Cheap classes that will help those working on social media

Cheap Social Media Classes (That Provide Amazing Value)

Social media is here to stay…it is also an ever-changing force in the marketing universe. This means that if you are a business you can’t ignore social. It is imperative that you either hire someone to manage your social media or that you learn how to do it yourself. The good news is that there are a good number of cheap Social Media classes that are actually high in quality.

Cheap Social Media Classes (that surpass expectations)

You can learn by trial and error, but you are putting yourself (and your clients) at a disadvantage by doing this. Instead, make sure that you at least know the fundamentals to get started. The good news is that you can learn ANYTHING online, and that includes social media. You can go out there and get a certification, but these are pretty costly. Some of the most well known – but maybe not so cheap Social Media classes come with hefty price tags:

Online Marketing Institute Course – $859
MediaBistro – $1,650
Splash Media Master Certification – $5,000

With the following list of free and cheap social media classes, you can learn everything they teach at your pace, wherever you are, onilne.  If you complete this list of courses you will be able to consider yourself Social Media Savvy…and if you join a social media manager group like ours, you can always get some help whenever you come across unfamiliar territory.

1. Facebook & Twitter Essentials (Beginner)

Cost: Free with trial or $19.99/month with your Lynda membership
Duration: 1 hour, 26 minutes (9 lectures)

This course will get you to the novice level of Facebook and Twitter marketing. You will be able to create an effective strategy to promote your brand or business, actually get sales from social media, engage customers, and work social customer support. You’ll even get the basics on how to read and understand analytics.

2. What Is Social? (Beginner)

Cost: Free
Duration: 4 weeks of study, 1-3 hours/week

This course, put together by Northwestern University, is great for small and medium business owners, personalities, and those just getting started in the field of social media management. This course will teach you the basics of social media, and help you devise and improve your social media strategies. Why is it free? Because this is just the intro. If you like the course and you want to learn more or get their certification, then you need to purchase their package which comes in at $426.

3. Diploma in Social Media Marketing (Beginner)

Cost: Free
Duration: 20 hours

This course by Advance Learning Academy touches on all the basics of social media including how to manage your Twitter and Facebook pages, essentials of blogging, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and how to use all these tools to attract potential customers.

4. Social Media Monitoring (Beginner)

Cost: Free
Duration: 38 minutes

Eric Schwartzman put together this course that teaches you the basics of social media monitoring including Google Alerts and how to monitor Social Media.

5. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint should  be required for anyone managing a Facebook page. It will walk you though all the essentials on how Facebook ads work, how to measure your results, and creating ads. Best of all, you can take it at your leisure and it’s free.

Cost: Free
Duration: Flexible

6. The Business of Social (Beginner-Intermediate)
Cost: Free
Duration: Offered by: Coursera

This course, taught by Randy Hlavac for Northwestern University is all about being practical. This one is for business owners, digital marketers, and SMMs who want practical ways to implement social media into their business goals. This course is all about getting value and ROI from your social media strategy. This is not a course about creating content, but about how to measure your social media efforts so you can make sure you get the most value out of the time and money you invest into social media.

7. Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking up Clients (Intermediate-Expert)

Cost: Free
Duration: 1 hour

This level is good if you already understand the basics of social media. This course will not teach you how to set up pages, but shows you how to use the main social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit to find and acquire new customers.

8. Viral Marketing and How to Create Contagious Content (Beginner-Intermediate)

Cost: Free
Duration: Flexible

University of Pennsylvania’s Jonah Berger will guide you to understanding why certain things have a chance to go viral and why others simply don’t. If you are constantly creating social media content, this course will help you to come up with a technique to create more popular content that has the chance to go viral.

9. Twitter Flight School

Another must is Twitter Flight School. After taking this course, you will be able to set up Twitter marketing campaigns for clients and understand all the best practices. There are tests to measure your learning as well.

Cost: Free
Duration: Flexible

10. Adobe Photoshop For Beginners

Cost: Free
Duration: 13 hours, 31 minutes (26 lectures)

Yes, I know there is Canva and Wordswag and a bunch of other apps to create social media images, but trust me, the time will come when you need Photoshop. Take this course so you can save time and aggravation on using this amazing program.

11. Final Cut Pro X 10.2 essential training

Cost: Free with trial or $19.99 per month for unlimited membership
Duration: 8 hours, 31 minutes (14 lectures)

Video is essential in Social Media. In fact, it’s about the only thing outside of boosting posts on Facebook that will get you engagement there. This course will get you to a comfortable level with Final Cut Pro X 10.2. You will be able to take a project from zero to 100% complete and teach you skills like editing, refining, audio, effects, media management and exporting.

12. WordPress for beginners

Cost: Free
Length: 2 hours (19 lectures)

If you have a blog or website, WordPress is the way to go. It’s super customizeable, and once you learn the ins and outs of WordPress, you will be able to do everything yourself (seriously). This course will take you from zero to novice.

13. Python Programming for everyone

Cost: Free
Duration: 2-4 hours per week

This course will get you started in the world of coding. You don’t end up with a certification, but you will understand the basics of Python. Once you understand this, you will be able to move onto more complex languages including Java and C++.

14. Intro to HTML and CSS

Everyone should know HTML and CSS. At least a little.I know you’re thinking this has nothing to do with social media, but you’ll be surprised at how often knowing these two will help you.

Cost: Free
Duration: 6 hours a week (3 lessons)

15. Beginner SEO

You’re saying to yourself, I’m trying to become a social media manager, I’m not building websites. Well, you still need SEO. You need to understand how the Internet works. Google controls the web, but social media sites such as Facebook are their own search engines. You need to understand what Search Engine Optimization is, how to find the right keywords, and how to analyze the traffic that your social media work is driving to your business or clients.

Cost: $47
Duration: 1 hour (11 lectures)

16. Google Analytics for Beginners

You need to learn how to analyze data, and web data & traffic are key to any campaign. This class will show you how to analyze the data that Google gives you. With this course, you will be better than your competition in the Social Media space which has churn due to “un-measurable” results. If you can measure your results and show traffic (and sales) due to your social media work, your churn will significantly decrease. This will also help you to understand the type of content you need to create.

Cost: $25
Duration: 3.5 hours (20 lectures)

17. LinkedIn training course

LinkedIn is one of the most neglected social networks and one of the most important. With this course you will be able to maximize all of LinkedIn’s features to brand yourself, connect with the people that matter, join groups, and share content effectively.

Cost: Free
Duration: 1 hour & 51 minutes, 26 lessons

18. Outlook 2016 essential training

This one you only need if you use Outlook. It will teach you how to save your emails, how to stay organized, create meetings and use this as a task system.

Cost: Free with trial or $19.99 per month for unlimited membership
Duration: 2 hours & 49 minutes, 9 lectures

19. Google Docs Basics

Google Docs (or Google Drive) is an amazing tool. It’s free and has so much to offer…if you know how to use it. This course will walk you through how to create, edit and share using Google Docs AND show you some really cool Ninja tips.

Cost: Free
Duration: 1 hour

20. Google Search

You may think you know how to search on Google, but chances are you’re not searching the best way possible. This course will teach you all the ins and outs to make you a master of Google Search.

Cost: Free
Duration: 1 hour, 9 lectures

21. Internet Writing

Writing for the web is totally different than writing for a publication. You need to consider attention span, SEO, engagement, and a ton of other things. This course will teach you how to write effectively for the web and is great for social media managers, bloggers, journalists and marketers who are moving into this field.

Cost: Free
Duration: 4 lectures

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