Why am I Blocked from Doing Facebook Lives?

Why Facebook Blocks You from Going Live and What You Can Do About It

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media giant of the world. It has over 2 billion active users, and people spend around two and a half hours a day on the platform. Facebook Live has become a popular feature where users can broadcast their video directly to their friends or followers in real-time. But what happens when Facebook blocks you from doing this? It can be a frustrating experience when Facebook suddenly blocks you from going live. This is a common issue for many Facebook users, and there are several reasons why this happens.

One reason could be that you have violated Facebook’s community standards. Facebook takes the safety and security of its users very seriously, and any content that violates its community standards is subject to being removed or the user being blocked. Facebook's standards cover a wide range of topics, such as hate speech, graphic content, nudity, and explicit sexual activity. Another reason could be that you have reached your limit for Facebook live videos. Facebook limits the number of live videos you can do in a day, and if you exceed that limit, you will be temporarily blocked from going live again until the next day. If you are guilty of copyright infringement, Facebook will also block you from going live. Copyright infringement is a serious offense, and any type of music, video, or content that violates someone's copyright is subject to being removed or the user being blocked. Furthermore, if you are using a VPN or accessing Facebook through a proxy server, it is possible that Facebook will block your live feed. Facebook has become increasingly cautious about who can access their platform, and using a VPN or proxy server can be seen as a security risk.

So, what can you do if Facebook blocks you from going live? Firstly, you need to figure out the reason behind the block. If you are uncertain as to why you have been blocked, try contacting Facebook’s support team to find out the reason. Once you know the reason behind the block, you can work on removing the block. If it's related to copyright, you can remove the infringing content and contact the copyright owner to ask them to retract their report. If it's due to the violation of community standards, you could delete the offending content or post an apology on your profile.

In conclusion, Facebook Live is an excellent feature that enables users to engage with their followers in real-time. However, it's essential to abide by the community standards and follow Facebook's guidelines to avoid being blocked from going live. If you are blocked, don't panic, and try to address the issue head-on. If you're looking for new and innovative ways to improve your social media presence, be sure to check out Socialdraft's vast range of prompt products that can assist you in navigating the ever-changing landscape of social media.

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