Guitar Hashtags for Instagram and How to Use Them

January 31, 2017       Instagram

If you’re in the music industry, you’ll be dealing with guitars at some point. Maybe you’re a guitar store, a music venue, or even a bar and you need to promote your guitar related Instagram posts. The issue is that guitars are popular in the real world and on Instagram. The #guitar hashtag has been […]

How to Edit Social Media Content

January 30, 2017       Published

Social media fails are the nightmare of SMMs. When you’re creating content for clients, the last thing you want to do is create a piece that offends and ends up getting you fired. It’s not just that gig that is on the line, it’s your reputation (and that of your client). Today, we’ll guide you […]

Horse Hashtags and How to Use them on Instagram

January 27, 2017       Instagram

The love of mankind for horses goes way back, in fact, our society was able to develop because of horses and our ability to ride on horseback. Although we no longer need to ride horses, our symbiotic relationship remains and horses are one of humanity’s most beloved friends. This means that those involved in agribusiness, […]

How to Explain Social Media ROI with Google Analytics

January 26, 2017       Published

You’ve been through it. It’s not just your mom and dad who have no idea what you do. Your clients are completely confused about what you do all day and how it converts into ROI for their business. This is dangerous and usually the number one reason for customer churn. Sure they think that social media is […]

A List of Optimized Bag Hashtags for Instagram

January 25, 2017       Instagram

Amazing how much we’re willing to spend on handbags. The Birkin seems cheap at $120,000 when compared to Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse (that one costs $3.8 million). Our obsession with handbags is strong, this means that if you are selling handbags online, your audience is HUGE. Especially so on Instagram where there are over 500 […]

Best Social Media Conferences of 2017

January 19, 2017       Published

Most Social Media conferences offer value not so much in the content, but in the networking. In reality, most of the content pushed out at the conferences will end up being live streamed, blogged about, and shared all over social media. However, there are some conferences that offer true value when it comes to knowledge. […]

Pro-Donald Trump Hashtags for Instagram

January 18, 2017       Instagram

Donald Trump has been elected to be the 45th President of the United States of America. If your core audience is pro-Donald Trump, then you have a HUGE opportunity to reach out and connect with them. That being said, you will have quite a job on your hands. Donald Trump is very visible on Social […]

Anti-Donald Trump Hashtags

January 18, 2017       Instagram

As controversial as President Elect Donald Trump is, you can’t deny he is quite a popular topic on Social Media. The 2017 Presidential Campaign is historic and so will be Trump’s presidency. Because of his popularity, those who are working to create content around PEOTUS Trump on Instagram will face some yuge challenges. Competition is fierce, […]

Inauguration Day Hashtags

January 17, 2017       Instagram

Whether you love or hate PEOTUS Trump, the 2017 US Presidential Inauguration will be historic. Mostly everyone will be talking about it. Some people will be hosting #MakeAmericaGreatAgain parties while others will be running theirs as #NotMyPresident. Regardless of which side you and your audience fall on, you want the most amount of eyes on […]

A List of Optimized Rain Hashtags and How to Use Them

January 16, 2017       Instagram

It’s not just weather forecasters who need to know which rain hashtags to use in Social Media. These hashtags can be used by weather gear companies, retailers, local businesses and more. Just think about it, on a rainy day people are looking for umbrellas to purchase, places to get out of the rain and more. […]