New Socialdraft Feature: Draft Posts

September 13, 2017       Published

We kept hearing from you that you sometimes wanted to work on a social media post over the course of a longer period of time. We listened and have just released Socialdraft Draft Posts. Draft Posts allow you to work on a social media post over the course of a day, week, year, or as […]

Socialdraft Referral Program

September 12, 2017       Published

Lately, our users have been asking us  “is there a Socialdraft affiliate program? and “is there a Socialdraft referral program?” There is a Socialdraft referral program! It’s available to any registered Socialdraft user. Once you have signed up for Socialdraft, just message us here and we’ll send you your affiliate code and details on how it […]

What are Socialdraft Campaigns

September 5, 2017       Published

Socialdraft is a social media scheduling tool for teams that handle lots of clients and lots of social media accounts. As such, our users needed ways to easily see what is going on only for particular clients. That is where Socialdraft campaigns come in. What Are Socialdraft Campaigns Socialdraft Campaigns (formerly called projects) allow you […]

Socialdraft Quick Filter

August 29, 2017       Published

The Socialdraft social media scheduling tool is made so that teams can easily manage multiple clients with multiple social media accounts. This can get confusing. Opening up a calendar with tons of posts can be hard to read. That’s why Socialdraft has multiple filtering options, our latest is a “quick filter” by Social Network. Socialdraft […]

Baseball would be a very boring game if the score was not kept. Same thing goes for social media. There’s Klout. But, is Klout Score a Good Measurement of Your Social ROI? Klout ranks its users by using social media analytics to come up with a “Klout Score”. The score can be as small as 1 […]

14 Powerful Small Businesses Twitter Tips

August 14, 2017       Published

When it comes to stocks, Twitter may not be winning the game, but it is still a very valid social network for small business. Twitter is another great small business tool in the social media arsenal to expand your company’s reach, build your brand, communicate with customers, and network with other business owners. As with other […]

Twitter Food & Beverage Tips

August 11, 2017       Published

You’ve been hearing some discouraging chatter about Twitter. ‘Twitter is stagnant’, ‘Twitter is dead’ . It’s true that Twitter has had a hard time monetizing its active users for the past two years, but that does not mean the network is dead. Smart community managers and business owners can still see an ROI from Twitter. […]

Pinterest Guide to Effective Pinning

August 8, 2017       Pinterest

Pinterest is an incredible resource for businesses. It drives a huge amount of traffic to websites, it allows your audience to market your brand (for free) and is a great way to market your brand online. However, it’s not as simple as randomly pinning to your boards.  Before you start strategizing on the type of content […]

Pinterest Marketing for Local Business

August 5, 2017       Pinterest

Most people think that Pinterest is only good for online retailers who have a product to sell to women. This is not entirely correct. In the hands of a savvy business owner, Pinterest can yield an ROI, regardless of the type of business you are. Today, we will discuss Pinterest marketing for local business including how […]