How to schedule posts to Instagram

How to Schedule Posts to Instagram Using Socialdraft

Today we are thrilled to announce a very exciting update to Socialdraft: You Can Now Schedule Posts to Instagram Using Socialdraft Pretty much everyone was asking for this feature, so we’ve worked with Instagram’s API to come up with a way that you can schedule reminders when you need to post to Instagram. How to schedule […]

How to create an instagram caption that will get you likes and comments

Rules for the Perfect Instagram Captions

Instagram is hot, and captioning your Instagram photos can determine whether you’re going to get likes or whether your message falls totally flat. If you think that Instagram is “just” a visual platform, you’re missing at least half of the picture. Captions are just as important as imagery in determining whether or not your audience […]

A guide to help you choose the social networks that best fit your business goals

How to Decide What Social Network is Best for your Business

You may have heard that your brand or business needs to be active on all forms of social media but the list is exhaustive and growing all the time. Let’s face it. If you are a small to medium business, a freelancer, or just are on a tight budget…this is just not going to happen. […]

instagram daily active users 2018

How To Increase Your Instagram Engagement by Almost 200%

With over  1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is still one of the fastest growing social media platforms, with over than three times the monthly active users on Twitter. Instagram is powerful since it does not restrict brands and businesses from directly engaging their target audience. Today, we will discuss updated Instagram statistics and then […]

MLK Day Hashtags and How to Use Them

Businesses and brands want to make the most out of most holidays on Social Media. They are absolutely great opportunities to build relationships, get conversions and sales…but some holidays need to be treated with respect and care. Just as you need to be careful with Social Media on Memorial Day, you need to think about the […]

A guide to Groundhog Day Hashtags

Groundhog Day Hashtags for Instagram & How to Use Them

If you have ever lived in the US, you know that everyone eagerly awaits the mos famous weather man on February 2nd. His name is Punxsutawney Phil (there’s also Staten Island Chuck and Malverne Mel) and each year, this woodchuck sneaks out of his resting place. If he sees his shadow, it is said that winter […]

Guide to Video Marketing for Your Business

Small Business Video Marketing Guide

It’s kinda crazy to see how many small businesses are still ignoring video marketing. It is perhaps the hype that came with social networks that caused mom & pops to ignore this incredibly powerful marketing too. However, you should stop ignoring video and both embrace it AND incorporate into your social media efforts.  Video becomes more […]

Hashtags for St. Patrick's day to help you get more likes and comments

St. Patrick’s Day Hashtags for Instagram & How to Use Them

St. Patrick’s day may have started off as a celebration of one of the most favored Saint, but now it has become a huge marketing opportunity for all types of businesses including bars, restaurants, breweries, and – of course – any retailer that sells green apparel. Today we’ll discuss how to market your Instagram posts […]

How to use super bowl hashtags on Instagram to get more likes and comments

Optimized Super Bowl Hashtags for Instagram and How to Use Them

As you and million other brands and businesses are aware, the Super Bowl is a huge marketing opportunity. Today we’ll discuss your Super Bowl Hashtags for Instagram and how to use them, but before we do, you need to click thru and read why you need to be careful when marketing on Social Media during the […]

how to create social media posts

Tips on Creating The Perfect Social Media Post

Social Media is no longer new and smart business owners who market their companies online are always on the lookout for tips on how to maximize the efficacy of social media posts. Besides remembering to always employ the posting fundamentals, such as providing unique and resourceful information, empowering readers with valuable insights, and maintaining a […]

LIst of the best year of the pig hashtags for Instagram

Chinese New Year – Year of the Pig Hashtags

 Although the Chinese New Year starts officially on February 5th, 2019, and ends on February 19th, the celebration actually begins on January 28th, and last until New Years’ Eve. That means that if your business is at all related to Chinese New Year, a Chinese demographic, or if you are creative enough that you can market […]

How to get more likes and followers on Instagram for your valentine's day posts

Valentine’s Day Hashtags for Instagram & How to Use Them

Valentine’s Day is a big day for business. As a matter of fact, the average annual consumer spending on this day of love is 19.7 billion dollars on average. This means that 54.8% of consumers will spend an average of $146 on just flowers, candy, and apparel. Needless to say you NEED to market yourself […]

Canada Labour Day Hashtags

Canadians Celebrate Labour Day annually on September 3. The holiday celebrates the struggle of the Labor unions and has become a day of celebration and leisure. If you are a Canadian business hoping to attract the eyes of your audience, you’re in luck. The #labourday hashtag has not yet been used in more than 500,000 […]

Optimized hashtags for the winter season

Winter Break and Winter Holiday Hashtags

The winter holiday season is probably the most important to most businesses. It is the time when consumer spending will be at its highest, and the last chance brands and businesses have to make their quotas. That means that having a strong Social Media strategy is pivotal, especially on Instagram. We’ll give you some great […]

How to use hashtags on Instagram to get the most likes and comments on your Hanukkah posts

Hanukkah Hashtags For Instagram and Tips on How to Use Them

Nestled between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas is Hanukkah. While it’s not as commercialized as the rest of the winter holidays, you should be creating engaging Instagram posts for the holiday in order to capture the Jewish audience.  You will probably create special discounts, promotions, and sales; but how do you get targeted eyes on those Instagram […]

A list of the best hashtags to use when talking about the New Year on Social Media

A List of The Best New Year Hashtags

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s are HUGE celebration days throughout the world. The time period right before the New Year is critical to most businesses. As a rule, consumers are broke after the winter holidays and curb their spending after January 1st. This means that your last chance to capture big dollars before tax season […]

Socialdraft Discount Code

Black Friday Socialdraft Discount

You haven’t tried the social media scheduling and management tool Socialdraft yet? This is your chance because the Black Friday Socialdraft Discount is here!!! Black Friday Socialdraft Discount Sign up any day starting 11-16-18 before 11:59 pm on Black Friday 2018 and get 50% off your first bill with us using the Socialdraft discount code below on all types of […]

A list of optimized hashtags for the Thanksgiving holiday

A List of Optimized Thanksgiving Hashtags & Social Marketing Ideas

Thanksgiving may be the ultimate family holiday. It’s also a wonderful holiday for sports fanatics, but the ones who should rejoice at the arrival of this holiday of gluttony are social media marketers. The holiday buying season officially begins on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but you need to start thinking about how to […]

How to use Black Friday Hashtags to get the most engagement and conversions

Black Friday Hashtags and Social Media Tips for the Holiday

Black Friday is the start of the big retail season. In truth, the season starts way before that, and if you are a retailer or small business marketing for Black Friday you need to start thinking about your strategy way before that. Today we’ll discuss how to use Black Friday hashtags on Social Media (particularly […]

Copy paste list of Yummy Hashtags

The Best Yummy Hashtags for Instagram

If you are marketing your brand or business on Instagram to foodies, you’ve got your work cut out for you. We’ve put together this list of the best Yummy hashtags for Instagram & Twitter. They will help you to get more organic reach from a targeted audience that converts. Copy and save them so you […]