What to Say to Cheapskate Clients

April 20, 2018       Business

I was recently listening to a This American Life, and as much as I love Ira Glass, I just could not stomach what I was hearing. If you haven’t already heard it, he did an episode all about the Good Guy Discount. During the episode, he’d walk into all different types of stores to ask for a discount…because […]

How to Deal with Common Social Media Client Issues

April 18, 2018       Business

Before Socialdraft became a social media scheduling calendar tool for teams, we were a ragtag bunch doing social media for clients (we still offer managed services to our enterprise clients). We started small with local clients like restaurants and ended up handling multinational clients and governmental entities. It was pretty cool…most of the time. From time […]

Makeup and beauty make sense on Instagram, it is, after all a social network focused on the visual. This is both a blessing and a curse. While it is the perfect social network for make up artists, shops, and vloggers to promote themselves, there are tons of people on there who are competing against you […]

Socialdraft, A Social Media Tool for Teams

April 11, 2018       Published

Social media is a complicated thing. It can get even more complicated when you throw people into the mix; interns, employees, outsourcers, and even clients. With Socialdraft, a social media tool for teams will make it easy for all of you to work together to achieve your social media marketing goals. Features of Socialdraft, A […]

Facebook announced yesterday that they are restricting API access to all 3rd party apps and partners like Socialdraft in order to protect their user’s information. While they may inconvenience all of us at the start, these changes will be beneficial to us all. Here is how those changes will affect Socialdraft’s Facebook and Instagram features: […]

How to Measure Social Success

April 6, 2018       Social Media

One of the most important things that you can do as a modern marketer is fall in love with something that direct response marketers have loved ever since the early 1900’s – the ability to measure your marketing and its impact: to test, tweak, and modify your marketing until you get the kind of conversion […]

Optimized Beer Hashtags for Instagram

April 5, 2018       Instagram

Beer is such a competitive industry. On top of that, the sales process takes time and personal relationships. Reps must visit their clients to make the sale, set up demos to educate the public, all while making sure that their items remain in the right spot at stores and restaurants so they can guarantee depletions. […]

Snow Hashtags

April 4, 2018       Instagram

Snow hashtags can be used by more than just photographers on Instagram. In fact, they can bring new eyes to your account as long as you get creative. Today, we’ll give you a list of optimizes Snow Hashtags as well as examples of how they are used in tandem with other hashtags to reach eyes […]