Hashtags for the April Fool's Day Holiday

April Fools’ Day Hashtags For Instagram and How to Use Them

April Fools’ Day is an awesome holiday. April 1st means a lighthearted day of silly pranks and trying to outdo each other. It also means a HUGE marketing opportunity for brands and businesses who do things right. Today we’ll discuss how you can use April Fools’ Day Hashtags on Instagram. Before we do, take a few seconds to copy (and save) the hashtags below. Then read on for tips on reaching the right audience for your brand by using these tags.

April Fools’ Day Hashtags for Instagram

#AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay #April1 #Fun #Funny #Jokes #Pranks #AprilFoolsPrank #Hoax #AprilFool #aprilscherz #poissondavril

How to Use Your April Fools’ Hashtags for Instagram

April Fools day is a good chance to connect with your audience on a human level

April Fools Day is an opportunity to show your customers (and potential customers) that you can have fun. Adventure Life Travel’s brilliant April Fools’ Day prank was picked up by Instagram and got them more than 800 likes. It also makes the brand seem fun, human, relatable. They were selling nothing and got much in return. This is a good example of the tone of voice during the holiday.

Tips to get the most out of your April Fools Day Hashtags for Instagram


Post Daily

You can’t expect to only post on holidays and drive millions of people to your website, blog or store. This means that if you want a good reaction to your April Fools post, you need to start posting on a consistent basis. Use a social media

Engage your audience

After publishing each post, take some time to engage your community. Search the hashtags in your posts and engage the last 10 people who engaged the top 10 posts for each hashtags.  Like their posts and follow them. This will result in a reciprocal relationship – more likes on your post and more follows.

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Use a Mix Industry Specific & April Fools’ Day Hashtags Hashtags

Make sure to use hashtags for your industry to get eyes from potential customers

This post by ASOS was creative genius. You’d probably think that it would be impossible to sell Wedding dresses on April Fools’ Day. This proves you can sell anything if you’re creative. This shop posted that they had just launched a wedding service that would mean you’d get married on their catwalk. If you were to do a post like this one, you’d need to use industry hashtags in order to get seen. For ASOS, since they would be selling to brides, a sample of a good set of hashtags would include #wedding #customwedding #bridetobe #sayyestothedress.

Geo-Targeted Hashtags with Your April Fools’ Day Hashtags

Use location hashtags combined with your April Fools Day hashtags

Creating a great April Fools’ post is only the beginning. If you are a local business, brand, or service provider, it is not of great benefit to have 1,000 likes from people who can’t convert to customers. If they are 50 miles away, they probably won’t convert. Follow the lead from Gotham City Collision. Their post includes gorgeous location hashtags so they have a chance to be discovered by a local audience.

Use Both Associated Brand Hashtags & Custom Branded Hashtags

Use a vertical's hashtags to get their audience to pay attention to you

April Fool’s Day is a perfect time to get another brand’s eyes on your audience. On top of that, custom branded hashtags can help you turn your audience and customers into a marketing army. Just Check out what Bare Bones (a bone broth company) did. They took a trending topic associated to their culinary brand and created an awesome April Fool’s post out of it. They “created” a new product based on the very popular show Arrested Development. By using the hashtag #ArrestedDevelopment, they are opening themselves up to an audience that likes this show (a new possible customer demographic). The big key here is that the joke is relevant to their brand. It makes sense. They’ve also used #BareBones, this is their custom hashtag. If you look at the image above, you will see how the top posts aren’t just from the brand itself. Influencers are sharing their experience with the product and posting about it. This opens up a new audience to them. These are incredibly powerful tactics that can also work for you.

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