5 Must-Have Social Media Tools for Restaurants in 2021

5 Must-Have Social Media Tools for Restaurants in 2021

5 Must-Have Social Media Tools for Restaurants in 2021

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have become essential tools for businesses, including the restaurant industry. If you're a restaurant owner, you must update your social media profiles to keep up with the competition, especially in the post-pandemic world. Here are five must-have social media tools that will help your restaurant thrive in 2021.


Socialdraft is a must-have tool for any restaurant owner who wants to stay on top of their social media game. The tool offers a wide range of services, including social media scheduling, management, and reporting. With Socialdraft, you can easily manage multiple social media networks, monitor your online reputation, and track brand mentions across the web. You can also analyze your social media metrics and ROI, giving you insight into which social media channels are providing the best results.


Restaurant owners can use Canva to create eye-catching graphics and designs for social media platforms. These designs can include everything from Instagram posts and stories to Facebook cover photos and Twitter headers. Canva provides various templates you can customize to reflect your brand's colors or vibe and makes the design process quick, fun, and easy to do, even if you don't have any graphic experience.


Localistico is a location-based marketing tool that allows restaurant owners to manage their online presence across multiple platforms on an easy-to-use dashboard. Localistoco assists restaurants to update their location, hour of operation, directions can be displayed consistently and accurately across all digital platforms in real time. This tool guarantees that restaurants never miss a chance to attract potential customers searching for them online.


Hootsuite is another social media management tool that restaurant owners should have in their arsenal. Hootsuite streamlines the process of scheduling posts and tracking them across social media platforms. It allows you to schedule posts ahead of time, which is necessary when you have to focus on your kitchen during peak business hours. Hootsuite also offers in-depth analytics and reporting features, which help you measure the success of your social media efforts.


Yelp is the undisputed leader in restaurant review websites, and you must claim and manage your restaurant's Yelp page. Yelp enables customers to leave reviews and photos of your restaurant and serves as a powerful social proof to attract new customers. By keeping your Yelp page updated with the latest menu and photos, you can showcase your restaurant's best features and encourage customers to visit.

To wrap it up, social media tools are essential for restaurants to stay relevant in today's digital age. By using these five social media tools, restaurant owners can streamline their social media marketing efforts and stand out from the competition. These tools will not only help you manage your social media presence but also increase your restaurant's online visibility and reach.

Don't forget to check out Socialdraft's Midjourney and ChatGPT prompts, templates and more to help you with your restaurant's social media content.

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