Use these Instagram chocolate hashtags to get more likes and engagement

Chocolate Hashtags

The world has a love affair with chocolate. Wanna know how much? On Instagram – alone – there are over 60,567,540 posts tagged #chocolate. If you are a chocolate brand, service, or business marketing itself on Instagram, you’ve got your work cut out for you. we’ve put this list of Chocolate hashtags for Instagram so that you can copy-paste them onto your posts on a regular basis. They also work great as Chocolate Day hashtags. But remember to read through the article because we’ve also put together a strategy that will let you target people with higher chances of conversions.

Chocolate Hashtags

#chocolate #chocolates #chocolate? #chocolatecake #?  #chocolatechipcookies #chocolatey #chocolatelover #chocolatelovers #chocolatelove #chocolatebar #chocolateaddict #cacao #chocolatier #milkchocolate #darkchocolate #whitechocolate 

[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#chocolate #chocolates #chocolate? #chocolatecake #?  #chocolatechipcookies #chocolatey #chocolatelover #chocolatelovers #chocolatelove #chocolatebar #chocolateaddict #cacao #chocolatier #milkchocolate #darkchocolate #whitechocolate    [/pw-clippy]

How to Use Chocolate Hashtags on Instagram

branded hashtags can help you amplify your message

Start with Your Brand’s Hashtags

Because Instagram is a user-generated content social network, branded hashtags can be a great way to grow a brand. Most of the time we recommend that you use an easy to remember, short hashtag that is as close as possible to your brand’s name. This does not always work. Take Vosges Haut Chocolat. They were smart in taking time to research their tag. If they would have just gone with #Vosges, they would not have reached their target audience and fans, but people looking for the geographic location. Instead, they utilized #vosgeshautchocolat. This is on-brand, and works pretty well. If you are going to use a branded chocolate hashtag, make sure that you make it clear to your audience that you want them to use it. Include it on your profile with a call-to-action, and…if at all possible – use it in your packaging and marketing materials.

How to get locals to come to your business on Instagram

Include Location Hashtags

This is imperative if you are a local business. Take AyzaWine & Chocolate Bar in NYC. Sure, it is fine if people who like chocolate like their posts, but isn’t it better if people in New York who are interested in chocolate and food like their posts? The answer is yes…and Ayza’s Instagram manager is smart about their location hashtag strategy. In order to increase their chances of being discovered by locals and tourists, they use location hashtags as well as industry-location hashtags. This is how you market a local business on Instagram!

Chocolate industry hashtags

Use Industry Hashtags

If you are looking to increase chances of conversions, then you need to include industry hashtags. Take Melanger, a chocolate making equipment company. Sure, their posts may not get as many likes and comments as say a chocolate maker, but they don’t need them. What they need is to be seen by people who will be more likely to purchase. Because of their goal, they include very specific chocolate industry hashtags to draw eyes that will convert to sales.

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

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When Is Chocolate Day

There are multiple chocolate day celebrations. Here are a few of them that you can use these chocolate hashtags on:

1-10 Bittersweet Chocolate Day

7-7 – World Chocolate Day

7-28 Milk Chocolate Day

9-13 International Chocolate Day

9-22 White Chocolate Day

10-28 – National Chocolate Day (USA)

12-16 Chocolate Covered Anything Day