On April 10, it was announced that a like baiting crack down would begin on Facebook to punish pages that spammed users by “like-baiting” with decreased exposure. What is like-baiting you ask? 1. Posts that blatantly ask viewers to like, comment or share the post. 2. Tired content such as memes that are constantly shared to […]

Thanks to the Internet and outspoken consumer groups and chefs, along with the local food movement, diners are demanding healthier menu options at restaurants. According to Technomic, vegetable offerings on restaurant menus nationally have jumped 11% over the past three years. Kale, the leafy, dark-green vegetable has seen an amazing 400% increase in appearance on […]

Pinterest Guide to Effective Pinning

April 14, 2014       Pinterest

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic to websites. As a local business, you may wonder how can Pinterest be of help to my local business? If you’re smart, it can help you build brand loyalty and bring customers back to your business….but before […]

Yahoo Replaces Own Reviews with Yelp’s

April 12, 2014       Published

You probably already heard that Yahoo partnered up with Yelp. Yahoo’s traffic has been lagging and they struggle to compete with Google, Google+, and Google’s local listings. The Yelp-Yahoo partnership resulted in Yelp reviews being featured Yahoo’s local business listings (as seen above). What you probably didn’t know is that now Yahoo replaces their own […]

This has been a busy week in social media. Facebook announced larger ads and Twitter made two big announcements which seem geared at making Twitter a little more accessible and familiar to new users of the older demographic. First, they announced their new and improved Facebook-like layout. It features a HUGE header image, much larger than […]

Choosing the appropriate music for your restaurant is as vital to successful dining as a quality soundtrack is to a winning motion picture. Music also plays a unique role in influencing customer turnover rate, and individual buying decisions at each table. According to research, up tempo music increases customer turnaround in restaurants, and slow music […]

Facebook ads BIGGER than ever!!!

April 9, 2014       Facebook

Looks like Facebook is really looking to monetize. First, they admit that pages that don’t advertise will lose out on organic reach…and now they announce that the ads on their site will be much bigger. Interestingly enough, Facebook has been threatening a pages layout change for the past couple of weeks. Could be this new […]

Why Customer Data Will Make or Break Your Business

April 9, 2014       Published

In 2011, Hewlett-Packard considered downsizing its struggling PC business in favor of investing more heavily in software. The company determined there was better potential for growth in software than personal computers. Marc Andreessen, co-founder and general partner of the venture capital firm Andreessen-Horowitz, suggests software is revolutionizing the business world. Andreessen, who also co-founded Netscape, […]

April 2014 New Twitter Layout

April 8, 2014       Published

Twitter’s new layout is looking quite a lot like Facebook today…and we like it (although we’re sure lots of people won’t – people who have been switched over are already complaining). It seems to have rolled out for some accounts and not for others…apparently the change will hit all Twitter users within the week. Looks […]

How to Increase Organic Engagement on Facebook

March 28, 2014       Facebook

By now you probably know that Facebook admitted that pages that do not advertise will lose out on visibility.  The social giant basically told brands that they must advertise in order to have their posts seen. But all hope is not lost. There are a few simple steps you can take to help your organic […]