Pinterest tips to increase your ROI

Pinterest Tips You NEED to Know

With over 250 million monthly users, Pinterest is an extremely effective marketing tool on social media. Additionally, 77.4 million Pinterest users are in the US. Pinterest marketing is an excellent way to drive traffic to your blog or website.

But if your Pinterest marketing campaign has become too time-consuming, we’ve put together valuable tips that will save you time and enhance your marketing strategy.

Pinterest Tips You NEED to Know

Follow New Pinners

how to get followers on pinterest

Use Pinterest search to find pinners that are well suited to your brand and try to follow five new pinners daily. If you’re unsure about following certain pinners, check their profile to be sure.

Increase Pin Visibility

How to get more Pin Clickthru

When uploading Pinterest images, use vertical images with an image aspect ratio of 2:3 or 1:3.5 to get more visibility on your pins.

Comment on Pins

How to grow your Pinterest following with comments

Make a point to comment on pins you find interesting, and if possible, include a link to content that may add support to your comment. But stay clear of making a promotional comment.

Pin With iPhone

You can pin from mobile Safari and Chrome with your iPhone. Just enable the share extension for Pinterest. Tap the Share icon then swipe left and tap More in the second row of the share menu. In the Activities menu, turn on Pinterest and hit Done. The Pinterest button will appear when you tap the Share icon. Remember to clear your Pinterest app’s cached data.

Embed a “Follow Me on Pinterest” widget on your Blog or Website

Use this link to obtain a widget and corresponding code you can embed on your blog or website.

Review Analytics For Creative Pins

To find inspiration for original pins, review Pinterest Analytics to determine which images are getting the most likes and comments. After you have discovered what your best pins are you can utilize what you’ve learned before creating new pins.

Use Canva to Create Pins

Canva is a cheap Pinterest Image tool

On Canva select the default Pinterest graphics layout and create your design. Canva has pre-designed text options as well as photo layouts and textured backgrounds. All of the editing tools are online.

Pin at Optimal Times

By scheduling pins you can reach your audience at the best times.Check Pinterest analytics and play around with times to figure out what works best for you. 

Use Pinterest For Product Rating

By posting images of potential new products on Pinterest, you can determine which products receive the most favorable responses. You can even study responses based on geographic location to forecast where and which items will sell.