A guide to help you choose the social networks that best fit your business goals

How to Decide What Social Network is Best for your Business

You may have heard that your brand or business needs to be active on all forms of social media but the list is exhaustive and growing all the time. Let’s face it. If you are a small to medium business, a freelancer, or just are on a tight budget…this is just not going to happen. […]

When is the best time to post on Facebook?

Exploring The Best Time to Post to Facebook – Myths and Reality

Businesses using social media as a marketing tool have come to realize posts on Facebook continue to reach fewer and fewer users. In 2014, Ogilvy found Facebook’s organic reach was just 6%, with large pages over 500,000 followers seeing just a 2% reach. As of 2018, organic Facebook reach had dropped to 1.2% in 2018 […]

Local Business Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips

The Winter holiday season can bring the most revenue to all types of local businesses from beauty salons, restaurants, bars, toy stores, and more. In order to maximize your exposure to a targeted local audience, we reached out to social media experts and asked them to share their Local Business Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips. Their […]

Optimized hashtags for the winter season

Winter Break and Winter Holiday Hashtags

The winter holiday season is probably the most important to most businesses. It is the time when consumer spending will be at its highest, and the last chance brands and businesses have to make their quotas. That means that having a strong Social Media strategy is pivotal, especially on Instagram. We’ll give you some great […]

Socialdraft Discount Code

Black Friday Socialdraft Discount

You haven’t tried the social media scheduling and management tool Socialdraft yet? This is your chance because the Black Friday Socialdraft Discount is here!!! Black Friday Socialdraft Discount Sign up any day starting 11-16-18 before 11:59 pm on Black Friday 2018 and get 50% off your first bill with us using the Socialdraft discount code below on all types of […]

A list of optimized hashtags for the Thanksgiving holiday

A List of Optimized Thanksgiving Hashtags & Social Marketing Ideas

Thanksgiving may be the ultimate family holiday. It’s also a wonderful holiday for sports fanatics, but the ones who should rejoice at the arrival of this holiday of gluttony are social media marketers. The holiday buying season officially begins on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but you need to start thinking about how to […]

How to use Black Friday Hashtags to get the most engagement and conversions

Black Friday Hashtags and Social Media Tips for the Holiday

Black Friday is the start of the big retail season. In truth, the season starts way before that, and if you are a retailer or small business marketing for Black Friday you need to start thinking about your strategy way before that. Today we’ll discuss how to use Black Friday hashtags on Social Media (particularly […]

How Financial Services Firms can remain compliant on social media

Social Media Compliance for Finance Firms

Two of the hardest industries to manage in social media are healthcare and finance. Both have strict guidelines to follow if they plan to be industry compliant. So, how is your financial services firm to handle such a daunting task? Social media compliance for financial firms is possible. We’ll discuss some of the items that will help […]

The Blunt Truth About Cannabis Marketing

This is a guest post about cannabis marketing by Harrison Wise, the President of The Cannabis PR Firm.  For so many decades marijuana has been such a taboo subject, and we are now (finally) starting to see a shift in the conversation at both the local and national level. More than a dozen states have legalized […]

How Socialdraft Compares as a Buffer Alternative

Socialdraft is an all-in-one social media scheduling and management tool that makes a great Buffer alternative. Socialdraft is easy to use, robust and fantastic for team collaboration. Let’s break down all the differences between Socialdraft and Buffer…and, if you have any questions about Socialdraft as a social media tool, just ask! Buffer Alternative: Socialdraft Available Plan Options […]

A guide for social media managers on dealing with problem customers

How to Deal with Common Social Media Client Issues

Before Socialdraft became a social media scheduling calendar tool for teams, we were a ragtag bunch doing social media for clients (we still offer managed services to our enterprise clients). We started small with local clients like restaurants and ended up handling multinational clients and governmental entities. It was pretty cool…most of the time. From time […]

Mayday 2018 Socialdraft Social Media Tool Discount

Mayday!!! Mayday!!! Have you been struggling to get your social media firm off the ground because all the social media tools out there are too darn expensive? You’ve tried free social media tools, but they’re just not robust enough and you need something that can help you scale your business. If you’ve been looking for […]

Socialdraft is a social media tool that allows teams and agencies to collaborate with clients

Socialdraft, A Social Media Tool for Teams

Social media is a complicated thing. It can get even more complicated when you throw people into the mix; interns, employees, outsourcers, and even clients. With Socialdraft, a social media tool for teams will make it easy for all of you to work together to achieve your social media marketing goals. Features of Socialdraft, A […]

A list of items you can put in place to measure social media success

How to Measure Social Success

One of the most important things that you can do as a modern marketer is fall in love with something that direct response marketers have loved ever since the early 1900’s – the ability to measure your marketing and its impact: to test, tweak, and modify your marketing until you get the kind of conversion […]


How Social Media Drives Local Business

By now you get the feeling that your local business needs to ramp up its social media. You tried before and you didn’t get the right results, but you want to give it another try. I could not agree with you more. Social media is a fantastic way to stay in your customer’s eyes as […]

How to manage multiple Instagram accounts

Learn How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

NOTE: Due to the Instagram API changes of April 2018, our current Instagram implementation is limited. You can currently schedule to multiple Instagram accounts, have various people publish the content, search hashtags for content, and repost that content to all your social networks. We are keeping an eye on Instagram for an update on the […]

24 tips and tactics for your social networks

24 Tips to Quickly Build Your Social Media Following

Isn’t it amazing how social media has evolved? It started what seems like ages ago with Geocities in 1994. Then, Friendster hit the waves followed by the ever-famous MySpace. Today, we’ve seen the rise and fall of Google+, Vevo and so many more…but there are a few social networks that have outlasted the rest: Facebook, Twitter, […]

Non-profit Social Media Strategies

Nonprofit Social Media Strategies

The name says it all. Nonprofit organizations work with slim budgets to do good works. Because of this, many nonprofits have embraced social media marketing. Its entry is inexpensive and results can be fantastic, but managing your nonprofit’s social media can be tedious and time-consuming. Today, we’ll explore nonprofit social media strategies that will help […]

How to Charge $2,000 for Social Media

Saw a pretty interesting post on a Social Media Managers group on Facebook the other day. A new community manager was asking if $300 a month was a good dollar amount to charge for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest management. Everyone in the community quickly chimed in in agreement. The dollar amount did not justify […]


Become A Skilled Virtuoso With These 10 Graphic Design Tips

When it comes to marketing your business on social media, the best response comes from posts that include robust visual presentations that include graphs, images, shapes, and icons. Photos also provide a big boost in engagement on Facebook pages. This is the reason why we decided to put together these Graphic Design Tips. After putting these in […]