How to use hashtags to get more likes and comments on Instagram for Canada Day

Canada Day Hashtags and How to Use Them

July 1st is the day where Canadians rejoice. It’s also a great opportunity for you to market to those who are interested in Canada or are planning to visit Canada. You can post anything from Canadian recipes, Canada Facts, artwork…there are plenty of possibilities. But before you do that, copy and save the Canada Day Hashtags below to use on your Instagram posts to get the most organic views and engagements out of your posts for the holiday. Then read on for tips on managing your Instagram accounts and how to get the most out of your Canada Day Hashtags.

Canada Day Hashtags

#OhCanada #CanadaDay #HappyCanadaDay #Canada #Canadian #IGersCanada #DominionDay #FêteduCanada

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts


You’ve taken a great step today, you’re learning how to optimize your posts for Canada Day, but it takes a lot more to succeed on Instagram.

First, you need to be consistent in posting. Posting daily will keep you in front of your audience, it will keep the Instagram algorithm from affecting your reach too much, and it will allow you to connect with your target audience.

Then, you need to engage. By engage, I mean taking 15 minutes to a half hour each day after posting. During this time you can sit and search for others creating content around your hashtags. Take the time to like their posts and follow them. If you really want to see ROI, then leave genuine comments on their posts.

If this seems like a lot of work, don’t worry. You can use a social media scheduling tool like Socialdraft to make all this much easier.  With Socialdraft you can:

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Include Hashtags Related to Your Business

Use industry hashtags so that you can reach people who are interested in what you have to offer

Ivana Rustic Designs understands that using only Canada Day Hashtags will not get her in front of the people she needs to reach. The Canada Day hashtags will give her a wider audience and increase her likes and engagements, but people who are browsing Instagram for #reclaimedwood and #woodart will be easier to convert into paying customers. So follow her lead so that you have a chance to reach the right audience.

Don’t Forget Your Location Hashtags

use a mix of geo-targeted and Canada Day Hashtags to reach a local audience that converts

If you are a local business, brand or service provider, you need to use location hashtags in all your posts. Say you’re Desiree Gifts, a gift shop in Vaughan. Sure, it’s great if everyone in Canada loves your items, but don’t you think it is easier for the shop to convert people who are nearby and can come into the store. Yup…and their SMM knows this, notice the use of Canada Day hashtags AND  location hashtags. This is smart marketing.

Include Hashtags For Verticals & Brands

Use a mix of Canada Day hashtags and branded hashtags

No matter what type of business you are in, there are brands that are associated with you. You either sell a product, use a product, or promote a product or service. If these verticals have a good name within your community, then you should craft posts around them and incorporate them into your strategy. Katja 3 does this beautifully. For Canada Day, she posted a gorgeous photo of Canada themed mugs from Rae Dunn. She made sure to use their branded hashtags #RaeDunn and #RaeDunnMugs. The cool part is that the Instagram community is super interested in them. Just look at the image above. 47,000 posts on just #RaeDunn. That means that Katja 3 now has a chance to reach that audience. Pretty smart, right?

Now that you know to use a mix of all these hashtags with your Canada Day hashtags, you’re ready to market on Instagram for the holiday. Just remember to be consistent and engage.


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