5 Winning Instagram Post Ideas for Hair Salons

5 Winning Instagram Post Ideas for Hair Salons

5 Winning Instagram Post Ideas for Hair Salons

Are you a hair salon owner searching for ways to increase engagement and attract more customers on Instagram? Look no further! We've researched and compiled a list of winning Instagram post ideas to help your salon stand out in the beauty industry. Let's get started:

1. Behind-the-scenes glimpses

Give your followers a sneak peek into the process of creating the perfect hairstyle. Share photos and videos of your team working on clients’ hair, with a caption that reveals some of the techniques used in the process. This will not only show the talent of your hairdresser but also will intrigue your audience to book an appointment.

2. Showcase your salon

Instagram is an excellent platform for showing your salon's environment, treatments, and amenities. Share photos and videos of your salon, highlighting the interior's design and layout, the equipment you use for various treatments, and the range of services you offer. Encourage followers to tag their friends as potential customers and use relevant hashtags that relate to your salon and treatment areas.

5 Winning Instagram Post Ideas for Hair Salons

3. Share your clients' transformation stories

Your customers' transformation stories are impactful and inspiring to show the impact of your work. Share before-and-after photographs of a client's transformation, and encourage them to share their story and tag your salon. This way, you can showcase your salon's results and possibly get new clients from the happy customers who share it.

4. Trend-setting styles

Stay up to date with the latest hair trends and share them with your followers. You can share photos of trending haircuts, colors, and hairdos, along with your opinion on the style and customized clean versions of the different variations. These posts increase visibility and offer inspiration, especially when accompanied by appropriate style tips and haircare suggestions.

5. Hair care tips

Apart from offering haircuts or coloring, customers look to salons to design their hair care routines to continue the look after they leave the salon. Share hair care tips, product suggestions, and DIY recipes to help your followers maintain healthy hair. Use the Instagram story function to offer instructional videos or blog post links to show customers, you're a professional and a helpful resource they can count on.


Instagram is a powerful tool for hair salons to stand out in the beauty industry by showcasing their portfolio and connecting with customers. Implementing the content ideas shared above using hashtags, location tagging along with proper captioning can help you increase your following and customer base consistently. At Socialdraft, we have prompts like mid-journey prompts, chatgpt prompts, and chatbot templates that help businesses like hair salons stay on the right track by creating a consistent content strategy that delivers results on Instagram. Contact us today to learn more about our social media marketing prompts!

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