10 Pinterest Marketing Tips That Work

If you own a small business, social media can do wonders for growing your business and helping your dreams come alive. Pinterest, allows you to upload, save, sort, and manage images known as pins and collections of pins known as pinboards.

Pinterest is a fantastic visual discovery tool, people go there when they are looking for ideas for projects, events, and interests. Because Pinterest allows companies to create pages to promote their businesses online, small businesses can use Pinterest as a “virtual storefront.”

Pinterest is incredibly effective at driving sales and continuous web traffic. In one case study, Pinterest users spent more than double for products compared to Facebook users, and Pinterest’s 175 million users spend more time on the Pinterest website than other social media venues.

Pinterest is more often used as a destination for shopping, tracking, and product discovery, and 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve purchased compared to only 40% of online consumers who visit Facebook, making Pinterest a stronger vehicle for brand association.

Because Pinterest is so powerful, especially for e-commerce, today we’re going to provide 10 Pinterest marketing tips to help you and your business get the most out of this great visual media platform.

10 Pinterest Marketing Tips That Work

Increase the chances of sales by installing the Pinterest Save button

1) Make it Easy for People to Share to Pinterest from Your Website

One of the most important things any website can do to help people discover their products or service on Pinterest is to install the Save button. The Save button makes it simple for people to save and share things they find on your site. These Pins link back to your website and increase the spread of your content on Pinterest. With this button, your customers and fans are instantly empowered to become your own personal Pinterest marketing army.

Just go to the “Save” button builder, copy and paste a few lines of HTML and JavaScript into your pages, and you’re ready to go. To build your own Pinterest save button, just fill out the Widget Builder form, copy the code, paste it into your page, and you’re set!

How to create your Pinterest descriptions to come up on search

2) Include Pin Descriptions and a Link

Although Pinterest is all about images, SEO is a key player in being found on Pinterest. Your Pin descriptions need to be crafted with Pinterest SEO in mind. Make sure that you craft your Pin descriptions with simple and clear words that explain what is being shown and where the Pinner will go if they click thru to your website. The words in your description will help your Pin to come up in the search.

Finally, adding a link to the caption in your pin description will increase your click-thru rate.

3) Tell The World You’re on Pinterest

Start off by cross-promoting your Pinterest account on Social Media. Then, make it a point to create relationships. Start off with friendlies. If you’re an e-shop, ask your suppliers to spread the word. Work with a PR agent to get you some press about the shop. Lastly, begin conversations with influential users by sharing and leaving comments on other blogs, Twitter, or Facebook pages. The goal here is to attract influencers to repin your content.


4) Pin Consistently

Pinterest’s feed is constantly changing. As people pin, other pins get buried. In order to make this job way easier, use a social media scheduler like Socialdraft. Socialdraft allows you to schedule Pins for your Pinterest boards, even recurring Pins which is an incredible time saver. If you are working with others on the account, you can also give them permission to either one, multiple, or all boards so that you can maximize your efforts.

Pinterest influencers can help with sales

5) Work With Top Influential Users

Connect with influencers, and begin a working relationship with them. Influencers will help you to get more eyes on your pins, broaden your brand reach, get leads and sales. Just make sure to research the influencer first to make sure they aren’t gaming the system and set very clear outlines on what they are expected to do and how you will reimburse them for their work.

6) Get Your Pin Repinned

In order to expand your brand’s reach, strive to get your original pins repinned. If a pin does not get repinned, repin it or schedule it again at a different time of day until it does get repinned. Change the write-up, keywords, and even the image to see what will work best to get it re-pinned.

7) Make Your Pins Mobile Friendly

This is especially important now that people are spending more and more time on their smartphones. Always ask yourself how that pin will look on a tablet or mobile phone. A good rule of thumb is to make your pins vertical.

Keep images and text easy to read on Pinterest

8) Share Text As An Image

Since images get 84% more click-throughs on links than text-based posts, make text into an image. There are tons of tools you can do this with, including Canva. Check out the example above. Which image do you see first? The one all the way on the left, right? That’s because it is easy to read and the text is kept to a minimum.


9) Schedule Pins in Bulk

There are various ways to do this with Socialdraft:

  • Campaigns: You can group various boards into campaigns. When you want to share the same content to all those boards, you can simply schedule to that campaign.
  • Recurring Posts: This is great for evergreen content like that loss-leader tee-shirt, that awesome blog post an influencer wrote about you, or those incredible Amazon reviews. Schedule it once, set it as a recurring post and you’ve saved yourself tons of time.
  • CSV Bulk Scheduling: Excel is so powerful. Add your content to a CSV bulk file and upload your content as often as you want. It’s super easy.

10) Use Buyable Pins

If you’re an online shop and you don’t have these, you’re missing out. Buyable pins are free and will increase your sales because people can buy directly from Pinterest. That’s powerful. Pinterest also makes it super easy to promote these.

We hope you enjoyed these Pinterest tips to help you get more sales.