Boost Your Pinterest Game: 10 Must-Know Stats for Marketers in 2016

Boost Your Pinterest Game: 10 Must-Know Stats for Marketers in 2016

Are you a marketer looking to improve your Pinterest game? Well, you’re in luck because Pinterest is one of the best platforms for brands to attract and engage with their audiences. With over 250 million active monthly users, the platform offers a huge potential audience for brands looking to expand their reach.

In this blog post, we’ll touch on 10 must-know stats for marketers in 2016.

1. Pinterest is made up of predominantly female users

81% of users are female, making Pinterest a perfect opportunity for brands that are targeting women.

2. In terms of demographics, the majority of Pinterest users are between the ages of 25-34 years old.

3. 69% of Pinterest users are there to find inspiration and ideas for their future purchases

Making Pinterest a valuable platform for brands to showcase their products and services.

4. Pinterest has a 50% higher conversion rate than other social media platforms

This means that Pinterest users are more likely to make a purchase after seeing a product or service on the platform.

5. 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan for purchases

Making it a valuable platform for eCommerce businesses.

6. Pins with prices get 36% more likes than those without

This means that pins with prices are more attractive to Pinterest users and are more likely to drive conversions.

7. The most popular categories on Pinterest are DIY and Crafts, Food and Drink, and Home Decor.

8. In terms of content, images with multiple dominant colors are re-pinned the most.

9. 61% of users have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin.

10. Pinterest has an annual increase in referral traffic of 50%

Making it a great platform for brands looking to increase their website traffic.

In conclusion, Pinterest is an incredibly valuable platform for marketers. By utilizing these statistics, you can effectively target your audience and drive conversions. At Socialdraft, we offer a variety of LLM prompts such as Midjourney Prompts and ChatGPT Prompts that can help make your Pinterest campaigns more successful. Check out our website to see all of our offerings and take your Pinterest game to the next level.

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