Types of calls to action that work on social media

Call-to-Action Examples to Help You Get Leads

When it comes to marketing on Social Media, you must create a sense of urgency in your audience.  If you don’t tell them what to do, they probably won’t do it. Calls-to-Action work!  You need to use the right Call-to-Action to encourage them to take action, be that a click thru, a share, or a purchase.  Smart marketers and business owners know that adding a few highly targeted words can make all the difference.

Even if your product or service is a stroke of genius whose quality is ridiculously above the competition, unless you prompt your prospects to buy now without delay, only two percent in any given month are likely to purchase. A call-to-action serves as a push to get your audience to take immediate action. However, creating this urgency without offending and angering potential customers requires a little finesse, and should be tailored to your brand identity and audience so that it doesn’t seem manufactured or forced. Let’s go through a few Call-to-Action examples and best practices so you can get your audience to do what you want.

Call-to-Action Examples


Effective calls to action make instructions simple

Calls-to-action work on all types of posts, but – of course – they are incredibly effective on giveaway posts. This is a nice example of an effective call to action. Let’s break down what makes a good call to action.

* The urgency of your call-to-action needs to feel true and not simply created as a sales shtick. People online are savvier than they’ve ever been and they smell inauthenticity in seconds.

* Even the most sophisticated call-to-action will be seen by your audience as a promotional tactic. This is works IF you are offering a value (be that monetary, informational, or fun). Your offer once your audience performs the desired action should be a gorgeous piece of content that will push them further down the rabbit hole of your brand, an enticing giveaway, or a great laugh.

* If your call-to-action leads your audience to a different place or site, make sure it is optimized to give them the most pleasant experience.

Using effective calls-to-action will increase your conversion rates, engagement, and brand advocacy.

Three Call-To-Action Techniques

Calls to action work best in images

1) Make the call-to-action a part of your image

Images are powerful. They take up real estate on social media feeds and are the first thing your audience will see.

Adding your call to action like The Gap did here is a great way to increase conversions. In their case, getting views on their video (I kept the sound off, this is the original post)

Make people feel like they will miss out if they won't click

2) Create time-sensitive offers.

An excellent way to get the attention of consumers and make them move to action is to tie your messages to a specific time frame or deadline. This is particularly effective for marketing messages that advertise short-term promotions. Even if you didn’t originally intend to attach a time frame or deadline to a marketing message, review your message and determine if adding one could increase the urgency of your offer. You might be surprised by the positive effect it can have on your overall marketing initiative. You can create time-sensitive messages by using quantifiers like:

  • For a limited time only
  • While supplies last
  • Available to the first 20 callers
  • One-day sale

make sure you use words of urgency

3) Use Words that Denote Urgency 

Generating a sense of urgency is as simple as choosing the right words to use in your copy. Don’t douse your social media messages with words that suggest immediacy, though. Instead, place these words strategically within your calls to action.

Furthermore, don’t make the mistake of cluttering your messages with exclamation points in an effort to create a sense of urgency in your copy. One or two well-placed exclamation points can work, but too many exclamation points dilute their effectiveness.

Instead, add a sense of urgency to your marketing messages with these call-to-action phrases:

  • Don’t delay
  • Act now
  • Hurry in
  • Call today
  • Call now


a call to action works if people trust your brand

4) Make them Comfortable With The Offer

People are afraid to lose money or to be tied into a membership they don’t want. What if they hate what you have to offer? Reassure them that they’ve got nothing to fear with phrases such as:

  • Cancel Anytime
  • Start Your Risk-Free Trial Today
  • Join Free for a Month

5) Make it easy to act.

The perception of urgency in your marketing messages should go hand-in-hand with the call to action in your marketing message. But people are busy, so it’s your responsibility to make it as simple as possible for consumers to respond to your marketing communications in the way that you want them to. Ensure that it’s easy for your audience to get more information or make a purchase by telling them exactly what they need to do as soon as they’re done reading or listening to your messages.

For example, don’t just include the address for your website’s homepage in your message. Instead, take consumers directly to the page that provides the information they need to respond to your offer. That could be a contact form, a specific product page, or a specific landing page or splash page created just for this communication. Alternately, if you’re directing consumers to visit your brick-and-mortar location, include a map or landmarks along with your street address to make it easier to find your business or to encourage recognition of your location in consumers’ minds.

If you can’t get the attention of your audience within a few seconds and deliver your message to them quickly and succinctly, then you risk wasting your marketing investment.

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