Tactics for growing your twitter account

Twitter Growth Strategies That Deliver

Regardless of popular opinion, Twitter is still a powerful social media platform…if you know how to use it properly. It is still possible for your brand or business to gain solid numbers of followers who can be converted into customers. However, it won’t just happen if you put Twitter on autopilot. Use a social media […]

How to make sales on Twitter with lists

How to Find Customers on Twitter

While the chatter out there is that Twitter is dying, there is still plenty of business to be done through the network. Twitter is very much still a viable social network and it is people’s favorite platform for customer support. Your customers are on Twitter. Today, we will discuss why Twitter is still viable, who […]

How to create an instagram caption that will get you likes and comments

Rules for the Perfect Instagram Captions

Instagram is hot, and captioning your Instagram photos can determine whether you’re going to get likes or whether your message falls totally flat. If you think that Instagram is “just” a visual platform, you’re missing at least half of the picture. Captions are just as important as imagery in determining whether or not your audience […]

instagram daily active users 2018

How To Increase Your Instagram Engagement by Almost 200%

With over  1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is still one of the fastest growing social media platforms, with over than three times the monthly active users on Twitter. Instagram is powerful since it does not restrict brands and businesses from directly engaging their target audience. Today, we will discuss updated Instagram statistics and then […]

How do I get more reach on my Facebook page?

How to Increase Organic Engagement on Facebook

By now you probably know that Facebook admitted that pages that do not advertise will lose out on visibility.  That being said, brands and businesses should not ignore Facebook as a marketing platform. It is still valid, it is still being used, and it is still possible to get organic engagement…it just takes a bit […]

8 Tips on Increasing Facebook Engagement

14 Tips On Facebook’s All-Important Engagement Rate

By now you know that Facebook is almost always pay-to-play. While this is true, it does not mean that you can ignore the platform for marketing. It is incredibly effective, and although organic reach and engagement rates have been declining since 2014 (it had dropped to 6% –  a decline of 49 percent from peak levels […]

Guide to Video Marketing for Your Business

Small Business Video Marketing Guide

It’s kinda crazy to see how many small businesses are still ignoring video marketing. It is perhaps the hype that came with social networks that caused mom & pops to ignore this incredibly powerful marketing too. However, you should stop ignoring video and both embrace it AND incorporate into your social media efforts.  Video becomes more […]

Pinterest Tools

Pinterest Tools For Small Businesses

As you already know, Pinterest allows users to upload and manage images known as pins, and other media content through collections known as pinboards. Pinterest also allows companies to create pages to promote their businesses online which can serve as a “virtual storefront.” Pinterest has HUGE potential for small business marketing, but only for those […]

how to create social media posts

Tips on Creating The Perfect Social Media Post

Social Media is no longer new and smart business owners who market their companies online are always on the lookout for tips on how to maximize the efficacy of social media posts. Besides remembering to always employ the posting fundamentals, such as providing unique and resourceful information, empowering readers with valuable insights, and maintaining a […]

Link Building Strategies

Link Building Strategies For Small Businesses

Among the many promotional strategies involved in marketing a small business on the web is link building. But before we discuss link building strategies, let’s explore the nature of links and link building. In the context of our discussion, a web “link” connects a piece of text or another item in an electronic document to a […]

Pinterest Tips for Business

10 Pinterest Small Businesses Tips

In order to grow your small businesses and stay competitive, your company should utilize tool available. This includes social media sites including Pinterest. Sure, you’re familiar with Pinterest, but do you really know what it is? Pinterest is a free visual discovery tool used to collect ideas for projects and interests. Pinterest users upload, save, […]

Building Customer Loyalty will guarantee more sales than acquiring new customers

How To Build Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are the most important to your business for many reasons. Retaining existing customers is significantly less expensive than acquiring new ones, in fact, some studies claim it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an old one. On top of that, loyal customers are more likely […]

Beginners Guide to Pinterest

A Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest

You’ve heard about Pinterest. Heck, it’s one of the most powerful social networks and compared to the rest, it’s been pretty much scandal-free since it’s founding in 2010.  You know it’s good for building links and increasing web traffic, but you’ve been overwhelmed lately and really don’t want to start working on another social network. […]

A good call to action button stands alone

Why Calls-To-Action Are Essential to Your Business

You hear it all the time: “Add a call-to-action to get conversions”. Yet, you’re hesitant to use calls-to-action on your posts, you don’t want to seem pushy or overly promotional. Welp, that’s got to stop. We’ve done some digging to get some hard numbers to finally convince you on why Calls-To-Action are essential to your business. […]


Become A Skilled Virtuoso With These 10 Graphic Design Tips

When it comes to marketing your business on social media, the best response comes from posts that include robust visual presentations that include graphs, images, shapes, and icons. Photos also provide a big boost in engagement on Facebook pages. This is the reason why we decided to put together these Graphic Design Tips. After putting these in […]

Downloadable social media calendar

Downloadable Social Media Content Calendar

Were you always wishing that there was a social media scheduling dashboard that had a downloadable social media content calendar? One that would easily let you download all your content as a PDF with ease? One that offered white-label options so you could send your content to your clients? Then your dreams have come true. Socialdraft’s […]

Things to remember when posting on Reddit as a business

Business Guide to Reddit – Part 2 – Best Practices

Most local businesses now have a pretty decent understanding of how to use Facebook and Twitter to promote their content. Reddit is now slowly becoming part of the non-redditor consciousness. It is quite a different animal, and if not handled properly, reddit can easily backfire on your marketing efforts. Before you get started on this […]

How to Use Reddit

How to Use reddit For Business – Part 1 – The Basics

Before you even think about how to use reddit for business, you’ll need to understand exactly what it is. This post will give you a breakdown of all reddit basics. You may have heard of reddit as the website where lonely, socially awkward people post cat videos and talk about My Little Pony. Or maybe […]

How to See Fans of Your Facebook Page

You’ve been working hard, scheduling your Facebook posts daily using Socialdraft and your page has been growing. Now you want to see who the fans of your Facebook page are. This quick tutorial will show you how to see fans of your Facebook page. HOW TO SEE FANS OF YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE – DESKTOP Log […]

How to Increase Restaurant Sales

Upselling Tips To Increase Restaurant Sales

In the restaurant business, prompt, courteous service from the wait staff is crucial, but this alone won’t guarantee your restaurant’s success. When interacting with guests, managers, servers, and even cashiers should all be trained in the subtle art of upselling, or suggestive selling. Upselling involves the artful suggestion of more expensive but higher quality food […]