Looks like the new Facebook layout will be coming on June 13, 2014 (although some sources say June 6).  Facebook has been prompting pages to “Join the Waitlist” for the new layout in a small area between the admin panel and the timeline image. Pages that were already on the waitlist will receive a large prompt […]

Marketers and business owners who use polished, professional studio photos for online ads need to reconsider their strategy. Because according to an analysis by the social media agency, Laundry Service, less refined photos that were “Instagram-style” received as much as an 8 percent higher click-through rate when compared to regular photos, which received a click-through […]

We’re not at all surprised that Yelp recently announced they’ll be launching video reviews. As the world gets more and more used to the mobile web, it only makes sense that Yelp would encourage this type of content. Yelp Video Reviews When video reviews launch, users can add them to Yelp via its mobile app […]

As most readers know, with Google’s Autocomplete feature, suggestions are offered even before you’ve finished typing a search request. Google has been offering “Google Suggest” or “Autocomplete” since 2008. But if you’ve ever typed a company name into Google and have instantly seen negative words like “scam” come up with Google’s Autocomplete, then you know […]

Marketers and community managers may be tempted to promote their brands and clients during Memorial Day since it marks the start of the Summer season. Any promotional social posts on Memorial Day are a social media don’t. This US federal holiday honors the men and women who died in service of the United States Armed […]

Google Plus is a great way to meet new people, connect with prospective customers, and cultivate relationships with your consumers. And while Facebook and Twitter seem to be the “go to” social media brands, what some overlook is that because Google controls both G+ and Google Search, Google Plus pages are helpful for search engine […]

To say that Yelp is a controversial website is putting things mildly. However, Yelp does offer some great features to its users including analytics. In 2014, it joined the ranks of some of its competitors in offering reservations. TripAdvisor purchased French reservations website LaFourchette, Google acquired website builder Appetas, and – in turn – there is now […]

We noticed a brand new Facebook Ad Unit today: Facebook Notification Ad Units. Today, I got a notification from TripAdvisor on a location I had recently searched. I clicked through and it took me directly to the TripAdvisor site. Facebook Notification Ad Units [fve]http://youtu.be/CeqIuI7f_MM[/fve] I had noticed this before on mobile, but never on the page. Something […]

Most everyone by now has learned that Twitter is testing a “mute” feature. Users will be able to mute irritating tweets temporarily (or permanently), rather than blocking the account completely. The feature is under trial on mobile devices, and there is also talk about introducing a “whisper mode” that allows users to choose who can […]

One way to attract Facebook likes and obtain those all-important email sign ups is by running a contest on your Facebook page. A well-designed contest with a fairly valuable prize can land you contact information on hundreds of potential customers because when people enter your Facebook contest and provide their email and contact details, they […]