Bastille Day Hashtags to get more organic reach on Instagram

Bastille Day Hashtags

Bastille Day is to France what the 4th of July is to the USA. On July 14, 1789, troops stormed the Bastille starting the French Revolution. Today, it is a day of celebration for the French community across the world. People will attend parties, firework shows, and celebrate. If your brand or business is related to France, or if you are looking to attract a French demographic, then promoting on Instagram on this day makes sense…but, you’ve got your work cut out for you. There are over 217,125 posts tagged #bastilleday. This is a good thing. It is under the threshold of 500,000 posts where it becomes harder for your brand to be seen on Instagram. So, start by saving the Bastille Day hashtags below so you can use them on your posts. Then read below for the Bastille Day hashtag strategy we’ve outlined so you can reach a targeted audience that converts.

Bastille Day Hashtags

Copy paste these Bastille Day Hashtags onto your Instagram posts, then combine them with the other types of hashtags we’ve outlined below to truly target an audience that converts.

#LeQuatorzeJuillet #bastilleday #bastilleday?? #bastilleday2019 #?? #FrenchNationalDay #laFêtenationale #le14Juillet #14Juillet  #FêtedelaFédération #ChampsÉlysées #France #FrenchHistory #Placedelabastille #blueblancrouge #LaMarseillaise #VivelaFrance  

[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#LeQuatorzeJuillet #bastilleday #bastilleday?? #bastilleday2019 #?? #FrenchNationalDay #laFêtenationale #le14Juillet #14Juillet  #FêtedelaFédération #ChampsÉlysées #France #FrenchHistory #Placedelabastille #blueblancrouge #LaMarseillaise #VivelaFrance  [/pw-clippy]

How to Use Bastille Day Hashtags on Instagram

Amplify your message with brand Bastille Day hashtags

Start with Your Brand Hashtags

Because Instagram is a user-generated content network, it makes sense to use brand hashtags just like La Belle Miette does. While they have only used their brand hashtag around 170 times, their customers have used it in over 6,820 posts. That means that their customers are acting as their marketers. Pretty powerful, right? If you want to follow this strategy, create a custom hashtag. It should be short, sweet and as close as possible to your brand’s name so it is easy to remember. Promote the hashtag at your business, and include it on your profile with a call-to-action telling customers and audience to use it.

How to mix Bastille Day hashtags to reach a targeted audience

Use Industry Hashtags

If what you are looking for is conversions, then you NEED to use industry hashtags. Take it from one of the most successful French wine brands in the USA, Louis Jadot. To celebrate the holiday, they have created a contest alongside other French brands. If they just used Bastille Day hashtags, they may reach some people who like wine, but by including wine hashtags they are significantly increasing their chances of being discovered by their target market, those who love wine. This is smart Instagram marketing.

geolocation hashtags are a must for local businesses

Don’t Forget Location Hashtags

Local brands and businesses need to use location hashtags to allow their accounts to be discovered by locals and tourists who have higher chances of converting. French Baker François Brunet understands the power of location hashtags. Without using the #nyc #newyork and #nyc? hashtags, he would have a much harder time of being discovered by those exploring Instagram by location hashtags. This is smart local search Instagram marketing.

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

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