How to use hashtags to drive more traffic to your Cinco de Mayo Instagram Posts

Cinco de Mayo Hashtags for Instagram and How To Use Them

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day (that happens September 16). Although 5th of May is not a huge holiday in Mexico, it’s become HUGE in the USA. Particularly for those who are in food and beverage. But, you also need to keep Latinos (in particular Mexicans) in mind. According to Nielsen, it was predicted that Latinos were  to spend out $1.5 trillion, a 50 percent increase from 2010. If you can properly market to this customer, you can significantly increase your ROI. Before we begin to discuss more on Instagram marketing, take a few seconds to copy the Cinco de Mayo hashtags below so that you can use them to promote your brand, business, or service before and during the holiday.

Cinco de Mayo Hashtags for Instagram

#CincoDeMayo #Fiesta #Margarita #CincoDeDrinko #Cerveza #Tequila #Beer #Party #Beer #CincoDeMayoBaby #CincoDeMayo2020 #Mexico #Mariachi #VivaMexico

[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#CincoDeMayo #Fiesta #Margarita #CincoDeDrinko #Cerveza #Tequila #Beer #Party #Beer #CincoDeMayoBaby #CincoDeMayo2020 #Mexico #Mariachi #VivaMexico [/pw-clippy]

How to Use Your Cinco De Mayo Hashtags for Instagram


You can’t expect to just post your specials and promotions for Cinco de Mayo without being active on the network and get a response from your audience. Instagram takes time and commitment. This means that you need to do a few things (and Socialdraft can help you with them – click play on the video above to see how our social media calendar tool can help).

Post Daily (or as consistently as possible)

If you stop sending newsletters and posting to Facebook, your business will probably drop. Same with Instagram. It is very important that you post daily. If you can’t post daily, post every other day, but make sure that you are posting on a consistent basis so that your fans and customers don’t forget about you and get snatched up by your competition. You can use a social media scheduling calendar tool like Socialdraft to schedule all your Instagram posts.  You can also allow your team access to schedule and publish. It’s super easy.

Engage your audience

After you publish, take 15 minutes to engage people. A good place to start is to engage the followers of your competition. These can be converted to your customers with a simple like and follow.  Those two simple actions will increase your chances that you will be able to turn them into a paying customer.

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Use a Mix Industry Specific & Cinco de Mayo Hashtags

Use hashtags specific to your industry to get in front of the right people

Cinco de Mayo is a perfect fit for the California Avocados brand.  While their post would have been OK with just the #CincoDeMayo hashtags, adding industry hashtags such as #avocado #recipe and #recipes will make it easier for them to get discovered by people who are looking for avocado recipes for the holiday. When you craft your Cinco de Mayo posts, keep your audience in mind. What hashtags are they likely to search on Instagram that should lead them to you.

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Mix Location Hashtags & Cinco De Mayo Hashtags

If you are a local business who does not use location hashtags, you will miss out on a local audience

If you are a local business or service provider, you must use geo-targeted hashtags on pretty much all your posts. Take Besito Mexican Restaurant. Their post for Cinco De Mayo (one of many, they started promoting their contest early), includes location hashtags for all the places where their restaurants are located #newyork #longisland #tampa #philly #boston #burlingtonma #chestnuthill #westhartford. This means that on those days, if someone was browsing #newyork on Instagram, Besito’s chances of exposure were significantly higher than without.

Use Hashtags for Verticals and Partners

It is a great idea to collaborate with vertical businesses and suppliers. For example, if you are a bar throwing a Cinco de Mayo Cuervo shot special, you’d be smart to do two things. First, hashtag your Instagram post #Cuervo #JoseCuervoTequila #CuervoNoChaser and #CuervoTequila. This will give Cuervo fans an opportunity to discover you while searching the feed. Second, tag @JoseCuervoTequila. This will make it so they will get a notification. Any brand with a smart Social Media Manager will like, comment on, and maybe repost the image. This all means more exposure for you and your business.

Include Custom Branded Hashtags

A branded hashtag can be beneficial to your business on instagram

Jose Cuervo is one of the most well known Tequila producers in the world. They are very smart about pushing out their custom hashtag, a very simple one #JoseCuervo and a more fun one #cuervonochaser to get their audience to share images of their product. As you can see from the image above, although Jose Cuervo has only created around 500 posts, over 200,000 posts bear their hashtag. This does two things. First, it proves that social media helps depletions of their product. Second, it converts their customers into a marketing army that exponentially increases their reach.

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