With the advent of social media and our subsequent reliance on it for promotional and marketing purposes, backing up data on social media accounts has become as vital as backing up the data on our computers. But research shows email marketing still far outshines social media in attracting customers. It is incredibly important that you […]

Facebook Place Tips is an incredible tool. It is a way for people to leave recommendations on places they visit and businesses they patronize. If you run a local business (or market one) here’s what you need to know about Facebook Place Tips: Facebook Place Tips Facebook place tips were designed so you can get useful […]

When it comes to promoting your business online, business owners and brands know that using social media is required for successfully marketing their unique product or service. What many business owners may not know, however, is which social media platform — or combination of platforms — is best suited for this task. With over a […]

Often overlooked, YouTube Annotations are a great way for video content creators to get more views, entice viewers to subscribe to a video channel, and contact you for more information. Annotations also allow you to request feedback from viewers, or get viewers to click on links back to your website or other marketing venues. Today […]

Google+ Ripples is a really nifty tool that can help you find which people have had the most prominent influence in sharing a particular post. With Google+ Ripples you can see how posts are shared and apportioned via a built-in visualization graph which is interactive, and updates in real-time. How to Use Ripples on Google+ […]

The complexity of today’s social media campaigns and marketing projects involve a wide range of factors necessary to develop brand awareness. One important element is the ability to use analytics to measure the results of various promotional strategies. In addition to using SocialDraft as a fantastic tool to manage all aspects of your social media […]

Animated GIFs are great fun and a neat way for introducing movement into webpage graphics for small animations and film clips of anything from cartoon-like images to the amusing folly of family pets. As one person put it: GIFs are “like the flipbooks of the Internet — great for conveying thoughts and emotions that words […]

If you have been paying attention to your Facebook page likes, you may have noticed that there has been a significant decrease in your page likes. We understand this is painful, especially if you spent money previously on gaining Facebook fans. The drop seemed to start in the end of February with a rapid decrease […]

Because we rely on social media for promotional and marketing purposes, backing up data on social media accounts has become as vital as backing up the data on our computers. And since research shows email marketing still far outperforms social media in attracting customers, backing up data on email accounts is also an important safeguard. […]

This is HUGE. We’ve always said that Twitter was itself a mini search engine. Now, search giant Google will have access to Twitter content. This means tweets will come up on Google search results. This has ginormous meaning to anyone marketing on social media, be it a local business, a publication, or a brand. Google […]