A list of basketball hashtags to help you get more eyes on your social media posts

A List of Optimized Basketball Hashtags

Social Media for Basketball is not just for the likes of LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Coca-Cola and Nike. Social media sites like Twitter and Instagram can be used by basketball coaches, sporting good stores, referees, cheerleaders, stadiums and more to build a strong basketball associated brand and make money. Today we will discuss ideas on what you can do to get noticed in the Basketball industry with the help of Social Media, and specifically how to use Basketball hashtags to get more organic reach on your Instagram posts.

Before we move forward, here is a list of the top Instagram Basketball Hashtags. You can use them by clicking the “copy” button below the hashtags on your iPhone, Android, iPad or PC.

#Basketball #Nba #Basketballneverstops #Basketballgame #Basketballislife #Basketballseason #Basketballplayer #Socialdraft #Basketballchallenge #TopLikeTags #Basketballshorts #Basketballlife #Basketballteam #Likeforlike #Basketballcourt #Basketballtraining #Instabasketball #Kingjames #Kobe #Sports #Instasport#Fitness #Training #Healthy #Ballers #Bball #Hoop

[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#Basketball #Nba #Basketballneverstops #Basketballgame #Basketballislife #Basketballseason #Basketballplayer #Socialdraft
#Basketballchallenge #TopLikeTags #Basketballshorts #Basketballlife #Basketballteam #Basketballcourt #Basketballtraining #Instabasketball #Kingjames #Kobe #Sports #Instasport#Fitness #Training #Healthy #Ballers #Bball #Hoop [/pw-clippy]

Mentions of basketball on Social Media surge around the time of the Finals and the All Star Game. But if you are marketing your brand or business to an audience interested in Basketball, you need to plan your marketing, engagement, and promotion way before this AND you need to market to them throughout the entire year.

Collaborate with basketball influencers

Your audience is online, and increasingly so on mobile. This means you can no longer wait for them to come to you, you need to go where they are. Unlike big brands like Nike, most brands and businesses won’thave 300 million dollars to strike up a 10 year deal with Kevin Durant. That being said, you can still collaborate with smaller Instagram influencers  and yield great results. And don’t stop just at Instagram, if you are building a relationship, you may as well collaborate across all social networks for maximum results. Just make sure to integrate a branded hashtags to track the ROI of the campaign.

Make Good Use of Hashtags

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Outside of using the hashtags mentioned above which are more general, you should come up with branded or custom hashtags that can help you get the community involved. Take what the Nike does for their Jordan shoes on the Jumpman23 account. They’ve created a custom hashtag #wearejordan. If you search this on Instagram, you will see TONS of user generated content featuring this tag. They have in fact made their community into an army of brand advocates who always mention their brand.

Feature Your Customer & Community


If you have a brand or product that can be worn or carried by your customers, encourage them to share their content as mentioned above, but tie this into a repost campaign. Include instructions in your profile that tell your community to use a particular basketball hashtag to be featured on your feed. They can build their following on yours, and you can build your brand on theirs.

Track your Hashtags 

Use Socialdraft’s Instagram area to search basketball hashtags. Then take the time to engage those creating similar content, they are your target audience.

Be Consistent


Be consistent. This means posting on a daily basis, but more importantly, be consistent on your hashtags. This way when people look at your posts, they will know within seconds that this is your brand or business. Consistently is the key to a winning basketball social media game.

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