No offense to FoodiesUSA – they were the first to come up on my feed and we needed an example for the images. Twitter’s been making a lot of changes lately: new layout, real time interactions (aka – instant messaging), and now they are testing the “Twitter Mute User” feature on mobile. Select users can […]

Early this year, Google changed things up to allow businesses to add a “single descriptor” to their Google Places page. What is a Google Places “single descriptor”? According to Google (as of 4/29/14): 1. The “Single Descriptor” helps customers locate your business or understand what your business offers. 2. The “Single Descriptor” is not a […]

If you’re the owner of a small neighborhood bar or restaurant and eager to increase sales and foot traffic, you must begin to spin your web by making strategic contacts, and become directly involved with the community. Hosting a community or charity event is a good way to get started, or even sponsoring a local […]

Last year, Twitter released its conversion tracking tool, allowing marketers with Twitter profiles an insight into how advertising on the platform impacts sales. The conversion tracking tool illustrates the conversion impact of engagements from promoted tweets, permitting users to optimize social media marketing campaigns. According to Twitter, conversion tracking is a measurement and reporting tool […]

According to a national survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates for the textile service industry, customers are more inclined to do business with employees who wear uniforms because they stand out as professionals and are seen as being more competent and knowledgeable. Those survey results apply to any business, including restaurants, where putting on […]

Twitter recently announced its spiffy new (Facebook-like) design. We think it’s a tactic to get more of the regular (Facebook) public out there, we’ve got all the info on the update here, but here’s a summary: How to Get the New Twitter Design 1. Popular/influential tweets will be bigger 2. Pin a Tweet to the top […]

Minimizing overhead costs is a crucial element in the survival and financial success of every business. This is particularly critical during the first few years, especially in the restaurant business where profit margins are razor thin. While high-end restaurants will have higher food cost percentages than casual or fast-food restaurants, in general, food cost — […]

We decided to follow the Grand Marnier USA account on Twitter after seeing a sponsored post in the feed.  A Twitter age verification popped up asking for Twitter age verification in order to follow the account. Twitter Age Verification for Alcohol Brands This is an interesting feature. As of April 2014, it seems to affect only wine and […]

On April 10, it was announced that a like baiting crackdown would begin on Facebook to punish pages that spammed users by “like-baiting” with decreased exposure. Facebook Penalizes Like Baiting What is Facebook like-baiting ask? 1. Posts that blatantly ask viewers to like, comment or share the post. 2. Tired content such as memes that are […]

You probably already heard that Yahoo partnered up with Yelp. Yahoo’s traffic has been lagging and they struggle to compete with Google’s local listings. They’re also competing with Facebook and Twitter for eyeballs and content. The Yelp-Yahoo partnership has resulted in Yelp reviews being featured on Yahoo’s local business listings. What you probably didn’t know […]