who convert

Digital Marketer Leslie Caswell understands the importance of location hashtags. If you don’t use location tags (neighborhood, city, state, country) your chances of being seen by a local audience are significantly reduced. This means that if you are a local business like a restaurant, a local service provider (like a dog walker), or a brand that wants to be seen by an audience in a particular location that you must include location hashtags with your Instagram posts.

How to Manage and Grow your Instagram Account

Now that you know how to use your rain hashtags and how to combine them with other hashtags to get the most amount of reach, you need to do a few other things. Instagram is not a hit and run kinda network. There is the Instagram algorithm to keep in mind. If you are not active on a consistent basis, and if you aren’t getting engagement from your community, these hashtags will be worth nada. In order to make sure that the time spent on creating these posts is fruitful, you need to make sure that you post consistently and engage consistently. Socialdraft is an Instagram tool that will help you to:

Schedule Instagram Posts
Have multiple people work on various accounts
Search for posts in a particular industry
Like these posts
Find people to engage and follow
Clean up your Instagram account.

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Giving Tuesday is celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is part of the many holidays of the fall and winter season including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The biggest difference is that this holiday was created in the spirit to get people to be more altruistic and charitable. This holiday is all about philanthropy, but that does not mean that this holiday can only be used for marketing by non-profits. If you are a smart brand, business or service, it is good for you to align yourself with this type of event. Today we’ll discuss how to market your business on this day on Instagram. But, before you read on, take a few seconds to copy the following Giving Tuesday Hashtags. They will be the foundation for your Giving Tuesday Instagram strategy.

Giving Tuesday Hashtags

#GivingTuesday @GivingTuesday2017 #IamGrateful #Charity #CharityEvent #Giving #Charities #UnSelfie #NonProfit #NonProfitOrganization #Humanitarian #HumanitarianAid #CharityChallenge #Volunteering #Causes #Donate #Activism #DoGood #DoGoodFeelgood #FundRaising #FundRaisingEvent #Philanthropy #givingback 

How to Use Giving Tuesday Hashtags

Collaborate with a Charity & Use their Hashtag

Using a charity's custom hashtag will associate you with their cause

The NFl and players such as Edwin Jackson participated in an incentive called #MyCauseMyCleats. Each player would wear custom cleats to bring awareness for a cause of their choice. Jackson chose Hope For Justice. Note his use of #MyCauseMyCleats in order to let people know why he was showing his cleats on Instagram. Whenever people search the campaign on Instagram, they have a chance to click through and learn what cause is important to him. This post would have been even more successful if he used the hashtag #HopeForJustice.

Include Location Hashtags

How to use location hashtags on Giving Tuesday

There are two ways to use location hashtags on Giving Tuesday. First, if you are participating in a local event. In this case you will want to use location hashtags so that people in your geographical area will have a chance to see your post. The second is to use location hashtags if you are involved with a charity that serves a special location. Project Picture Day did a fantastic job at both of these. First, by tagging #NYC, they can ascertain that they will get exposed to people in NYC who may want to get involved or donate. Then, by tagging #Haiti #DominicanRepublic and #Philippines so that people interested in those locations are made aware of their efforts.

Mix in Industry Hashtags

Industry hashtags will make it so you can be seen by people interested in your business

If you are working towards getting donations on Giving Tuesday, you need to include industry hashtags. People who are interested in your industry are more likely to donate to your cause. Check out the Saint Louis Chess Club. They are not only attracting people who are interested in philanthropy, but also people who are into Chess.

Marketing Tips for Giving Tuesday

Partner Up: Partner up with charities or with other vertical businesses to benefit a charity.

Get Visual: Ask your community to take pictures using your custom brand hashtag and #GivingTuesday. Make this better by running an event that benefits a local charity.

Take Videos: You can now do Instagram lives, so why not post some of your event, or while you are donating something. It’s a great way to show people you’re involved.

Easily Managing and Growing your Instagram Account

It will take more than a few beautiful posts, the right write up and perfect hashtag strategy to get you to Instagram success. In order to succeed, you need to be constant on Instagram. That means publishing posts daily (or at least on a consistent basis), engaging your audience, and keeping your account clean. You can do all this on Socialdraft:

Schedule Instagram Posts
Have multiple people work on various accounts
Search for posts in a particular industry
Like these posts
Find people to engage and follow
Clean up your Instagram account.

On top of that, you can do that while managing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn AND Pinterest. If you want to take the Socialdraft social media calendar tool for a risk free trial, click here. If you have questions, just open up a chat 🙂


Instagram is an incredible platform for all types of businesses and brands. You may think that your brand or product is boring, that there’s no way to promote it on Instagram and get people excited. But you can! We’ve put together some of our favorite examples of incredibly innovative Instagram campaigns from some of the top firms to show you just how it can be done. These top Instagram campaigns of 2016 succeeded because they were well researched, were laser targeted to their audience, and because they followed the tenets of Instagram success.

Lessons from Top Instagram Campaigns of 2016

Get Stylish & Creative

How to run an Instagram campaign for a boring product


Januel+Johnson (also known as J&J) had a big challenge for Instagram. Their client Bezalel, a phone wireless charger was looking to build their brand awareness with the public and influencers and increase sales while growing their Instagram following. Phone chargers may not seem like the sexiest products out there, but after the Bezalel campaign, I think we can all agree they seemed pretty hot.  We asked CJ Johnson about the creative process for this campaign. He told us: “We’re often tasked with injecting style and creativity into brands. With Bezalel, we create stylish and original content with a focus on millennials. In October we thought it would be fun to do a throwback Halloween photo campaign. We casted twin influencer artists and shot in a hedge maze. With our Kodak/Throwback style we made it look like something out of “The Shinning”. In addition we used a creepy Halloween poem and spread out our posts through the week of Halloween with excerpts from the poem. It was awesome!”

The campaign integrated a special offer for 20% off all orders with a code which made it easy to track sales stemming from the campaign.

The Results: The Instagram following for Bezalel grew by 1,000% and there has been a continuous  uptick in sales.

About J&J: J&J is the voice of the next generation and one-stop shop in creative marketing. Listed as one of the Top 50 Digital Agencies in Los Angeles, J+J empowers the brands we work with, with innovative steps and tools they need to conquer the world. In this fast-paced world, J+J is on the front lines of the growing Silicon Beach movement in Los Angeles, bridging the worlds of entrepreneurship and creativity all the while using the power of social influence to get our message across. We create contemporary strategies and then we execute them to perfection. We’re not going to do it in the same way everyone else does. We’re going to do it in a new way that showcases why you’re so special.

Run an Influencer Campaign

Instagram Influencer campaigns work great

Fossil watches is well known throughout the world. The brand brought on Upfluence in order to run an influencer marketing campaign to promote its latest watches and bracelets. The final goal of the campaign was to raise interest for their high-end products. In order to do this, they identified lifestyle influencers who received a watch of their choosing from a particular collection. In exchange, they would create animated GIFS for Instagram featuring the watches from the collection with branded hashtags to allow them to measure performance: #FossilStyle #FromWhereIStand (for women)#FossilsQ #FromWhereIStand (for men).

The Results: 60k+ views, 20k+ likes

About Upfluence:  Upfluence is the fastest growing influencer marketing company in Europe. The firm focuses on end to end influencer marketing campaigns: we help clients reaching their goals through advanced IM strategies across blogs, websites & social networks. They also specialize in end to end content marketing campaigns: we define and activate original content strategies to make sure our client’s expertise is recognized in their industries. Upfluence also has software that allows brands to identify the right influencers that matter to them so they can contact them at scale.

Be Consistent with Your Aesthetics

Use the same filters on Instagram to build an aesthetic

Shore Projects brands themselves as a watch brand inspired by beauty and fun of the British seaside. As such, they want a strong connection with some very specific seaside imagery.  This meant it already had a great foundation for image-based branding on Instagram.

The campaign for Shore projects by Grove Communication uses images that are on brand at all times. Many of the photos for the account are taken on the beaches and coasts of the U.K., and those that aren’t maintain the look and feel of the British seaside with faded colors and a lot of grey and green hues. The entire idea behind their campaign is to have very consistent branding.

The Results: The brand’s following has grown up to 46.5k followers in a very short time.

About Grove Communication:  Grove Communication is an integrated communication and brand development company specialising in accessories, fashion and luxury goods. Headed up by founding partner Marie Grove Walton and Emily Gegg with over 25 years of experience across luxury, fashion and accessories within agency, in-house and publishing, we offer all the benefits of your own in-house team combined with the creativity and flexibility of a leading public relations, brand development and marketing agency.

Collaborate with Verticals

Collaborate with Verticals to piggy back off their audience

Outdoor product company Crazy Creek wanted to increase their Instagram followers to expand awareness and reach. They brought on Carmen & Grace to implement a campaign to achieve this goal. We asked Natalie DeRatt of Carmen and Grace to tell us a bit about the process for achieving these results. Natalie’s strategy was to build collaborations with vertical brands so they could all play off each others’ audience and grow together.

Natalie told us “We teamed up with 4 other outdoor companies (Chaco Footwear, Coalatree, Gregory Packs and Nectar Sunglasses) to build an amazing prize package for 1 winner and their friend. We then organized a week long promotion, with all 5 brands publishing the contest art on Day 1. Fans were encouraged to follow all brand’s handles, comment with their favorite fall emoji, and tag a friend. They could enter an unlimited time throughout the week, and a winner was picked at random on the 5th day of the promo.”

The Results: The campaign was a great success, with everyone jumping up about 3000 followers.

Crazy Creek: 1,728 – 5,017 (+3,289)
Nectar: 51,567 – 54,969 (+3,402)
Gregory: 27,732 – 31,064 (+3,332)
Coalatree: 149,870 – 153,019 (+3,149)
Chaco: 192,672 – 194,219 (+1,547)

As with these competitions, some followers then unfollow if they don’t win, but on average everyone has maintained an increase of 1000 followers since (we ran it about a month ago). This is an incredibly successful campaign for all brands involved.

About Carmen and Grace Communications:  Carmen & Grace is an all inclusive communications firm providing years of experience in active lifestyles, outdoors public relations, and creative marketing. We specialize in the outdoors industry, run by active, outdoors women who are living and breathing the messages they’re sharing. We are based in Asheville, NC – the outdoors mecca of the East Coast!

As you can see, marketing your brand or business on Instagram is all about getting creative and collaborating with others. These key ingredients will be the key to your success in 2017.

How to Manage & Grow Your Instagram Account with Socialdraft

After checking out all this great inspiration from the Top Instagram Campaigns of 2016, and once you have come up with your Instagram strategy, you’ll need a good tool to help you manage and grow your Instagram account. This could be Socialdraft.

With Socialdraft you can:

Schedule Instagram Posts
Have multiple people work on various accounts
Search for posts in a particular industry
Like these posts
Find people to engage and follow
Clean up your Instagram account

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Contrary to what you may think, Oktoberfest actually starts in September. What I love about this holiday is that although it is a German festival, it’s become world famous and replicated across pubs all over the world. Did I mention it’s all about beer? Yup. This holiday is awesome if you’re in F&B. It means that you’ll have tons of marketing opportunities to market your business on social media almost anywhere in the world. If you are planning to market your business on Instagram during Oktoberfest, take a few seconds to copy and save these Oktoberfest Hashtags. They will help you to get more organic views, likes, and comments.

Oktoberfest Hashtags

#wiesn #oktoberfest #oktoberfest2017 #weinzelt #tracht #feschemadln #munich #munichgermany #münchen #bayern #germany #bavaria #german #fcbayern #instamunich #instamünchen #deutschland #germanywonderland #Volksfest #BeerFestival #Beer #Bavaria #Theresienwiese #MünchnerKindle

How to Manage & Grow Your Instagram Accounts

Don’t expect your Oktoberfest hashtags to do all the work. Instagram requires more than just beautiful images, a call to action and the perfect hashtags. You need to work your account on a consistent basis in order to have success. That means you need to post daily (or at least consistently). It also means that you need to engage your audience by liking their posts and following people creating content around your industry. The good news is that Socialdraft’s dashboard can help you with all this.

With Socialdraft you can:

Schedule Instagram Posts
Have multiple people work on various accounts
Search for posts in a particular industry
Like these posts
Find people to engage and follow
Clean up your Instagram account.

How to Use Your Oktoberfest Hashtags

Mix them with Location Hashtags

If you are a local business use hashtags for your city and state in order to get exposure on Instagram to a local audience

If you are a local business like a restaurant, hair dresser, or costume shop, then you need to incorporate location hashtags with your Oktoberfest hashtags. Why? This is done so that you can be found by people in your area, people who can convert. Hofbräu Bierhaus NYC does a great job at this. Note their use od #NYCfood #hungryNYC and #midtowneast. If someone hops on Instagram (say a tourist staying at a hotel at Midtown East in order to see what’s going on around the area, this hashtag will increase the chances that they will see the post and hopefully convert.

Use Custom Hashtags

A branded hashtag will not only get you more exposure but also help your fans help you build your brand

Include a Custom Brand Hashtag

Branded hashtags are an effective way to convert your audience and customers into brand advocates. German beer company Paulaner understands this. Note how they use a few simple to understand hashtags:

#paulaner #paulanermuenchen #paulanerbrauerei #paulanerbrewery

Seeing these hashtags will increase the chances that their customers will share images of their beer with their branding. This is incredibly powerful. Just look at their numbers. Paulaner has created 100 pieces of content, but there are over 231k images using their branded hashtags.

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Include Industry Hashtags

Using industry hashtags will get you more likes and comments

Integrating the #dachshund hashtag with Oktoberfest hashtags in this post was genius. Natalie was able to get in front of not just people interested in Oktoberfest, but also dachsund fanatics. This means more likes and comments. When you create your post, keep in mind what else people may be interested in that is seen in the post. This way you can get as many interested people to check out and engage with the post.

Fall is the perfect season for you to promote your brand, business, or service. Everyone is back in gear for work after vacationing. Kids are headed back to school and stay at home parents will have time to spruce up the house. Autumn is the perfect season for you to take advantage of Instagram to take advantage of these opportunities. Before you get started on your Instagram marketing this season, take a few seconds to copy (and save) the Fall hashtags below. They will help you to get more organic views, and if you play your cards right, this could mean more likes, more comments and a higher ROI.

Fall Hashtags

#Fall #Autumn #Leaves #Nature #SweaterWeather #AutumnLeaves #Trees #Nature #AutumnColors #autumncolors #autumn2017 #fall2017 #autumnweather #seasons #season #autumntime #fallweather #nature #autumncolours #autumnsky #autumnday #autumnstyle #autumnleaves #falltime #red #leaf #autumnal #orange #foliage

How to Manage & Grow Your Instagram Accounts

Fall is a great marketing opportunity for most businesses. Restaurants can sell fall dishes and cocktails. Retailers can sell light coats. Doctors can push flu shots. There is so much related to this season that imagination is your only hurdle. That being said, having a gorgeous post and great hashtags can only get you so far. To succeed on Instagram (make sales and get clicks) you need to post consistently and engage your audience.

With Socialdraft you can:

Schedule Instagram Posts
Have multiple people work on various accounts
Search for posts in a particular industry
Like these posts
Find people to engage and follow
Clean up your Instagram account.

If you’re ready to get serious about your Instagram marketing, take a risk free trial of the social media calendar tool from Socialdraft. Then, read on for more tips on getting your Instagram account ready for the fall season.

Tips for Using Your Fall Hashtags on Instagram

1. Use a Blend of Industry & Fall Hashtags

Fall hashtags work best when combined with other types of tags like business hashtags

You know how sometimes you’re browsing for something on Instagram, and then suddenly have to click on something you weren’t looking for. This is probably because that SMM used smart hashtags. Krystya is a very smart fashion blogger. You may wonder what this post has to do with fall, but it absolutely has to do with fall style. Sure, it’s a touch too close to Christmas, but I’m sure many of her fans could see themselves sporting these to Thanksgiving dinner. The lesson? Mix up hashtags that are related to your industry (in this case #styleoftheday #fashion #instafashion) with your fall hashtags (#fall #fallstyle) to get a larger organic reach.

2. Use Geo Targeted Hashtags

To reach a local audience that converts, use location hashtags with your fall hashtags

If you are a local business (such as a restaurant, hair salon, or doctor’s office), you can’t rely just on Fall hashtags. You need to enhance them with location hashtags (city, state, neighborhood) in order to be found by a local audience that converts. So make sure that you include tags on your posts. This post by Wright & Company Restaurant in Detroit did well, but would have done even better if they incorporated more location tags such as #Downtown #Greektown and #Motown to get eyes from people who were browsing those tags at the time.

3. Create Custom Fall Hashtags

Use custom hashtags to get the community involved

I Love NY is the tourism council for the state of New York. They have one of the most memorable slogans and a gorgeous Instagram account. For the fall, they created a custom hashtag #NYlovesfall, they encouraged their community to share photos of New York State while using this hashtags so other people could discover the beauty of New York during the season. This campaign has been incredibly successful. While the brand has only created 1,400 posts in total, there are over 9,000 uses of the hashtag on Instagram. They also tend to get thousands of likes per post because their community is quite involved. Great marketing for the state.

Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is quickly gaining speed in popularity in the United States outside of a Mexican audience. After Cinco de Mayo, it is probably the second most well known Mexican celebration (even more so than Mexican Independence Day). What does this mean for your brand or business? It means that you have a chance to reach out to Latin-American customers – just keep in mind that this celebration has roots in religion and it must be handled with care. Before you post to Instagram, take a few seconds to copy and paste these Dia De Los Muertos Hashtags. They will help you to get more likes and engagement from your community.

Dia De Los Muertos Hashtags

#DiadelosMuertos #DayOfTheDead #SugarSkull #DiaDeLosMuertos #Mexico #DiaDeMuertos #Skeleton #Skull #Flowers #UNESCO #AllSaintsDay #AllSoulsDay #Calavera #Marigold #Ofrenda #LadyoftheDead #LaCalaveraCatrina #FlordeMuerto

How to Manage & Grow Your Instagram Accounts

If you plan to have a successful Dia de los Muertos Instagram campaign, you can’t expect to post just once a month and succeed. Instagram takes commitment. That commitment involves gorgeous images, good write ups with a call to action, and a good set of hashtags. But, that’s just the basics. If you actually want to see a return on investment from Instagram, you need to post consistently (daily if possible) and engage on a daily basis. This can get cumbersome, but there are tools such as Socialdraft that can help  you stay consistent and focused while saving you time.

Socialdraft helps yo tou:

Schedule Instagram Posts
Have multiple people work on various accounts
Search for posts in a particular industry
Like these posts
Find people to engage and follow
Clean up your Instagram account.

If you’re ready to get and ROI from your Instagram marketing, take a risk free trial of the social media calendar tool from Socialdraft. Now, read on for more tips on getting your Instagram account ready for the fall season.

How to Get The Most from Your Dia De Los Muertos Hashtags

Run a Hashtag Contest

Teach your customers to use custom hashtags with a contest

Dia de los Muertos is an awesome marketing opportunity. Not every business in town will be running a promotion for the holiday. You can take a cue from Dos Caminos. They came up with a Dia De Los Muertos branded hashtag #DayOfTheDeadatDos and asked their customers to take pictures at the location and share it on Instagram  with the tag. This means that all their friends would be exposed to the post and to the restaurant. Dos Caminos basically converted their customers into a happy marketing army.

Mix up Business Related and Dia De Los Muertos Hashtags

Mix up dia de los muertos hashtags with business tags

Use Industry Hashtags

By using hashtags related to the makeup and face painting industries, artist Ronnie Mena exposes himself to both an audience that is interested in Dia de los Muertos, and an audience that is directly interested in his craft.

Align Yourself With Verticals

You can earn another brand's audience by using their hashtags

You can use hashtags to align yourself with and reach the audience of associated brands, personalities, and businesses. Museo del Barrio did this beautifully by crafting a post around artist Antonio Lopez. By using the hashtag #AntonioLopez, they are giving themselves a chance to be discovered on Instagram by the artist’s fans.

Use Location Hashtags

Location hashtags help businesses to be seen by people who can convert

If you are a local business (like a restaurant, bar or make up artist) you need to attract local eyes. They are more likely to convert to customers the closer they are to your location. Take this example from Casa Neta Restaurant. By using #nycevents #flatironny #nycnightlife #nyc #flatiron #nychalloween #newyorkcity as their location hashtags, they are increasing their chances of being seen by those who are checking out what’s going on in those locations on those date and increasing their chances of a conversion from a view to a customer.

April Fools’ Day is an awesome holiday. April 1st means a lighthearted day of silly pranks and trying to outdo each other. It also means a HUGE marketing opportunity for brands and businesses who do things right. Today we’ll discuss how you can use April Fools’ Day Hashtags on Instagram. Before we do, take a few seconds to copy (and save) the hashtags below. Then read on for tips on reaching the right audience for your brand by using these tags.

April Fools’ Day Hashtags for Instagram

#AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #April1 #Fun #Funny #Jokes #Pranks #AprilFoolsPrank #Hoax #AprilFool #aprilscherz #poissondavril

How to Use Your April Fools’ Hashtags for Instagram

April Fools day is a good chance to connect with your audience on a human level

April Fools Day is an opportunity to show your customers (and potential customers) that you can have fun. Adventure Life Travel‘s  brilliant April Fools’ day prank was picked up by Instagram and got them more than 800 likes. It also makes the brand seem fun, human, relatable. They were selling nothing and got much in return. This is a good example of tone of voice during the holiday.

Tips to get the most out of your April Fools Day Hashtags for Instagram

Post Daily

You can’t expect to only post on holidays and drive millions of people to your website, blog or store. This means that if you want a good reaction for your April Fools post, you need to start posting on a consistent basis. Use a social media

Engage your audience

After publishing each post, take some time to engage. Use Socialdraft’s hashtag research tool, look for people creating similar content to yours. Like their posts and follow them. This will result in a reciprocal relationship – more likes on your post and more follows.

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Use a Mix Industry Specific & April Fools’ Day Hashtags Hashtags

Make sure to use hashtags for your industry to get eyes from potential customers

This post by ASOS was creative genius. You’d probably think that it would be impossible to sell Wedding dresses on April Fools’ Day. This proves you can sell anything if you’re creative. This shop posted that they had just launched a wedding service that would mean you’d get married on their catwalk. If you were to do a post like this one, you’d need to use industry hashtags in order to get seen. For ASOS, since they would be selling to brides, a sample of a good set of hashtags would include #wedding #customwedding #bridetobe #sayyestothedress.

Geo-Targeted Hashtags with Your April Fools’ Day Hashtags

Use location hashtags combined with your April Fools Day hashtags

Creating a great April Fools’ post is only the beginning. If you are a local business, brand, or service provider, it is not of great benefit to have 1,000 likes from people who can’t convert to customers. If they are 50 miles away, they probably won’t convert. Follow the lead from Gotham City Collision. Their post includes gorgeous location hashtags so they have a chance to be discovered by a local audience.

Use Both Associated Brand Hashtags & Custom Branded Hashtags

Use a vertical's hashtags to get their audience to pay attention to you

April Fool’s Day is a perfect time to get another brand’s eyes on your audience. On top of that, custom branded hashtags can help you turn your audience and customers into a marketing army. Just Check out what Bare Bones (a bone broth company) did. They took a trending topic associated to their culinary brand and created an awesome April Fool’s post out of it. They “created” a new product based on the very popular show Arrested Development. By using the hashtag #ArrestedDevelopment, they are opening themselves up to an audience that likes this show (a new possible customer demographic). The big key here is that the joke is relevant to their brand. It makes sense. They’ve also used #BareBones, this is their custom hashtag. If you look at the image above, you will see how the top posts aren’t just from the brand itself. Influencers are sharing their experience with the product and posting about it. This opens up a new audience to them. These are incredibly powerful tactics that can also work for you.

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49.6% of the word’s population is women. That means that if your brand or business has anything to do with women (half of the world’s population), you have a huge opportunity to connect with this very desireble demographic on March 8, International Women’s Day. The question is, how exactly do you go about that? Well, if you take into effect the fact that 58% of Instagram users are women, then that may be a good place for you to start. If you are going to be marketing your brand or business during Women’s Day, you need to start with a good set of Women’s Day hashtags. Take a few seconds to copy (and save) the hashtags below into your smart phone; then read on because we’ve got tons of examples on how to use these hashtags to get the most out of your posts for this celebratory day.

Women’s Day Hashtags for Instagram

#internationalwomensday #sexism #CivilRights #Discrimination #IWD #InternationalWorkingWomensDay ##InternationalWomensDay2017 #womensrights #PledgeForParity #intelligenceissexy #intelligence #smartwomen #marriage #growth #empoweringwomen #workingwoman #balance #guysforequality #heforshe #feministmen #womendeservemore #powerofparity #standforwomen #istandforwomen #leanin#BeBoldForChange

How to Use Women’s Day Hashtags for Instagram

How to market on Instagram on International Women's Day

Yes, International Women’s Day is a big promotional opportunity, but just selling things is a way to really miss the mark. This holiday is meant to celebrate the accomplishments of women in economic, cultural and the political fields. But this cannot be achieved all in one day. If women are a big part of your demographic, then your messages need to be consistent throughout, otherwise your efforts on International Women’s Day will not be seen as genuine. Handbag designer Dagne Dover executes this type of post perfectly. Their image is from their founder (a woman), and while it touches a touch on promotional, it is more aspirations.

On the same note, you can’t expect to post just once and get a return on investment from your posts. Instagram takes consistency and commitment. As seen above, Socialdraft’ social media calendar tool was built to help you with this. Click play on the video above to see what you can do on our dash to market your business on Instagram.

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Combine Industry Specific & General Women’s Day Hashtags

Combine hashtags for the industry you work for with womens day hashtags

This is a very smart post. The write up easily explains why the brand makes sense for Women’s Day, and it utilizes hashtags to denote its industry, tech.

#womenintech #STEM #femalefounders #volunteers #nonprofit #socent #equality #gender #pledgeforparity #STEMed #innovation #womeninbusiness #strongertogether #socinn #entrepreneur #startup #startuplife #marketing #success #giveback #instagood #businesswoman #YYZ #the6 #communication #techies #instatech

Geo-Targeted Hashtags

How to use location hashtags to be seen by a local audience

If you are a local business, brand, or service, then you must use location tags. It’s great if you are seen as a forward thinking brand by using those International Women’s Day hashtags, but it’s even better if people in your area see you this way. The Manchester City Council does this very easily by using the #Manchester hashtag. You may want to consider using country, city, state and neighborhood hashtags in your posts.

Associated Brand Hashtags

How to use another brand's hashtags to get more likes on Instagram posts

It’s great to associate yourself with verticals who have a good reputation. For example, if you are a retailer selling goods from a “by women” brand, it would be a good idea to showcase them on your Instagram post. Then, utilize the hashtag for their brand. This way, when people browse their hashtag you have a chance of getting exposure directly from their fan base. Model Karlie Kloss did well here with over 70k likes…and may have done better. She used the Clinton Foundation’s #NoCeilings hahstag to associate herself (and to let people know about her support for the movement). She could have gotten even more by using hashtags such as #ClintonFoundation #HillaryClinton and #KateSpade to reach their audiences.

Unique Branded Hashtags

custom instagram hashtags are great for brand growth

Unique branded hashtags are a great way to get your audience to spread your message. Come up with a hashtag that is unique to your business. Add instructions on how to use it on your profile and reward those who do. This way you can train your audience to spread your message to their social circle.

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Pi Day is one of my favorite holidays. If you’re not familiar with this scientific celebration, Pi is a day to celebrate π (or 3.14). This number is the ratio of th circumference of a circle to its diameter. It never changes. It’s an irrational number which has no end or pattern. It’s really cool and people make it a life goal to memorize as much of it as possible.  It’s celebrated on March 14. This quirky holiday offers many marketing opportunities not just to those in science and technology; but those in education, culinary, those selling anything circular, and even those who deal in memorization. Really any brand can benefit from marketing themselves on Pi Day (as long as they get creative). Take a few seconds to copy these Pi Day Hashtags and save them on your phone so you can use them to market your Pi Day posts. Then read on as we discuss how you need to use these hashtags in order to get the most out of your Pi Day posts for Instagram.

Pi Day Hashtags for Instagram

#PiDay #NationalPiDay #Math #MathNerd #3.14 #Piday2017 #geekdom #nerdsunite #Math #MathChat #MathHumor #ILoveMath #Mathematics #Maths #Archimedes #AlbertEinstein #Einstein #PiDay #MathTeacher #MathJokes #Algebra #Geometry #Calculus #Mathlete #LoveMath #Mathematician #pie #culinary #baking

How to Use Your Pi Day Hashtags for Instagram

It’s amazing how many people celebrate this esoteric number. Besides it being really cool, it’s celebrated on March 14 (which is also Albert Eintein’s birthday). That means that if you are in any STEM field, you have some incredible marketing opportunities. The hashtags you copied above will get you good visibility during the holiday, but you need to combine them with other types of hashtags to get seen by the right audience. Let’s discuss.

How to get the most out of your Pi Day Day Hashtags for Instagram

Just because you have an awesome set of Pi Day hashtags, don’t expect to just post during the holiday and get a ton of people checking out your account. Instagram is a commitment and you need to be constantly active on the network.  Socialdrafts social media calendar tool can help you save time in scheduling, engaging, and finding the right audience on Instagram.  Click play on the video above to see what you can do on our dash to market your business on Instagram.


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Combine Industry Specific & General Pi day Hashtags

You must use industry hashtags to get seen by potential customers

This post could not be more perfect for the Pi Day holiday. Sci_Chic is all about making science fashionable. Their Pi jewelry line could not be more perfect. The shop used a combination of Pi Day hashtags, but enhanced their visibility by using hashtags that would attract customers. Someone who is looking for a graduation gift now has a chance to be exposed to this lovely gift idea.

#mathteacher #womeninstem #nerdynecklace #geekchic #geekgift #jewelry #shap3dbyme #3dprintedjewelry #necklace #graduationgift #3dprinting #necklace #handmade #silver #style #fashionblogger #fashionista

Geo-Targeted Hashtags

How to use location hashtags on Pi Day

Local businesses and services would be smart to promote themselves on Pi Day. It’s perfect for pizzerias, restaurants that serve pies, educational stores, museums, book stores, tutors….but, if you fit into any of these categories, then you need to include geo-targeted hashtags into your posts. It’s great if you’re getting exposure for #PiDay, but all those people will be hard to convert to customers if they aren’t in your geographic area. The SMM for Black Barn restaurant understands this well. In this post, they are using PiDay hashtags, associated brand hashtags (that comes next), and location hashtags. This is a smart Instagram post.

#nyceats #nycdining #nycfat #eatingnyc #grubshotsnyc #nyc #nycfood #flatiron #madisonsquarepark

Associated Brand Hashtags

Say you are a kid’s store and you offer math toys for kids. You’ll probably want to show case them during the Pi Day holiday. If you do, make sure to use their branded hashtag and to @tag them as well. This has two results. First, people looking for their brand will stumble onto your post. Then, the @tag will notify the brand that you’ve posted about them. If they have a smart SMM, they will like, comment, and maybe repost your content.

Unique Branded Hashtags

Use your brand hashtags to get customers to push out your products

If your customers love your products, they’re probably creating content showcasing them. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Train your customers to tag your brand and to use your branded hashtag. This way, every time they post about your work, their entire community has a chance to be exposed to it. TinyPies does this incredibly well. Although they’ve only created a little over 600 pieces of content, their branded hashtag #tinypies has been used almost 2,000 times. Follow their lead and make sure to include your custom hashtag with all your images so that your audience then follows your lead.

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