How the Yelp Review Filter Works

December 26, 2013       Published

Unfortunately, we all know that not all Yelp reviews are going to be positive. We also know that not all your positive reviews are going to stay on your Yelp review page. How does Yelp know when a negative review is not real? And how does it determine which positive reviews are real and which are […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest

December 16, 2013       Pinterest

You’ve heard about Pinterest. You know it’s good for building links and increasing web traffic, but you’ve been overwhelmed lately and really don’t want to start working on another social network. However, if you run a retail business or need to get more traffic on your website, you’d be silly to ignore this social media […]

How to Fake Reviews on Yelp

October 3, 2013       Published

I’ve discussed this issue before, but in light of the recent crackdown on deceptive Internet reviews by New York regulators, I want to revisit the subject of astroturfing. As business owners, you know all too well the power of both positive and negative reviews. You know 4-star reviews will boost your business, and may even […]

Buy Tripadvisor Reviews

July 21, 2013       Published

A comment from a user: “I run a small B+B in Mexico.  I’ve bought Tripadvisor reviews in the past.   It’s expensive and they’ve  removed a few.   What are the best tips to keep me in the 4 – 5 star ranking?” Let’s take a step back.    TripAdvisor, as a travel content aggregator, […]

Buy Yelp Reviews

June 6, 2013       Published

So you want to buy some reviews for your business from Yelpers. You know customers are constantly searching the Internet for products in your industry. You know that if you have a 4-star review it’ll drive more “boots” into your business. Problem is, right now you have a 2-star review and you’re “dead in the […]

How to Delete a Business from Yelp

June 6, 2013       Published

Let me read you a support ticket a small business owner put in: How do I delete my business from Yelp? I’ve had it with them.  The rep keeps calling me wanting me to pay $1500 to advertise.  I’m shoemaker.  I make shoes.  I wouldn’t even know where to get $1500, let alone advertise.  I […]

10 Best Facebook Pages to Follow

January 1, 1970       Social Media

10 Best Facebook Pages to Follow