Beginner’s Guide to Peach

Social media has really expanded, setting the stage for a number of new and interesting additions to the social networking scene, such as Watch Out, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hangouts, and many more. Now a new messaging app called Peach created by Vine founder Dom Hofmann, was launched at the beginning of the year, and hit #9 in social networking in Apple’s App Store in the US. Will it stick or will it go the way of Ello? Who knows, but here’s the skinny on this super easy to use network.

Peach has been compared to Ello, Path, and, and The Next Web described Peach as a hybrid of Twitter and Slack. With Peach you can share status updates, links, videos, images, gifs, and user-created drawings.

How Peach Magic Words Work

Peach is a new social network that uses magic words to create statuses

One of the noteworthy things about Peach is a feature called “Magic Words” which are like commands for posting features. Start typing a Magic Word, then tap the bubble to activate it. If you type “gif” gif options become available. Typing “weather” adds the weather to your update, and so on. The latest version of Peach was released on February 3, 2016.

Below are a few examples of Magic Words.

Image: Search for an image

Throwback: Add a random photo from your camera roll, along with the date and time it was taken

Mood: How are you feeling?

Caption: Add text to a random gif

Noise: Add noise level of your current environment

Gif: Search for a GIF

Here: Add current location

Shout: Say something with big words

Draw: Draw something

“One of the things that also makes it appealing, I think, especially to younger people, is that there aren’t instructions to this thing, explains CNET’s Bridget Carey. “There are some hidden, secret things you can add if you know the right keywords. So when you’re sending something you have to hit ‘H’ for ‘here’ – here’s my location. Or hit a ‘D’ for ‘drawing.’ It’s the kind of thing where you feel like you’re in the know if you know the code.”

How Peach’s Friend Feed Works

After selecting your user name and adding a photo, you can start adding content to your feed. Peach has a feed similar to Twitter featuring content created by your friends posts with short content previews including the first few words of text. To see what a friend has posted, you click on their stream.

Peach also has a friend-of-friends feed that displays what some friends of friends are posting. Each new posts brings you to the top of your friend-of-friends feed. To like a post, tap the heart beneath it. To comment on posts just tap on them.

How Friend Search Works

Users can search for friends already on the Peach by their user name or number, or send a text telling their friends to download the app. There is no use of hashtags, and no direct-messaging between users, but Peach has a more intimate feel when used by a small group of friends.

Why Peach is Different

What sets Peach apart from other social media sites is that you choose who you share certain updates with as opposed to sharing with your entire network of friends.