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Tips on Creating The Perfect Social Media Post

Social Media is no longer new and smart business owners who market their companies online are always on the lookout for tips on how to maximize the efficacy of social media posts. Besides remembering to always employ the posting fundamentals, such as providing unique and resourceful information, empowering readers with valuable insights, and maintaining a baseline narrative that confirms you and your company as an expert source of information in your field, we have put together a set of tips on creating the perfect Social Media post. The idea here is to optimize your post so that your audience engages, shares, and completes the desired action you want them to take – regardless of what social media site you are posting to.

Tips on Creating The Perfect Social Media Post

These tips on creating the perfect social media posts will work across networks with a little tweaking. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn among others. Let us review some of this valuable information.

Draft an Engaging Title

How to create a title that engages your social media audience

Your title should grab people’s attention, as it is the first thing a viewer will read. Remember to include any keywords close to the start of the title and try to keep it under 70 characters. I love Rare Earth and the titles for their videos are just so much better than the competition; after all…what’s more interesting:

  • How to Destroy People – That’s a badass title right there.
  • Why Japan’s Homeless Are Different from North Americas – Kinda vanilla, don’t you think?

Include Keywords

Make sure that relevant keywords are featured in the first sentence to grab people’s attention AND to make your post more easily findable by search engines.

Relevant Image

Don’t just let the social media site choose from metadata. Add a relevant image or graphic to make it more engaging for the reader and make your post more clickable and shareable.

Mind The Word Count

Some social media sites have limits. For those that don’t, keep your word count low. Why? The idea is to entice your audience so they take an action, be that share the post, click thru, or make a purchase. If you give them too much to read, then they’ll be reading – not taking that action. Besides, you know we all have short attention spans…so keep it short and simple.

Always Include a Call to Action

How to include a call-to-action on social media

Tell your audience what you want them to do. If you don’t they won’t do it. We’ve put together a few effective call-to-action examples to help you get inspired when you’re drafting your next Social Media post. Nordstrom makes it easy for their customers to shop from all their social media accounts.

Space out your posts

Don’t post the same content at the same time, you want to be conversational, but you don’t want to be a chatty Cathy. This is where using a good social media scheduling tool like Socialdraft comes in. Set 30 minutes aside on the weekend and schedule out a month’s worth of content in no time.

Include Links

Ok. You don’t always have to include links…but it is good practice to use links throughout your posting calendar that directs your audience to your site or to a place where they can take your desired action.

Share on Social

Yup. You read that right. Cross promote your posts on social media, particularly if you have one social network that outperforms the others. Use the other social networks as assistants to help that social network grow.

Be Smart About Naming Files

When you upload images, videos, etc…make sure they don’t have generic names like “MOV1234”. Give them titles that are relevant to the subject matter to make them more searchable.

Use Hashtags

The only network we don’t recommend using hashtags on is Facebook. That being said, hashtags are an important search optimization tools for social media. Including hashtags in your posts will help your content to get in front of more people by adding tags using keywords.

Use a Positive Tone of Voice

How to get more engagement on your social media posts

Yes, there are some brands that can go negative, but as a general rule, a positive tone of voice encourages engagement and sharing. Nobody wants to engage that Debbie Downer. We loved this example from AirBnB. They could concentrate on the negatives about staying in a hotel, but instead, they create an aspirational, completely positive post that can set people into daydreams about their next trip.

Be Informative

Give your audience a nugget of helpful knowledge that will make an immediate difference in their life or business…but make sure it is just a nugget and that you let on that there is more to be had. Tease your audience and leave them wanting more.

Track your Links

Use a service like Bitly so that you can get stats on which posts perform better and who is clicking through from which social network (Socialdraft is bitly compatible, so if you use our dash, you can get all the benefits of Bitly).

Think Mobile

Think about smart phone optimization for social media

Most people browse social media on their smartphones and mobile devices. Keep your images clear and simple so they are easy to understand and read. Text should be kept to a minimum, it should be large and clear. The absolute best Pinterest image in the example above is the dog image. It considers that Pinterest likes portrait orientation and that it takes up the most real estate, it is attention-grabbing and tells you exactly what you will click through to.


If you build it they will come – this phrase does not apply to social media. You either need to pay for ads OR you need to get out there and engage your target audience. Build relationships in order to see an ROI.

Post at Optimal Times

Check your analytics to find out when your audience will be listening. If you post when your customers and fans are offline, you’re wasting your time.

Don’t Talk At Your Audience

Instead of always talking at them, ask them to engage by using questions, polls, and figures.

Mention People

At mentions are effective on social media posts

Don’t be shy about mentioning people when you can. It’s a great way to engage them and to get them to expand your reach. If you’re a hair salon, at tag that shampoo line you used on the last person you posted to Instagram.

Share Content from Others

Be it retweets, link shares, or reposts…share content from others that is relevant to your audience. You’ll make friends since you are helping verticals to get in front of your audience and you’ll be providing non-promotional value to your fans and followers.

Edit Your Photos

Better images get more engagement

There’s no excuse for posting ugly images. You no longer need to be a photoshop wizard to edit your images. Use other apps to enhance photos and wow your audience, we’ve got a list of our favorite, easy-to-use photo editing apps here. Just look at the example above. The image on the top left-hand corner is hard to see, it is unappetizing. The image on the bottom center is clear, crisp, and definitely drool-worthy.

Rule of Thirds

This is probably the most simple and most effective photography tip ever. Put the subject of your photo in only two-thirds of the screen. Your images will look sooooo much better.


If you were at a party and someone spoke to you, you’d reply. Do the same on social media. Go beyond replying and start off by sending personalized notes to people who have liked/commented to drive two-way conversations.

Be Silly

That crazy egg managed to get tons of social media exposure. You can too. Just be smart about being silly from time to time.

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