get more likes and comments on your Instagram posts with these bag hashtags

A List of Optimized Bag Hashtags for Instagram

Amazing how much we’re willing to spend on handbags. The Birkin seems cheap at $120,000 when compared to Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse (that one costs $3.8 million). Our obsession with handbags is strong, this means that if you are selling handbags online, your audience is HUGE. Especially so on Instagram where there are over 500 million monthly active users and since it is used by
31% of American women. That also means there’s plenty of competition. The #handbag hashtag has been used over 2 million times on Instagram. That means that you need to mix it up with other types of bag hashtags to actually attract people who convert to your posts. Today, we’ll discuss how to use bag hashtags on Instagram, but first, copy the list of bag hashtags below and save them to your phone. They will be the building block to your Instagram strategy.

Instagram Bag Hashtags

#handbagsforsale #handbag #handbags #shopping #clutch #purse #backpack #envelopebag #crossbodybag #hobo #laptopbag #satchel #shoulderbag #slingbag #vintage #totebag #fashion

How to Use Instagram Bag Hashtags

Before we actually get to strategy, you need to understand how hashtags work on Instagram. Think of Instagram as Google and your hashtags as keywords. Hashtags are how you will get found by people who do not follow you. People will search Instagram for particular content. You’re going to start with the hashtags above because they are directly related to your industry. However, there is an issue with these…they’re pretty broad, right? This means that you’ll be pushed down the feed very quickly…so you need to use these and combine them with others to get the perfect mix of traffic to your posts. Let’s discuss the proper way to combine your Bag Hashtags with other hashtags to get the right eyes on your Instagram posts.

Associated Brand Hashtags

Use the hashtags for brands used in your bag images to attract their followers and fans

When posting about handbags, your most powerful supporting bag hashtags will be that of related brands. People are super passionate about brands, be it #Fendi #MichaelKors or even #NineWest. Wonderland, a magazine and online shop understands this. By using the relevant hashtag #Fendi, they attract the views of not just those who are interested in handbags, but by people who love Fendi and who in turn can easily convert.

 Use Industry Hashtags

How to mix bag hashtags to get the most out of your Instagram posts

Sure, you can use #handbags and get in front of people browsing Instagram for handbags, but what about the people who are searching for something very specific, for example a clutch bag. They may skip the #bag or #handbag tags and go directly for #clutch…but you need to be careful here. If you check out the hashtag #clutch, you’ll see that it is very broad and includes auto, basketball, and other industries. You may want to narrow this down to a tag like #clutchbag which will narrow down your audience to a super targeted audience. The key here is to combine those broad hashtags like #handbag and #fashion with those that will bring in a very targeted audience that converts. Fashion blogger Shira Rose understands this well, and uses general industry hashtags with hyper targeted industry hashtags to get the most out of her Instagram posts.

 Include Geo-Targeted Hashtags

To be seen by people in your area who can convert, include city, state, and neighborhood hashtags

General bag hashtags are fine if you’re a national retailer, but what if you are a local shop with limited shipping possibilities? If this is you, then you need to always include location hashtags into your Instagram posts such as #neighborhood #city #state #citynickname. This will make it so when people are browsing Instagram for your location, you have a chance to be seen by them. In Blue Handmade is very smart about their location hashtag use. They use both #northcarolina & #asheville to denote their geographic location, but also to denote that they are made in the USA. Such smart social media here.

Use Custom Hashtags

Custom brand hashtags can help you to convert your audience into a marketing army

You gotta use custom brand hashtags. This can be as simple as #yourbrandname. Note how Michael Kors uses #MichaelKorsCollection on all his posts. Although he has only created 3,243 pieces of content, there are over 5,865 Instagram images using his tag. That means that his followers are so invested in his brand that they are willing and happy to push out his content for him. That’s free advertising and it’s awesome.

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