Twitter Abbreviation Cheat Sheet

August 2, 2017       Published

You finally broke down and started a Twitter account for your small business. That means it’s time to jot down these Twitter abbreviations. After all, you only have 140 characters to get your message out to your audience. In order to use Twitter successfully, you need to understand Twitter jargon. As a newcomer to Twitter (and […]

Online Reputation Management Checklist

July 27, 2017       Published

I don’t have to tell you it’s important to manage your online reputation. I also don’t have to tell you it gets more and more challenging by the day. Before you just had to worry about newspapers writing about your business. Now you have to worry about what is being said on review sites like […]

How the Yelp Review Filter Works

July 24, 2017       Published

It’s incredibly frustrating when you go on Yelp and see that a positive review has been hidden by their filter. It’s become a fact of business that not all positive reviews are going to stay visible on your Yelp review page. You reply to Yelp reviews, you have updated your listing, and you’re left wondering […]

If you are a dentist and you are not using Social Media you’re losing out on massive opportunities. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are free to use. This means your ROI (return on investment) for just one paying client can be HUGE. Better still, social media is no longer […]

If you are a restaurateur who has ignored social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Reddit and …well you get the idea), you should really stop and read this article. You are doing yourself a disservice. By ignoring these social networks, you are telling all the possible customers who frequent these virtual communities that […]

Pinterest Tips for Business To Actually See An ROI

July 17, 2017       Pinterest

Pinterest rocks. Sure, Instagram is on everyone’s lips, but Pinterest is one network that has not lost steam and still delivers an ROI. If you haven’t started marketing on Pinterest, perhaps it is time you do so. that you explore the concept of how to brand your business on Pinterest. Today we’ll discuss why you need to […]

Will Responding to Yelp Reviews Help?

June 23, 2017       Published

The answer is…Yes!  You are going to get negative reviews on Yelp, everyone does. It’s become an unfortunate part of running your business. Some of them will be from people who (unfortunately) had real concerns. Others will be fakes by trolls, competitors, or those people just looking to extort you. This happens to all businesses, […]

New Socialdraft Queue

June 19, 2017       Social Media

Summer is hot.  But not as hot as Socialdraft Queue! Our users kept asking for a different way to manage their social media posts, so we have just released Socialdraft Queue. Socialdraft Queue allows you to manage your social media posts outside of the calendar. This feature will be particularly helpful if you need to […]

10 Best Social Media Facebook Pages to Follow

June 1, 2017       Social Media

10 Best Facebook Pages to Follow

Schedule Recurring Posts with Socialdraft

May 16, 2017       Published

You can now schedule recurring posts on Social Media with Socialdraft. This includes Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, and Pinterest boards. This is on top of all our other features including the drag & drop calendar, post duplication, SmartID, reporting and so much more. Here’s information on the new feature, followed by […]