A list of optimized hashtags for the Thanksgiving holiday

A List of Optimized Thanksgiving Hashtags & Social Marketing Ideas

Thanksgiving may be the ultimate family holiday. It’s also a wonderful holiday for sports fanatics, but the ones who should rejoice at the arrival of this holiday of gluttony are social media marketers. The holiday buying season officially begins on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but you need to start thinking about how to […]


10 Pinterest Marketing Tips That Work

If you own a small business, social media can do wonders for growing your business and helping your dreams come alive. Pinterest, allows you to upload, save, sort, and manage images known as pins and collections of pins known as pinboards. Pinterest is a fantastic visual discovery tool, people go there when they are looking for […]

How to get more traffic from your Pinterest pins

Pinterest Guide to Effective Pinning

Pinterest is an incredible resource for businesses. It drives a huge amount of traffic to websites, it allows your audience to market your brand (for free) and is a great way to market your brand online. However, it’s not as simple as randomly pinning to your boards.  Before you start strategizing on the type of content […]

How local businesses can use Pinterest to market themselves

Pinterest Marketing for Local Business

Most people think that Pinterest is only good for online retailers who have a product to sell to women. This is not entirely correct. In the hands of a savvy business owner, Pinterest can yield an ROI, regardless of the type of business you are. Today, we will discuss Pinterest marketing for local business including how […]

Example of a successful Pinterest Board

Pinterest Tips for Business To Actually See An ROI

Pinterest rocks. Sure, Instagram is on everyone’s lips, but Pinterest is one network that has not lost steam and still delivers an ROI. If you haven’t started marketing on Pinterest, perhaps it is time you do so. that you explore the concept of how to brand your business on Pinterest. Today we’ll discuss why you need to […]

A list of statistics that show why Pinterest is an important marketing channel for businesses

Why You Should Be Marketing On Pinterest in 2017

If you’re not marketing yourself on Pinterest, then you’re missing out. Pinterest is incredible at driving web traffic, especially for those who are marketing in the areas of food and beverage, home decor and repair, and anything creative. If you have an online shop, then Pinterest needs to become a priority if it isn’t already. […]

A guide on how to sell more on Pinterest

How to SELL MORE on Pinterest

When it comes to shopping via social, Pinterest is tops. This means that if you are selling anything online (be it tees through your Shopify site, crafts on Etsy, or even books via Amazon) it would be silly of you to ignore Pinterest. Today we will discuss the basics on how to Sell more on […]

Ideas for social media when you run out of ideas

100 Social Media Content Ideas for Business (with examples)

After a while your brain will go blank and you will have “writer’s block”. Don’t worry. This happens to everyone managing social media. If you’re currently having a brain fart, we hope to inspire you with these awesome 100 social media content ideas for business. You can implement all of these on all your social […]

Instagram photography hashtags to help your reach

An Optimized List of Photography Hashtags For Instagram

Social media is all about being visual. In fact, visual arts and social media beautifully complement each other.  Studies have shown that Facebook posts that include images get 2.3 times more engagement than those that are plain text. This is just Facebook, but similar results are seen across all other social networks, especially Instagram. It makes […]

How to get started on Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing: Complete Guide

Truth be told, it is a lot easier to market on social media than a lot of people make it out to be. Sure, there are a lot of landmines that you need to avoid in order to have consistent success on social media – but that’s true of any marketing medium. You need to […]

How to design effective social media images

How to Choose The Perfect Color and Image For Social Campaigns

Direct marketers and savvy advertisers have long understood that a single image is worth far more than 1000 words – it can be worth (quite literally) millions and millions of dollars! Let’s break down the stats: *Advertising research shows that images are easier to remember than text *Advertising research also shows that 65% of the […]

A targeted list of travel hashtags for those promoting their travel business on social media

A List of Travel Hashtags You Can Use On Social Media

To Travel is To Live – Hans Christian Andersen Chances are if you’re reading this post you’re either a travel writer, travel blogger, or a social media manager for a travel location.  You probably got into this industry because of your insatiable desire to travel, but now that you’re working in the field, you get […]

A tutorial on how to find social media influencers

5 Tips on Finding REAL Social Media Influencers

If you have been at the social media game for any amount of time, the odds are pretty good that you’ve come across the term “social media influencers”. These people are the “cool kids” of social media – at least in your market or your target audience, anyway – and they have a lot of […]

How to encourage click throughs on Pinterest pins

10 Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Pinterest Pins

With every industry growing more and more crowded with competition, it is vital for business owners to cope with the latest trends in order to make the most sales and profits. Gone are the days when a marketing strategy involved nothing more than handing flyers and free samples – today, it’s all about digital marketing. […]

A list of common social media mistakes

Mistakes You Are Making in Social Media

One of the most used digital marketing tools to date is social media. Usually free, social media platforms provide business owners a way to share content, reach audiences, and drive traffic towards sales with relative ease and simplicity. A lot of business owners think they can use social media platforms to boost their brands much […]

Why you should use Social Media for Customer Service

Why Social Media is Imperative to Customer Service

Replying to a customer on Twitter or providing details about your brand on a Facebook entry is such an habitual part of the day, we rarely reflect on how Social Media has revolutionized the way businesses relate to their customers, and especially the way consumers now interact with businesses. There is no doubt that Social […]

How Pinterest can be used to increase traffic to your website

12 Tips on Getting Loads of Traffic From Pinterest

Success with social media marketing is a lot easier than most people make it out to be – if you know what you’re doing in the first place. But that’s where most people drop the ball. A lot marketers, advertisers, and business people try to use social media for their businesses in the same manner […]

How you can make a profit from your pinterest account

How You Can Make Money Using Pinterest

It has never been easier OR more difficult to own and operate your own business than it is today. The web has completely transformed the way that we all do business. Now, for the first time in human history, it’s possible to start up a global operation with nothing more than $15, a domain name, […]

How to Gain Customers on Pinterest

How to Get Customers From Pinterest

Pinterest has the potential to completely transform your business, pushing hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors to your website, to your sales page, and to your online store each and every month for next to nothing – so long as you know a couple of tips and tricks about how to get customers […]

Pinterest is great not just for selling, but for building brand recognition across multiple social networks

How to Grow Your Other Social Networks Using Pinterest

Pinterest has enjoyed explosive growth, and has quickly established itself as one of the biggest, most popular, and truly dominant forces as far as social media marketing is concerned (just check out these facts and figures and you’ll really understand why Pinterest is so important). An almost entirely visual medium, absolutely everything about Pinterest has […]