Social Media and Memorial Day

May 22, 2014       Facebook

Marketers and community managers may be tempted to promote their brands and clients during Memorial Day since it marks the start of the Summer season. Any promotional social posts on Memorial Day are a social media don’t. This US federal holiday honors the men and women who died in service of the United States Armed […]

In 2014, Social@Ogilvy, a division of the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, published a white paper titled “Facebook Zero: Considering Life After the Demise of Organic Reach,” analyzing Facebook’s widely observed restriction of content published from businesses’ and brands’ Pages. The paper’s author claims adjustments in Facebook algorithms have reduced organic reach for non-paying business […]

10 Tips To Get The Most Out of Google Plus

May 16, 2014       Google+

Google Plus is a great way to meet new people, connect with prospective customers, and cultivate relationships with your consumers. And while Facebook and Twitter seem to be the “go to” social media brands, what some overlook is that because Google controls both G+ and Google Search, Google Plus pages are helpful for search engine […]

Yelp Restaurant Reservations System

May 14, 2014       Published

To say that Yelp is a controversial website is putting things mildly. However, Yelp does offer some great features to its users including analytics. In 2014, it joined the ranks of some of its competitors in offering reservations. TripAdvisor purchased French reservations website LaFourchette, Google acquired website builder Appetas, and – in turn – there is now […]

Facebook Notification Ad Units

May 12, 2014       Facebook

We noticed a brand new Facebook Ad Unit today: Facebook Notification Ad Units. Today, I got a notification from TripAdvisor on a location I had recently searched. I clicked through and it took me directly to the TripAdvisor site. I had noticed this before on mobile, but never on the page. Something tells us that these ad […]

How Not To Be Muted on Twitter

May 9, 2014       Published

Most everyone by now has learned that Twitter is testing a “mute” feature. Users will be able to mute irritating tweets temporarily (or permanently), rather than blocking the account completely. The feature is under trial on mobile devices, and there is also talk about introducing a “whisper mode” that allows users to choose who can […]

Facebook Contest Ideas

May 5, 2014       Facebook

One way to attract Facebook likes and obtain those all-important email sign ups is by running a contest on your Facebook page. A well-designed contest with a fairly valuable prize can land you contact information on hundreds of potential customers because when people enter your Facebook contest and provide their email and contact details, they […]

Twitter Tests Mute Feature

May 3, 2014       Published

No offense to FoodiesUSA – they were the first to come up on my feed and we needed an example for the images. Twitter’s been making a lot of changes lately: new layout, real time interactions (aka – instant messaging), and now they are testing the “Twitter Mute User” feature on mobile. Select users can […]

Google Places Now Allows Descriptors

April 30, 2014       Published

Early this year, Google changed things up to allow businesses to add a “single descriptor” to their Google Places page. What is a Google Places “single descriptor”? According to Google (as of 4/29/14): 1. The “Single Descriptor” helps customers locate your business or understand what your business offers. 2. The “Single Descriptor” is not a […]

If you’re the owner of a small neighborhood bar or restaurant and eager to increase sales and foot traffic, you must begin to spin your web by making strategic contacts, and become directly involved with the community. Hosting a community or charity event is a good way to get started, or even sponsoring a local […]