Debunking the Myths of Facebook Posting: The Truth About Timing and Reach

Debunking the Myths of Facebook Posting: The Truth About Timing and Reach

Debunking the Myths of Facebook Posting: The Truth About Timing and Reach

Facebook posting can create a substantial impact on businesses today. However, there are different myths and opinions aligned with the timing and reach of Facebook posting. In this article, we will debunk some of the misunderstandings of Facebook posting and showcase some facts about the ideal time to post on Facebook and its reach.

Myth #1: Posting content regularly will exhaust audiences

Many believe that posting content consistently can exhaust your audience, causing them to overlook your updates or eventually unfollow you. It is assumed that the audience will view you as impertinent if you post frequently.

However, this assumption is not completely accurate. Posting frequently or regularly helps you to engage your audience and keeps your page active. The important thing is to create valuable content that people can connect with, learn from, or engage with.

Myth #2: The best time to post on Facebook is on weekdays

It is often thought that post engagements are higher during weekdays. While it's true that people are generally more active during weekdays, every business's audience has different characteristics. Your audience may have different professions or lifestyles, resulting in different engagement periods.

Moreover, weekends can be an interesting period to post since people are more relaxed and have more time to browse through their Facebook feeds. In a nutshell, there is no one-size-fits-all schedule when it comes to the ideal time to post on Facebook.

Myth #3: Facebook's algorithm controls your reach

You may have heard about Facebook's algorithm controlling who sees your posts and whose posts show up in your newsfeed. While Facebook's algorithm is not completely transparent, Facebook's reach may vary based on the value of the content you post.

Facebook has a precise way of recognizing the value of your content: engagement (e.g., likes, comments, and shares). If your content is valuable enough to prompt comments and shares from your followers, it will get better engagement, and consequently, a higher reach. Therefore, the main factor in determining the reach of your post is the value of your content, which goes back to myth #1.


In conclusion, debunking the myths of Facebook posting on timing and reach requires you to have a deeper understanding of your audience and the content that you post. It all comes down to creating valuable, engaging content that connects with your followers, regardless of the timing.

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