Revving Up Your Tour de France Experience with Hashtags

Are you ready for the biggest cycling event of the year?

The Tour de France is not only a sporting spectacle that attracts thousands of fans worldwide but is also the perfect opportunity to spice up your social media game. With the rise of hashtags, it is possible to participate and become part of the action, even if you're not physically at the event. In this article, we have compiled a guide to help you navigate the Tour de France hashtags and take your social media posts to the next level. And if you want to create engaging content, Socialdraft has you covered with their tailored prompts. #TDF2021

Without a doubt, the official Tour de France hashtag is the most popular one to use across all social media platforms.

The hashtag is used to follow the race's highlights and live coverage, keeping fans up to date regardless of their location. Whether you're watching the race from the comfort of your sofa or cheering riders on from the roadside, #TDF2021 is a must-have in your hashtag arsenal.


For those who are keen on brevity, the #TdF is an abbreviation of the official Tour de France hashtag. This hashtag is a handy alternative for all those who want to post updates but also need to stay within a character limit.


A buzzing online cycling community, Velovoices is an excellent space for Tour de France enthusiasts to interact, exchange ideas, and follow live-updates. Following and using the #Velovoices hashtag will help you connect with other cycling fans.


For anyone searching for a broader audience on social media, #Cycling is a hashtag that you should consider using alongside the official event hashtags. This tag is perfect for sharing the cycling content you enjoy and engaging with a wider cycling community worldwide.


If you want to limit your reach to posts that are exclusively about road cycling, then the hashtag #Roadcycling is the one for you. The hashtag is used by cycling enthusiasts to share more focused content on Tour de France, including race highlights, athlete interviews, and more.


The Tour de France is a celebration of athletic prowess and is the ideal time to share your fitness journey with the world. Even if you don't cycle, being inspired by Tour de France athletes could motivate you to start a fitness journey. #Fitness is the perfect hashtag to showcase your body transformation or share your health tips.


The full-spelling hashtag #TourdeFrance is a great alternative to the official hashtag. This tag is excellent for sharing general Tour de France-related content that doesn't need to be focused on specific events.


What's a race without a little bit of color? When the leader of the Tour de France dons the yellow jersey, fans fuel a social media frenzy around the hashtag #GoYellow. The hashtag is used to show support to athletes that wear yellow jerseys or to showcase your very own yellow outfit on race day.


The Tour de France is a competition of superhuman strength, endurance, and determination. The hashtag #Champions is a tribute to these athletes' incredible feats, from this year's favorites to the legends of yesterday. In conclusion, generating engaging social media content during the Tour de France is not rocket science. A simple hashtag, when used correctly, can make a significant impact in increasing your following and engagement. If you're looking for more prompts or resources, check out Socialdraft's website or social media channels. They have everything you need to take your social media posts to the next level. Happy Tour de France!

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