Ideas for social media when you run out of ideas

100 Social Media Content Ideas for Business (with examples)

After a while your brain will go blank and you will have “writer’s block”. Don’t worry. This happens to everyone managing social media. If you’re currently having a brain fart, we hope to inspire you with these awesome 100 social media content ideas for business. You can implement all of these on all your social networks. We’ve also got a great article on looking for ideas on how to curate content for social media, so with these two resources you should be all set.

Share reviews on social media

1. Share reviews

It’s a great way to thank them for putting it out there AND a nice way to show people are engaging with your brand. What type of fan content? You can share fan reviews, Pinterest pics taken at your place, or write-ups on your products. The possibilities are endless. Smart restaurants like Madison Bistro promote their positive review across various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Madison Bistro promotes their positive review across various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Weird holidays make for good social media content

2. Celebrate weird and esoteric “holidays”

Just make sure that they are relevant to your audience. This content resonates quite a bit with bloggers and other social media managers who are always looking for content to re-share. The Loire Valley which represents the wines from the region constantly shares wine and food holidays which in turn put their wines in the minds of consumers. Loire Valley which represents the wines from the region constantly shares wine and food holidays which in turn put their wines in the minds of consumers.

Run contests to improve your klout score

3. Run contests & sweepstakes

Everyone likes free stuff…especially your fans and followers. Go ahead and reward them with a contest to win some goodies. Maybe before running the contest you can run a poll to ask them which of three items they’d prefer to win, this way you can create even more interaction with your community. Discover Beaujolais runs contest almost on a monthly basis, keeping their fan base interested and involved. Discover Beaujolais runs contest almost on a monthly basis, keeping their fan base interested and involved.

Share quotes to increase likes and shares on social media


4. Share inspirational quotes

Even the meanest of the mean has a soft spot. Feel good & inspirational quotes are sure ways to get shares and conversation going on. This quote from Enchanting Minds got 900+ likes on Instagram.

5. Partner up to increase your reach

There is strength in numbers. Collaborate with vertical brands and personalities and join forces in order to amplify your audience. The Children’s Museum of New York joined forces with Nature’s Child and Cricket Azima. They put together an amazing event for parents and kids and all participated in social media promotion of the event.

Fan of the week is a great social media idea

6. Showcase your fans

There are some cool apps out there like “Fan of the Week”. These help you to give recognition to (as well as build) brand advocates. While you’re at it…make sure to reward them for all the love they give you. It’s working for Dunkin, it can work for you. It’s not just huge brands that employ this technique. Elevate It Now frequently features top members of its community to build brand loyalty.

Humor in social media yields shares and interactions

7. Be the Class Clown

The worst think you can do on social is be boring. Don’t be afraid to live on the edge and be funny. It worked for Cognac Maniacs. This very funny post got them lots of likes (and 128 shares).

How to drive engagement using inspirational quotes

8. Become an inspiration

Alex Toby is a powerhouse on Instagram. Her account is an educational and inspirational treasure trove. Her posts combine inspiring thoughts with educational write ups to help her community reach their Instagram goals.

9. Ask open questions There’s no better way to invite engagement than to ask questions. Just check out the amazing results the Official Twitter account of the Premier League had when asking a simple question with an effective image: 594 likes, 499 retweets. What are you waiting for? Start asking questions! social media content photo collage 10. Make Collages What better way to showcase all you have to offer than with a photo collage. Create them along a theme. Maybe you’re a hair salon – create an up-do collage. If you’re a baby store – create a collage of your customers wearing their purchases. The idea is to have fun, be creative, and visually stunning. Millesime’s collage centers around their super popular Punch Brunch: food, drink, and music offered. Nothing better than getting people all riled up over new projects and products 11. Generate buzz for new products or projects You’ve been working really hard on that new project/product/event. You’re not going to be quiet about it. Go ahead – scream it from the rooftop (…err…computer). Get people as excited as you are about that new endeavor. It worked for The Stewed Cow, a saloon with a mechanical bull in Hoboken, NJ. The Stewed Cow, a saloon with a mechanical bull in Hoboken, NJ. Considering seasonal changes in your social media strategy will help you stay relevant 12. Be seasonal Make sure to keep the seasons (and weather) in mind when posting to your social media calendar. The worst thing you can do is post about an outdoor event on a rainy day. Jeanne & Gaston in New York makes good use of the weather to attract clientele. Use tips to engage your audience 13. Post links to your useful blog posts (how-to guides, advice, etc.) The Maitres Cuisiniers de France, a Chef organization puts this to work. They get cooking tips from their member chefs to engage their foodie audience. This fully embraces the idea that on social media you need to be useful and helpful to your community. 14. Incorporate unified hashtags for cross-platform promotion

14. Ask closed question – A or B, Yes or No

When you make it easy for your community to participate, you win. Ask simple “yes or no” “A or B” questions on social media to get a quick answer (this will drive organic engagement through the roof). Then invite a bit more conversation. This simple poll got more than 500 votes!

Cross promote twitter facebook google plus on each other

15. Promote your other social profiles

Every once in a while there is a diaspora from one network to another. It is smart for you to advertise all the other social networks you are active on so that your fans know where else they can connect with you. The Brass Rail, a restaurant in Hoboken NJ has a devoted audience that interacts with them across social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ AND Instagram!

How to leverage milestones on social media

16. Celebrate business success and growth

Leverage your successes on social to show off how good you are. Go above and beyond by making your community a part of the celebration just like Madison Bistro did when they reached 1,000 followers by offering their community a glass of wine.

How to promote discounts on social media

17. Share offers and promotions

Your community would love to know when they can pay less for your product; so tell them! Create posts like this one from Homeland to drive likes, shares, and engagement.

Share events as part of your social media strategy
18. Promote upcoming events

People love events, so go ahead and promote them on social media. Make sure to have hashtags and your social handles available at the event in case your social audience wants to create more content for you. Check out Cellar To Table’s instagram account. Although it’s a social media newbie, they are doing things right.

19. Comment on relevant, topical events

Idea Girl Media does a wonderful job of this. They keep their social media audience informed on the most recent and relevant topics in the digital marketing industry on their social feeds including Facebook groups.

Social media engagement increases when you announce winners of a contest or sweepstakes
20. Publicly announce contest winners

They say that when you go to a Casino, machines with a higher chance of winning are at the entrance. Is this true? Not sure – but seeing people win can be a HUGE motivator. Apply this to social media. When you run contests, make a big fuss about the winners. This way people will know that you run contests and that there is a real chance of winning. This post  from Wild Spirit Wolf sanctuary got over 6,ooo likes and 1,000+ shares on Facebook. Just imagine how good their organic engagement is going to be after this post.

Showing customers using your products and services serves as validation on social media
21. Showcase customers using your products or services

What better way to validate that your services and products are good than to show your customers (brand ambassadors) using them. This works especially well with children and pet brands. This type of post urges shares and comments. Bewoof, a pet supply store in Hoboken is quite consistent at showcasing its gorgeous four legged clients wearing their gear.

22. Share good press and industry reviews User generated reviews are great to share, but you know what’s even better – Industry reviews and press. These set you up as an industry leader and give others reason to wonder what makes you so good. Don’t miss an opportunity and make sure to tag the organization that gave you the review (our example didn’t do this – Chef Craft’s engagement would have soared if he had mentioned James Beard.

23. Show your business’ charitable side

You’re a good guy or gal…so if your business. Let the world know. Better yet, get them involved. We love how this shopping center set up a charitable event and invited their fans to participate. This is always a good Social Media idea.

24. Post “Flashbacks”

These are always fun. While the one we picked is for The Doors, a mom & pop would probably fare better posting a flashback from an old event like a charity tasting, a sale, etc. This way you can show that you involve your community in your business…and perhaps you can get the people who were involved to give you a little social love.  

25. Run an “Instant win” contest The internet wants it and wants it yesterday. Instant win contests are awesome because they build excitement and give instant gratification…and who doesn’t like that. 

26. Host a virtual event

The wine & spirits industry knows how to use this extremely well. Wine companies will contact bloggers, send them samples and run virtual tastings. Just check out the #twittertasting hashtag to get some ideas. If you run this, make sure to vet the people involved and send detailed instructions so that you get the most out of your virtual event.

Caption This posts with clear call to actions can increase your social influence 27. Ask fans to caption a photo – just for fun, or for prizes

Capture the Crown, a rock band from Australia used the “Caption This” type of post to drive engagements. They used a very clear call to action which resulted in over 2,000 likes and 63 comments. Example of a topic of the week post 28. Theme content around a “topic of the week”

If there are trending topics in your industry, turn them into “Topic of The Week”. This is a great way to get your community talking and to serp for this topic.

29. Share a fun fact or insight about your business Carlos’ Bakery went from hometown darling, to TV celeb, to a US powerhouse. Check out how they use fun facts to share their story and growth using social media.

30. Share visual data and charts

Things that are visual always do better than plain text. Especially when you’re talking numbers. If you have interesting numbers to talk about, make sure to share this data as a visual chart. It will get you more engagement and shares.

Photo of the day can be a solid Social media strategy

31. Post a photo of the day

If you decide to go this route, you need to make this a consistent strategy. Build excitement over the photo of the day and make it shine. Your POTD (Photo of the Day) should be absolutely gorgeous.

Galleries are a great way to gain excitement over contests on social media

32. Showcase contest entries in a gallery

This can be done on any social network, but why not create a Pinterest board for your contest entries. It’s an easy way to track likes and comments.

33. Ask the community to contribute photos

This is a great way to increase engagement, build social proof (and if on Facebook – to beat that pesky algorithm). Make sure that the post you add this call to action to is relevant and relatable to your audience.

Use quizzes as social media content

34. Post a quick quiz or brain teaser

People want to take quizzes. Things as simple as “What animal would you be if you were an animal” to something more serious like the above example from How Stuff Works. These work best if they are simple to answer…so maybe don’t use a link…and craft the quiz right in the social network you’re working on.

35. Take part in trending activities and campaigns

There’s a reason they’re trending. People are interested…and you should listen. Take the #IceBucketChallenge as an example. It got tons of publicity not just for ALS, but also for the many companies and brands who joined in early on.

games are great social media content 36. Play word games with your community

There’s a reason all of us spend hours upon hours playing words with friends. We love to stimulate the mind. Prompt your fan base to play some fun word games. This will get them involved and improve both your edgerank and your Klout score. This Facebook post for Cheeses of Europe got them 93 comments, 112 likes, and 30 shares. Utilize social media to tell the story of the roots of your company 37. Talk about your company’s inception and roots

Customer service giant Nordstrom puts to use the Facebook timeline to highlight special events in their history such as their founding in Seattle in 1901. This humanizes the brand and strengthens their story and branding.  26. Try a simple “Like if…” post inspire your audience on social media 38. Share what inspires YOU (it’ll probably inspire your community as well). 

This post from Mashable was timed properly (on International Women’s day) and was meant to inspire. In just 1 hour it got 123 likes and 20+ shares. Try this out with your audience. Let them know what inspires you.   Looking for a new employee, post it to your social media pages 39. Advertise job openings

You know who would probably make your best employee? Your biggest fan. Don’t be shy about sharing job opportunities to your social media pages. Chances are that your fans will either respond to the inquiry or share it with friends and family who may be looking (and in turn increase your social media reach). Fish in Charleston has an amazing staff, some of which have come from their social media postings.

40. Re-purpose content from other social networks You can leverage holidays on social media to get more engagement 41. Celebrate public holidays

Public holidays are a great way to make your brand or business shine. You can post a simple celebratory statement, or tie the holiday into a promotion just like Sigma Beauty did. Just make sure that your website is working (so that your promos go well). A final note on this, not all holiday are for fun and promotions, be careful when dealing with holidays such as Memorial day as an insensitive post can cause much trouble for your brand. Interview someone for a social media post to gain their audience 42. Interview experts within your industry

Interviews are great content…and, since you’ve got someone else involved, you’ll have their audience at your beck and call. This is a fantastic way to increase reach and get brand new eyes on your brand or business. Check out Social Media Examiner. They do an excellent job at putting this in place.

43. Ask your audience for feedback You’ve got the perfect demographic group – your followers. If you ever need to get some feedback, ask your audience. This is great if you have a new product coming out, are making changes or updates to your product, or want to learn what your community is interested in. Social Media is a great place for you to conduct this kind of research. Select special products to showcase as products of the week 44. Showcase a product of the week In every industry, there are either loss leaders or profit makers that you can use to either get people into your location (or website) or to make cash. Plan ahead with your suppliers so that you can set up a “product of the week” schedule. Ask for their social media coordinator and make it a priority that since you will be showcasing their products that they need to help you push! Behind the scenes posts make community member feel special 45. Show behind-the-scenes at your workplace or event Ok, you may not be Slipknot, but your community will be thrilled to see your behind the scenes. This way they can build a connection with your team-staff and feel as if they have private access to your brand. 46. Provide “live updates” from events you attend

47. Turn Back Time

Throwback Thursday (#TBT) to show off your brand’s heritage or to start a conversation. Gillian Anderson sparks a little controversy & attention by bringing back the scandalous days behind her undergarments. Social media is the perfect way to share your achievements and special awards 48. Show off awards and achievements

What better place to share your achievements than social media. Los Altos de Eros consistently wins awards for being the best bnb in Central America. How are their fans going to hear about it? They tell them on all their social networks. Social media is the perfect place to promote live streaming 49.

Promote a live stream or webinar Live streaming has grown up. Apps like Meerkat and Periscope give you the opportunity to put a face to the brand in real time. Follow Kim Garst’s example by promoting live streaming and webinars all over social media. People love pictures and numbers, infographics make great social media content 50. Share infographics

People love numbers and pictures. Infographics make for great social media content. They are super shareable too. This food infographic board on Pinterest for FriendsEAT has over 1,000 followers!

51…or a snapshot a HUGE one   Sometimes it’s good to be bold. So take the most interesting part of an infographic & share that to social media. Think of it as a teaser to push your audience to click thru. It’s all about that call to action, right?

52. Share links to relevant and interesting content from others

Wines of France does this incredibly well on Twitter. They leverage educational content from influencers such as Wine Folly that resonate with their audience (wine aficionados, people who love French wines, and wine newbies) to both educate and entertain their audience. Leverage popular hashtags to get more traffic on social media 53. Integrate widely popular hashtags

Hashtags are like Social Media SEO. They help you get found. Cognac Maniacs does a great job of using a mix of popular hashtags (#cognac #imbibegram) with more targeted hashtags. This helps them be found by both targeted followers (Cognac aficionados), as well as people who like more general cocktails and nightlife. Cute works on social 54. Share something cute to make people go “aww”

Yup. Cute works. Just check out what Instagram account Goats of Anarchy has achieved by posting cute pictures of goats and other darling little critters. The account has over 180K Instagram followes and posts get thousands of likes at a time. Positive messages shared early in the morning can have a positive effect on your social media reach 55. Motivate fans with a start-of-the-day “pick me up”

Relevant posts work. Relevant positive posts that are timed properly work incredibly well. Take this post from Hoopla Marketing Now. It’s simple, easy to read, and was shared at start of day to inspire her community to enthusiastically meet their goals and challenges. It also garnered 80+ likes and a bunch of comments.

56. Ask your fans to get creative This type of call to action is sure to get you tons of visibility and engagement. You can run this on its own, or pair this up with a contest. Check out how successful the above post was not just by clicking the post and seeing the likes and comments, but by tracking the hashtag to see the fan generated content.

57. Give something away for free

People love freebies. You love emails. Craft a social media post where you give something away for free. When they click thru to your landing page ask for an email in order to send them the PDF of the e-book. This is just one idea. You can give away schwag, a coupon, the possibilities are endless.

Use memes to increase your organic reach 58. Share a trending meme

Memes are an incredibly easy way to increase your social media reach. They are by definition shareable. FriendsEAT does an incredible job sharing memes to social media. This keeps their organic reach high and their brand in front of their audience.

59. Offer a “pin for later” link Use artsy stuff to get attention on social media 60. Post something visual, artistic, and eye-catching Social media is visual, incredibly so. So if you’re running out of ideas, take a hint from one of the best social marketers out there, Oreo. All their posts are beautifully laid out and at times as artistic as this post which got almost 30,000 likes.

61. Ask fans how they are feeling This is a great way to increase engagement, build connections, and start conversations. 

62. Run a poll to gauge opinion

This one is a no brainer. Run a poll where your community just has to click a button or type a one word answer. It is a quick way to get engagement and they will want to come back and see the results.

Challenges are great pieces of Social Media content

63. Challenge your fans

When you think of challenges you may think these only work for weight loss brands and gyms, but NetCredit put challenges to use in a smart way on their Facebook page. Think about how you can challenge your community to get them to engage your brand.

64. Post something shocking

65. Share an exclusive coupon Ben and Jerry’s does better than just an exclusive coupon. They participate in local events and give away plenty of their delicious ice creams. If this perhaps is a bit too much for you, think about offering a coupon for free product for Facebook fans only. This way you can encourage people to follow your page.


66. Explain a process step-by-step 

People love visuals, and a step-by-step image is sure to garner you lots of eyeballs, shares and engagement. These visuals are so easily shareable that they are an absolute YES!

Anatomy of a Bahn Mi curtesy of @Hoangies

A photo posted by John E (@johnnopants) on

67. Use a diagram to explain something People love images, when you break something down into pieces that are easy to understand, it’s even better. Just check out this bahn mi diagram and how it makes you want one immediately. 

68. Promote your email newsletter

Besides creating a piece of content, this is just smart marketing. Social Media is rented land. Capturing emails is one of the most valuable things you can do on social media. So go ahead, don’t be shy about promoting your newsletter. It will allow you to remarket your fan base. Besides, this means they opted in – that they love you already, so you will have a better chance of having them convert to your desired action.

69. Share content created by your fans You can share content your fans created. Then you can take it a step further like Fear The Walking Dead did. They asked their fans to submit fan art to their website AND then promoted this on Social Media. This is genius. 70. Ask fans to share a share-worthy status 71. Share alternative uses (“hacks”) of your product What better way to get people to purchase more of your product than to give them more ways to use them. Check out how well Skippy capitalized on this method. They shared a very simple “hack” on how to make snack mix and got over 3,000 likes, 100+ comments, and 3.1k shares.


Like us on Facebook at: #thankyou #grateful #facebooklikes A photo posted by Socialite (@gosocialitenow) on

72. Remind fans to re-visit your Facebook page regularly

Cross-marketing works. So don’t be shy about asking your community on other networks to check out your Facebook page.

73. Post a “like for” or “share for” opinion poll

Have a great day, everybody! ? Inspired by @successmessenger ? . ? belongs to respective owner ?

A photo posted by SUCCESS • ALL-DAY & EVERYDAY (@24hoursuccess) on

74. Share some words of wisdom Posts that share wise words are quite popular on social media. They are shareable, easy to digest and result in tons of engagement. Just check out how many likes were generated by this very simple Instagram post. Tag a friend posts can increase your social media community 75. Ask fans to tag a friend People on social media tend to listen to call to actions. So, create a “tag a friend” post. Your community will tag friends who may like this type of content and you will end up with more fans and interactions. Manny’s Deli does a great job at this.


Who remembers doing this? Like & Comment #retrogaming #gameday #gameday #nintendo #nostalgia A photo posted by GamesYouLoved ❤️ (@gamesyouloved) on

76. Tap into the power of nostalgia Whenever you can remind someone of their childhood, you will win their hearts. So go ahead, think of something related to your brand or business that will bring up those warm and fuzzy memories. It is a good idea to showcase your team 77. Show the human faces behind your brand Love how Jamie Oliver’s brands tell the story of their people.   your community on social media wants to connect with the people behind the brand.    The people behind your brand will create a bond.   Check out just how personal this particular post got. This is social media done right. 78. Invite fans to experience with you Our favorite musical clown is amazing…and very well versed at Social Media. Just check out how welcoming this invite to his shows is. I’m down…how about you? True or False questions increase engagement 79. Ask a “true or false” question It’s always good to keep things simple. Think of a True or False as a call to action. People love to share their opinions. Just check out this example from China Glaze. It got 33 comments and 78 likes. Bet their organic reach on Facebook went through the roof! 80. Ask for input on product development You don’t need to hire a firm to get feedback. Ask your audience. They are passionate and want your product to be the best, so let them help you out.

81. Bring fans with you: show them your view

A behind the scenes look gives your fans access they would not otherwise have. Use this to your advantage for launches, events and more.

Event Photo galleries are great for getting attendees to share your content and to promote future events

82. Tell the story of an event with a gallery of photos

Maybe all your fans could not make an event, like the example above where the Champagne bureau shared pictures of a hyper local event to their fans throughout the world. This not only personalizes the brand, but also enhances the strength of the brand.

How to use branded images on social media 83. Use custom-built graphics to brand yourself

Branding is important. You want your audience to immediately know a post is  yours when they see it on social media. Elevate It Now does a fantastic job at creating a cohesive feel in all their social media posts.  How taking a selfie can help your business 84. Take a selfie

Nudity aside, selfies can be of your brand, business, or product.  These can get HUGE love on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.   We had to go with the queen of all selfies, Kim Kardashian as our example. It shows you love what your doing, love the work, and have self pride. Even if your’re not Kimye, you can still benefit from a selfie or two.

85. Ask your community to do the same!  When you host events, make sure you instruct your community to #takeaselfie. It will increase brand awareness, give you plenty of content to share, and you will know these people are invested in your brand – these are the people you need to re-engage and build a relationship with. 

86. Tease your audience with a daily or weekly countdown

You’re probably super excited about your grand opening, or maybe it’s your latest product release…there’s got to be some news that you’re really excited about. You can infect your audience with this excitement with a daily countdown just like Krispy Kreme did for this event.


87. Ask Your Community to Take a Guess

People like games, and they like it when they get things right. Ask your fans to guess on certain things, share articles that ask them to guess. It’s interactive, it will increase engagement and click thru.

88. Share a customer testimonial It’s great to toot your own horn, but it’s even better when your customers love you so much they are willing to allow you to share a testimonial. Make sure to tag your customer on social media (and ask for permission first). Polcode executed this beautifully on twitter with a gorgeous image that included the customer’s photo. 89. Tease information behind a link (but don’t be too click-bait-y) it is a good idea to share updates to your website on social media 90. Announce website and branding updates and re-designs Updates like a new website, or new website features, or even a new app are all good content for Social Media. They are relevant and will probably get your community to click through and check out the changes. Nothing like converting social media fans into website clicks. Cartoons get good shares on social media91. Share a cartoon strip Cartoons are cute, the grab the eye, and often can be turned into a meme. Just make sure the cartoon fits your audience. This particular cartoon pinned by Terry Galpin got 146 repins and 23 likes. That’s an incredibly successful pin. why chats are a good social media strategy 92. Run a Twitter chat Hosting a Twitter chat is a great way to get social media content. It gets the community involved, raises your klout score and will in turn increase your visibility. Make sure to promote it ahead of time in order to get best results.

93. Categorize and brand your content by type

94. Something super-important to say? SHOUT ABOUT IT

95. Share your staff favorites Have your staff pick a favorite of the week. This worked at Blockbuster when it was the video king…and it works on Social Media still. It humanizes your brand and builds a relationship of trust between your social audience and your staff. 96. Liven up “boring” topics by pairing them with light-hearted stuff

97. When mistakes happen, just be honest

NBC made a simple mistake which turned a very serious news update into what could have been a HUGE social media gaffe. Instead of deleting the post, they simply owned up to it. Their reply “Correction: It was beards, not bears.” Sometimes, it is just better to be upfront and honest. Besides, this mistake definitely got them tons of reach and engagement, so the overall result from a PR point of view was good.

TGIF posts are effective on social media
98. Celebrate the start of the weekend with #TGIF!

This may seem like an odd TGIF post. It’s not for a bar, it’s for a location, the Currituck Outer Banks. But check out how darn effective it was. The write up was short – a simple TGIF. This post got 2k+ likes, 322 shares and tons of comments. It worked because it was on brand, let the imagination work and pulled at it’s community’s heartstrings.

Jack in the box
99. Share (or create) an animated GIF

Jack in the Box and Dennys kill it when it comes to Tumblr. They constantly post hilarious-non-sensical–wtf type gifs that resonnate with their quirky audience. While this type of gif may not suit your audience, there may be others that do. Go ahead, experiment and have fun.


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