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Buy Tripadvisor Reviews

Here’s a recent comment from a user wondering about whether they should buy Tripadvisor Reviews.

“I run a small B+B in Mexico.  I’ve bought Tripadvisor reviews in the past.   It’s expensive and they’ve  removed a few.   What are the best tips to keep me in the 4 – 5 star ranking?”

Let’s take a step back.    TripAdvisor, as a travel content aggregator, is best known for their large amount of user reviews. In fact, they were one of the first travel websites who adopted user-generated content. Even though the site encourages users to submit their reviews on the site, there’s a dark side to the practice.

Should You Buy TripAdvisor Reviews?

Buy Tripadvisor reviews

If you run a business, like a bed and breakfast, hotel or restaurant you probably want to attract more business. You start looking at TripAdvisor and find more 4-star reviewed establishments than you thought.

Four-star reviews imply quality. Anything less is seen as either average or less than average. If you don’t have 4-star reviews, your business might have a problem gaining new customers and growing.

The problem is that your business has several two-star reviews on TripAdvisor and an ad for your competitor with four-stars is showing on your page. This could mean that your business is practically ‘dead in the water’.  Most people might think your business, well, isn’t good enough and may be willing to visit your competitor even if their cost is higher.

Sometimes, TripAdvisor may filter out good reviews, only leaving bad reviews ‘out in the open.’ They say that first impressions are everything in the business world—and those low-rated reviews pretty much cost your business its reputation and potential sales.

In a moment of desperation, you thought about to yourself, I should buy TripAdvisor reviews. You did a search on Google, checked out some sites and eventually landed on this page.

There are plenty of services that will let you ‘buy TripAdvisor reviews.’ Business owners like yourself can even buy hundreds at a time to boost the ‘appearance’ of your business’ reputation on TripAdvisor.

You might have glanced over these sites and thought, ‘I probably need these reviews to counteract those negative reviews and get your business booming.’ You’re thinking that moving up a few stars can make your business look reliable to consumers.

Buying TripAdvisor reviews to move business up just a few stars-on-average isn’t actually such a good idea— here’s why.

The Truth Behind Buying TripAdvisor Reviews

Website where you can buy tripadvisor reviews

Let’s be honest. Buying TripAdvisor reviews seems like an easy way to make your business look great to users.

You only have to spend a few hundred or a few thousands for several dozen reviews, guaranteed to ‘boost your business’ and TripAdvisor reputation. With the promise of using ‘ethical white-hat reviewing techniques,’ you really can’t blame business owners for being enticed by that kind of business-boosting prospect.

The thing is buying reviews is dishonest. In other words, you’re paying a service to lie to potential real customers. This is unethical and you will get caught.

As an example, hotel businesses who buy hotel reviews have those same reviews talk up their facilities. Their facilities may have ‘great rooms, fast service, and good food,’ but in reality, may provide service that’s less than what the reviews allege.

When customers see these reviews, they’re expecting the bed and breakfast establishment to actually be worth the stay. When they actually experience your establishment, they feel confused and even betrayed.

How to game tripadvisorYou’re also lying to TripAdvisor if you purchase reviews. Doctored, bribed and dummy reviews are actually some kind of ‘epidemic’ on the site, somewhat tainting their reputation. Businesses have been buying TripAdvisor reviews through review writing services to ‘boost’ their site reputation. In fact, TripAdvisor banned over ’30 hotels for suspicious reviews.’

Many of these reviews were bribes by the establishments themselves, promising customers additional incentives for their stay—if they left a glowing review. The other reviews naturally originated from buying hotel reviews from writing services.

To combat the prospect of ‘fake reviews,’ TripAdvisor now monitors user-submitted content on their website. Reviews now are subject to ‘a verification process that reviews the IP address and email address of the review author, detecting any suspicious patterns or questionable language.’ Users are also allowed to report suspicious content, later reviewed by their team of ‘quality assurance specialists.’

Even though TripAdvisor is taking steps to completely remove these ‘fake’ reviews, not all reviews are completely gone from the site.

Should You Buy TripAdvisor Reviews?

If you decided to buy TripAdvisor reviews, don’t think you won’t get caught. Your industry is a competition between your competitors and yourself—as it is a game of pleasing your customers. Competitors will always monitor their competition. It only takes a few suspicious reviews for people to suspect your business of having a doctored TripAdvisor page. You will get caught.

What can you do instead of buying TripAdvisor reviews for your business?

Start Monitoring Your Reputation:

That’s simple enough. Instead of resorting to the ‘easy way,’ there’s the hard way. Luckily for you, the hard way to promote any hotel, bed and breakfast and even excursion business is good old-fashioned online and offline marketing. The better news is that you can use Socialdraft’s Managed Services to take this off your hand. However, if you want to handle it yourself, here is a breakdown of what you need to do.

Remember that this is about the long run, and you want your hotel or BnB to be around for years to come. Set your place up on Google Alerts. Whenever your hotel or BnB is mentioned, take action:

Good Reviews: First, click over and engage that user. Thank them for their review and send them a small token of thanks. Then share that amazing review across all your social media accounts. This is the best kind of advertising.

Bad Reviews: Click over to the site. Inspect the negative review. Was this a crazy customer, or was this something others have complained about. If this is a legitimate complaint, make a note to discuss with your team. Then, take the time to thank the customer for bringing this to your attention, let them know it is being handled, and ask them for a chance to make things up. It is possible to turn negative things around.

The Takeaway?

Don’t buy TripAdvisor reviews. If you are getting constant negative reviews under 3 stars, then you need to look at your business and analyze why these are happening. Take the time to fix these items…then…start responding to each bad review. Ask unsatisfied customers about what they didn’t like about your service, especially if it’s something that can be improved. Take bad reviews in stride. Take them as an example of what you need to improve in your hospitality business.

You don’t have to buy TripAdvisor reviews to make your business look that much better. Be honest with your customers to improve their experience at your establishment.


To be honest, this takes a lot of time. If you don’t have the time or expertise on how to deal with TripAdvisor reviews, let our team of experts handle it. The Socialdraft team has been managing TripAdvisor reviews for local clients for over 10 years. How does it work?

  • You are assigned a SIM (Social Identity Manager)
  • First, your SIM will optimize your TripAdvisor listing.
  • Then, your SIM will analyze your TripAdvisor reviews to let you know what the most pressing issues that need to be addressed are and give you actionable items so you can start to get them rectified.
  • Your SIM will come up with a set of responses that can be easily customized for recurring issues that are brought up for your TripAdvisor reviews.
  • Your SIM will respond to reviews so you don’t have to and send you a weekly progress email.
  • If there are sensitive items that come up on TripAdvisor reviews should be addressed internally or need the touch of your lawyer, your SIM will let you know so that you can take the necessary steps to address it.

Want to learn more about how we can help your business manage its TripAdvisor Reviews? Schedule a discovery call with us today.