Best Social Media Practices for Memorial Day

Social Media and Memorial Day

Marketers and community managers may be tempted to promote their brands and clients during Memorial Day since it marks the start of the Summer season. Any promotional social posts on Memorial Day are a social media don’t. This US federal holiday honors the men and women who died in service of the United States Armed Forces. Undermining their sacrifice to push brands is not only offensive, but can have serious social media backlash on your brand or client. Below, we’ll give you a few ideas to help you craft the best social media posts for Memorial Day. You can also use this advice for days of remembrance such as 9-11, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and Veterans Day.

Best Social Media Posts for Memorial Day  

It really depends on your brand or client. Memorial Day is not a celebratory holiday, it is a day to honor and commemorate. It marks the deaths and sacrifices of many. Posting about BBQs and pool time is the best way to offend veterans, current service men and women, and their families. Here are some better ideas for your page’s social media posts.

Commemorative Messages on Memorial Day

Commemorative Post: A simple post thanking our service men and women for their service with NO promotional message attached to it whatsoever would be a safe bet.

Use Service Post on Social Media for Memorial Day

Service Post: Create a post prompting people to give back to our service men and women with a link to a non-profit like the Wounded Veterans Project.

Social Media hash campaigns for Memorial Day

Hash Campaign: You could also get your team involved. The #ThankYouCampaign was built to encourage Americans to thank the families who have lost loved ones that served in the military. This is a nice opportunity to both honor our service men and women and to give a more personal touch to your brand.

Not Posting on Social Media is a sign of Respect

No Post At All: If you can’t figure out what type of post to create, just leave things be. It is better to err on the side of caution than make a social media faux pas that will harm your brand in the end.

Whatever post you decide to make, take caution that your post is respectful, solemn, and that it is still relevant to your fans and followers.

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