A visual guide to create a twitter poll

How to Create a Twitter Poll

Twitter polls are super easy ways to garner engagement and increase your social media influence scores. The best part is that they are super easy to implement. They were introduced in 2015 and we absolutely love them. They are a super easy way for people to engage with you (they just need two clicks). This […]

Ideas for social media when you run out of ideas

100 Social Media Content Ideas for Business (with examples)

After a while your brain will go blank and you will have “writer’s block”. Don’t worry. This happens to everyone managing social media. If you’re currently having a brain fart, we hope to inspire you with these awesome 100 social media content ideas for business. You can implement all of these on all your social […]

How to use Socialdraft

Getting Started Guide

How to Connect Your Social Media Accounts Adding Team Members How to Set Up Social Categories Setting Up Your Time Zone Setting Up Projects How to Populate Your Calendar How to Connect Bitly to Socialdraft Setting Up Shareable Alerts & Reputation Monitoring Billing How to Schedule a Post How to Duplicate a Social Media Post […]

How to format and write up a Wikipedia entry

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for your Brand

Most everyone is familiar with Wikipedia — an online encyclopedia, and a fantastic source of objective information on virtually every topic you can think of from corporations to celebrities. One of Wikipedia’s key features is that its content is written by the public at large. In other words, anyone can contribute to Wikipedia by editing […]

The best apps to add watermarks to images

Apps to Add Watermarks to Social Media Images

A very important element to Instagram success is to have a cohesive feed. This can be done in multiple ways. You can use the same filter in all your images. You can also pick a particular subject and stick just to that. You can also add text to your images. You can also add a […]

A good call to action button stands alone

Why Call To Actions Are Essential to Your Business

You hear it all the time: “Add a call to action to get conversions”. Yet, you’re hesitant to use calls to action on your posts, you don’t want to seem pushy or overly promotional. Welp, that’s got to stop. We’ve done some digging to get some hard numbers to finally convince you on why call […]

A guide and list of websites where you can curate content for Social Media

How to Find Content for Your Social Media Calendar

You’ve probably found yourself scratching your head on plenty of occasions when writer’s block hits and you just have no freakin’ idea what to post to social media. Content curation is probably one of the most daunting time sucks that social media managers face on a daily basis. You can’t just post content, you need […]

The best hashtags for tennis on social media

A list of Optimized Tennis Hashtags You Can Use on Social Media

Social Media for Tennis is not just for the likes of Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. Social media sites like Twitter and Instagram can be used by the likes of tennis instructors, sporting good stores, umpires and more to help their business AND build a brand. Today we will discuss ideas on what […]

An easy to follow tutorial on how to create Instagram ads

Step by Step Guide on How to Create Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a relatively new way to gain an audience online. As you probably already know, Instagram is a platform where users may post videos and photos and look at the videos and photos of others. Photos and videos may be captioned and others may “like”, comment on and share preferred content. Content may […]

How Public Relation Agencies can use social media

Social Media for PR Agencies

A common issue with PR and Marketing agencies is that they take so much time giving love to their clients, that they end up neglecting their brand. This is a huge loss. Why? Social media can easily become a fundamental part of your business that builds your brand and street cred. Social media can drive […]