How to Create Facebook Dark Posts: A Complete Guide

Facebook Dark Posts

Facebook Dark Posts are a great way to run targeted advertising campaigns while keeping them hidden from your main page's timeline. It's a useful feature that helps you create targeted ads for specific audiences without clogging up your followers' newsfeed.

If you want to learn how to create Facebook Dark Posts, follow these easy steps:

1. Create a New Post

To start creating your Dark Post, go to your Facebook Page and click on "Create Post." You can either select "Create New Post" or "Create Post in Ad Manager."

2. Choose Your Objective

The next step is to choose your objective. Dark Posts can have different objectives such as Lead Generation, Conversions, Brand Awareness, Traffic, or Engagement. Select the objective that best suits your marketing goals.

3. Configure Your Settings

In the configuration settings, you can select your target audience, placements, and budget. You also have the option to schedule the post to be published at a specific time or save it as a draft.

4. Create Your Creative

Now, it's time to create your ad creative, which includes your headline, body text, and image or video. You can use Facebook's Ad Manager or Power Editor to create your creative assets and upload them to your Dark Post.

5. Select the Unpublished Post Option

To create a Dark Post, you need to select the "Unpublished Post" option under "Post Options" in the Ad Set configuration. This will hide your post from your page's public timeline and ensure that it only appears in the newsfeed of your targeted audience.

6. Publish Your Post

Once you've created your Dark Post, you just need to publish it. Facebook will review your post to ensure that it complies with their advertising policies, and then it'll go live in the newsfeed of your targeted audience.

Dark Posts are an excellent way to test different ad creatives and target specific audiences without crowding your page's timeline. They're also a great way to keep your ads more private and only show them to specific segments of your audience.

If you want to create more effective Dark Posts, consider using ChatGPT prompts, Midjourney prompts, or Stable Diffusion prompts. These types of prompts can help you create highly targeted ad creatives that resonate with your audience and improve the engagement rate of your Dark Posts. is a great resource for finding and buying these types of prompts to create more effective Facebook Dark Posts. From Chatbot templates to Midjourney prompts, we have everything you need to create highly targeted and effective advertising campaigns on Facebook.

In conclusion, Facebook Dark Posts are an essential tool for running highly-targeted advertising campaigns without clogging up your followers' newsfeed. By following these easy steps, you can create effective Dark Posts that resonate with your audience and improve your overall engagement rates. Remember to use ChatGPT prompts, Midjourney prompts or Stable Diffusion prompts from to create even more effective and targeted Dark Posts.

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