2018 World Cup Final Hashtags

On July 15, 2018, at 4 pm France will face off against Croatia in the 2018 World Cup Finals. Regardless of who you are rooting for, if you are marketing your business around the event, you have your work cut out for you. The FIFA World Cup gets an average of 3.2 billion viewers. What does that mean?  It is the most watched overall live event by average on television worldwide in the 21st century…and you can bet that Instagram will be saturated with posts about the even. If you are going to compete for eyeballs, don’t worry. Copy the 2018 World Cup Finals hashtags below to use on your posts. Then, follow the hashtag strategy below and see your engagement and conversions grow.

2018 World Cup Final Hashtags

#worldcup #worldcup2018 #worldcup2018Finals  #FIFAWorldCup #worldcupfever #worldcuprussia #worldcuprussia2018#FIFA #soccer #futbol #worldcupfinal #worldcupsoccer #worldcupwinner #wc2018 #France #bleublancrouge #equipedefrance  #allezlesbleus #fieresdetrebleus #Croatia #Hrvatska #cro #hns #croatianpride#volimhravatsku #croatiavsfrance???? #francevscroatia????

How to Use 2018 World Cup Final Hashtags on Instagram

Mix branded hashtags with 2018 World Cup finals hashtags

Start with Your Brand’s Hashtags

Branded hashtags are a great way for you to amplify your message because Instagram is a platform of user-generated content. Start off with simple hashtags that are short, easy to remember and as close as possible to your brand’s name. Make sure that you include it in your profile with a call-to-action so you can teach your audience how to use it. Odd Sox has been quite successful in using their branded hashtag #oddsocks to convert their audience into brand ambassadors. They include their hashtag on their posts AND they include it in their profile with a call-to-action. Notice that while they have only created a little over 2,000 posts, that their hashtag has been used in over 30,000. That’s a win worthy of a trophy!

local businesses need to use location hashtags

Include Location Hashtags

Local brands, services, and businesses MUST include location hashtags on their posts in order to be discovered by locals and tourist who may not be aware of what they have to offer. This is a great way to optimize your Instagram posts for search. The Kent Ale house would get enough engagement with just 2018 World Cup Finals hashtags, but including #Williamsburg will increase their chances of being found by locals who may actually come in and watch the game. If your game is conversions, location hashtags is your strategy to score.

Use industry and 2018 World Cup Final hashtags

Add Your Industry Hashtags

If conversions are the name of the game, then you can’t just use World Cup hashtags alone. You need to include hashtags for your industry if you are looking to get people who convert. Blaker Brewing (an awesome Brewery) includes beer hashtags as well as 2018 World Cup finals hashtags. That makes it so their posts can be discovered by both people who are interested in the match AND beer lovers. Two sets of people who are more likely to convert. The only thing they are missing are location hashtags for California and Central Valley. This is a fantastic post.

Include Soccer (Futbol) Hashtags

The World Cup is all about soccer, so it makes sense to include soccer hashtags with your posts.  Soccer fans may just be exploring Instagram for soccer hashtags, so including them increases your chances of being found by those who love the sport. Besides the obvious #soccer and #futbol, mix things up a bit according to your business goals and target audience.

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

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