This is the second post in a series of articles we’ve planned on how to maximize your marketing efforts during the holidays. When capitalizing on the opportunity to heighten brand awareness and extend reach during the holiday season, the first objective is to determine who your target audience is by developing an in-depth customer profile. […]

Yesterday, Twitter announced on their blog the release of a new feature called “While You Were Away”. It works so that when you log on to Twitter after “being away” for a while, their algorithm will choose certain posts to come up first on your feed according to “engagement and other factors“. People who are […]

Video is  HUGE on Social Media. Most social networks currently prioritize video (and live video) content giving it more organic reach.   This means you’d be a fool to leave video out of your Social Media strategy. Today, I am going to show you how to create a video slideshow on YouTube that you can then […]

“Is this actually going to get any likes or shares on Facebook?” That’s the question we always ask ourselves before hitting the publish button. Predicting which pieces of content will perform well on Facebook was virtually impossible, until now. We’re going to walk you through some very important aspects on how to create viral content. […]

The entire team at Socialdraft is thrilled to have spent another year with you. This has been the founding year for Socialdraft, that all-in-one social media dashboard for teams. We pushed out our software, met with clients, and revised our offerings. It was a learning experience and a humbling one. 2015 is going to be […]

In the past, anyone signing up for a new Gmail account was also required to sign up for a Google+ account, but Google recently added a ‘No thanks’ button that allows users to opt out of the service. Some believe the initial growth of Google+ was mostly attributed to its requirement for using other Google-owned […]

Even the most creative person out there gets Social Media block. Crafting fun, engaging, relevant content seems like a never ending challenge. For those days when content creation is not cooperating with you, just come here for some quick tips to get you back on track. They are all pretty simple…but sometimes there is genius […]

To the chagrin of most Facebook page managers, Facebook has announced a new drop in organic reach. This time, the attack falls upon self-promotional content from pages. Before you freak out, let’s take a look at the changes. Facebook to Penalize Promotional Posts This is the wording exaon from Facebook: “As part of an ongoing […]

This is the first in a series of posts on how to maximize your marketing efforts by preparing for the holidays. The holiday season always provides businesses with a good opportunity to heighten brand awareness and extend reach to as broad an audience as possible. Of first and foremost importance is determining precisely who your […]

If you own a business, creating a Facebook Page for your brand is a necessity. Why? Because over a billion people use Facebook to connect, with 829 million people actively using Facebook every day. Facebook can introduce your company to potential customers based on their location, age and more. How to Set Up a Facebook […]