Black and white hashtags to help you get more Instagram engagement

Black and White Hashtags

Black and White is a theme that is beloved throughout the world. From photography to fashion to art, we’ve all been exposed to this classic pair for what seems like eternity.  That being said, because Instagram is basically a photography social network, the competition is fierce when it comes to black and white images and merchandise. How fierce? There are over 76 million images hashtagged as #photography, 74 million as #blackandwhite and 6 million as #blackandwhitephotography. This means you need to be smart about how you use hashtags so that you get good exposure to the right people. Today we’ll discuss how you need to use Black and White hashtags so that you can actually see an ROI from Instagram, but, before we get started, copy the Black and White hashtag below. These will be the foundation to your Instagram strategy.

Black and White Hashtags For Instagram

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[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#Blackandwhite #Blackandwhitephotography #Blackandwhitephoto #Blackandwhiteonly #Bnw #Bnw_life #Bnw_captures #Blackwhite #Blackwhitephoto #Bw_crew #Photograph #Bnw_society #Photographer #Blacknwhite #Blacknwhite_perfection #Instablackandwhite #bw #Insta_bw [/pw-clippy]

How to Use Black and White Hashtags

Include Industry Hashtags

Industry hashtags will make it so you are seen by those who are more interested in your services

Model and Bollywood actress Elena Fernandes understands the power of industry hashtags. She not only uses #blackandwhitephotography to grab the attention (and come up on Instagram search) of people who like b/w pictures, she includes hashtags for her industry, including #bollywood #bollywoodactress and #modelgram to get in front of her target audience. This technique can be used by all brands and businesses. For example, if you are a wedding photographer who shoots in black and white, make sure to include hashtags particular to your sector of photography such as #WeddingPhotographer.

Mix in Location Hashtags

Your black and white hashtags will not yield an ROI unless you use geo targeted hashtags

Argentinean photographer Dario de Los Cobos is smart about targeting people who convert. He knows that using Black and White hashtags will get him in front of a general audience. This is great for his brand, but since he is looking for people who can actually convert into paying clients, he makes great use of local hashtags including #Argentina and #BuenosAires. In this case, people who search those location hashtags will have a chance to be exposed to his work, engage with him, and possibly book his services.

Use Custom Brand Hashtags

Custom brand hashtags help you convert your customers into brand advocates

While photography is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of black and white, this is not the only industry that can benefit from using these. Take nail varnish Semilac. They’ve incorporated black and white hashtags in this very appropriate post. They have also used industry hashtags (#Manicure #Nails #Nailstagram), but what we’re really interested in here is their custom hashtag use. They have three they currently use, #semilac #semigirls and #semilacnails. If you check out their profile, they’ve only created a little over 1,000 pieces of content, but their hashtags have significantly more usage, the lowest at 36K. That’s powerful branding.

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How to Manage & Grow Your Instagram Accounts


Now that you understand how to combine your black and white hashtags with others to get the most organic views, likes and comments from the right audience, you need to learn a bit about strategy. Instagram is not one of those set it and forget it type networks. If you spend a little time on it, it will yield you incredible results. What do you need to do? You need to post on a consistent basis, daily if possible. But the quality of your images has to be good. You also need to engage your target audience. What does this mean, you should like their posts and leave meaningful comments. This will open the door for you to have a conversation with them an convert them as needed. Socialdraft is an Social Media Scheduling tool that helps you manage all this. With Socialdraft, you can:

Schedule posts to multiple Instagram accounts
Have multiple people work on various accounts
Search for posts by hashtag and schedule reposts to all your connected social networks

However, Socialdraft is more than just an Instagram management tool. Socialdraft is an all-in-one social media tool that lets you:

Schedule posts to Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Business Pages and Pinterest Boards
Schedule posts individually, as recurring posts, or bulk upload them as CSV
Easily re-schedule with a drag & drop action
Schedule GIFs to Facebook and Twitter
Download content calendars as PDF
Find content on Instagram and easily schedule reposts not just to Instagram but to all other social networks
Engage on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin
Download Facebook and Twitter reports
and tons more…

What are you waiting for? Take Socialdraft for a risk free trial. It’s easy

What are you waiting for? Take Socialdraft for a risk free trial. It’s easy