How hotels can combat competition from Airbnb

Hotel Social Media Can Help You Beat AirBnb

Airbnb has changed the way people travel. They now consider staying at someone’s private house instead of your hotel or BnB because they are beginning to see an added value (mostly dollar savings). In 2012 there were over 12 million bookings. This means around $150 million dollars taken away from the hospitality industry and does […]

This Reputation Management Checklist is a guide to help your business get started on controlling their online presence

Online Reputation Management Checklist

I don’t have to tell you it’s important to manage your online reputation. I also don’t have to tell you it gets more and more challenging by the day. Before you just had to worry about newspapers writing about your business. Now you have to worry about what is being said on review sites like […]

A guide to Dentist Social Media

Why Your Practice Needs Dentist Social Media Marketing

If you are a dentist and you are not using Social Media you’re losing out on massive opportunities. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are free to use. This means your ROI (return on investment) for just one paying client can be HUGE. Better still, social media is no longer […]

A social media dashboard that lets you delete multiple posts at once

New Socialdraft Queue

Summer is hot.  But not as hot as Socialdraft Queue! Our users kept asking for a different way to manage their social media posts, so we have just released Socialdraft Queue. Socialdraft Queue allows you to manage your social media posts outside of the calendar. This feature will be particularly helpful if you need to […]

great Facebook pages to learn about social media

10 Best Social Media Facebook Pages to Follow

10 Best Facebook Pages to Follow

Social Media video editing apps

Video Editing Apps

We all know that video is where it is at right now for Social Media. Video is being prioritized by social media platform algorithms and gaining not just more organic reach, but more likes and engagement than any other type of content. The issue with this is that video can be time consuming and costly. […]

Socialdraft is a social media tool that allows teams and agencies to collaborate with clients

Socialdraft, A Social Media Tool for Teams

Social media is a complicated thing. It can get even more complicated when you throw people into the mix; interns, employees, outsourcers, and even clients. With Socialdraft, a social media tool for teams will make it easy for all of you to work together to achieve your social media marketing goals. Features of Socialdraft, A […]

How to edit social media content to prevent social media crisis

How to Edit Social Media Content

Social media fails are the nightmare of SMMs. When you’re creating content for clients, the last thing you want to do is create a piece that offends and ends up getting you fired. It’s not just that gig that is on the line, it’s your reputation (and that of your client). Today, we’ll guide you […]

Google analytics is a great tool for explaining ROI to clients

How to Explain Social Media ROI with Google Analytics

You’ve been through it. It’s not just your mom and dad who have no idea what you do. Your clients are completely confused about what you do all day and how it converts into ROI for their business. This is dangerous and usually the number one reason for customer churn. Sure they think that social media is […]

The social media conferences you should attend in 2017

Best Social Media Conferences of 2017

Most Social Media conferences offer value not so much in the content, but in the networking. In reality, most of the content pushed out at the conferences will end up being live streamed, blogged about, and shared all over social media. However, there are some conferences that offer true value when it comes to knowledge. […]