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Should I Buy Facebook Likes?

Increased News Feed competition and Facebook’s focus on the conversation between people has significantly reduced the percentage of Facebook fans marketers can reach organically. Pages have to work harder to stay visible, and this has caused business owners to question whether fans still have value and whether investing in fan acquisition is still a prudent business strategy. Many are still asking themselves if they should buy fans or advertise on Facebook. They’re wondering if it pays to buy likes. Let’s see if you should buy likes on Facebook.

Should I Buy Facebook Likes

We need to get something out of the way quickly. No. You should not buy Facebook likes from sites like Fiverr or other such places. These fake likes that inflate your numbers do nothing for your engagement or ROI. When we speak about buying likes, we’re talking about purchasing ads on Facebook to buy genuine Facebook likes, likes that convert. Now that we got this out of the way, let’s discuss why you should buy Facebook likes.

1. Facebook ads are effective meaning less expensive reach costs

Though Facebook marketers need to pay to reach many of their fans, Facebook has some of the best targeting options out there (after Google). If you learn how to properly craft ads, you can reduce reach costs (CPMs) significantly and get results.

2. Greater ad impact through social context

When target consumers get product or service recommendations from a trusted person, that interaction is invaluable to marketers. Facebook imitates this concept when fans engage with brand content by serving ads with “social context.” This means when fans engage with an ad, their friends are served ads with the context that someone in their network liked, commented or shared. Kind of like an unofficial recommendation. And since fans engage with brand content at higher rates than other audiences, they produce more stories with social context. This is a huge benefit.

For example, a Nielsen study found that users seeing ads with social context had greater ad recall, awareness, and purchase intent compared to those who saw ads without social context.

3. Campaigns Work

It is not enough to just target your ads to get people to like your page, to acquire new Facebook fans. Begin to learn about retargeting, the whole idea is that once you capture that fan, you can keep yourself in their sight and active.  Page fans are easier to convert. Think about it, they already opted for your brand by giving your page a like.

4. Retargeting Drives Sales

Speaking of retargeting, it’s extremely effective in driving sales. Whenever you run ads, you should not be running them to get a million fans. The idea is that the cost incurred by attaining that fan will come back to you tenfold with retargeting. Acquiring that fan is the first step in building a relationship with that person. You’re buying Facebook fans through ads so you can convert them on a continuous basis going forward.

5. Why it is worth it to pay for Fans

Buying Facebook fans is always about a goal. When you run those ads you need to analyze their conversion rates. Do a deep dive of who your fans are, what they like, and what they do so you can cater your content (and your future ads) to get them to convert.

So, is it worth it to pay for Facebook ads to get new fans? It is…if you have a long-term plan.

What if I have no budget for Facebook Ads?

If you’re just getting started and you have no budget, or if you are a social media manager whose clients refuse to give you a budget, then you need to be smart about how you market on Facebook.

Use a Social Media Scheduling Tool

The whole idea behind social media scheduling tools is to save you time and keep you consistent. Make sure you pick a tool that will allow you to manage as many aspects of social media as possible so you save time and money. If you use a tool like Socialdraft, you will be able to:

  • Schedule posts to Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn business pages, Instagram & Pinterest
  • Allow others to collaborate on content creation and give them the permissions you want so you can keep control
  • Identify and engage those who are important to your business
  • Know when people are talking about your business or brand AND share the good stuff to Social Media
  • Schedule recurring posts for evergreen content such as reviews, press, and educational information
  • Schedule reposts from Instagram to all  your connected social networks
  • Pull reports to follow your progress
  • and much more


Engage Tons

If you don’t have money to spend on paid Facebook likes, you will have to do things manually. Since waiting for people to engage your page can have minimum impact, take the time to comment on pages (as your brand or business) that are relevant to your audience. Just make sure you don’t make these comments spammy. Think of it as link building on Facebook.

Create Facebook Groups

Currently, Facebook groups are not affected by the Facebook algorithm the same way that Facebook pages are. Take the time to create and market groups so that you have a direct way to market to your target audience or clients.

PRO TIP: Click here if you need to learn the basics about using Facebook groups