Twitter private messaging tools for customer service

Customer Service Features on Twitter You Can Use Today

Twitter has completely and totally transformed the way that the world (and business) communicates.

Today, everyone has the ability to talk to pretty much everyone else (in 140 characters or less) with nothing more than a free account on Twitter and a mobile device – and it’s turned the world of customer service upside down!

If you have a business today, you need to utilize everything that Twitter brings to the table when it comes to customer service. Your customers are going to expect you to have a Twitter customer service department, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re using it appropriately so that you maximize the impact that you have on social media.

Twitter has unveiled new customer service features

Twitter has recognized the need for businesses today to utilize this communication tool for their customer service, which is why they have rolled out some pretty inventive customer service tools.

Twitter’s customer service tools (the effortless way to transition from a public tweet to a private Direct Message and Customer Feedback messaging) have made it a lot easier for large and small operations to really maximize the potential that Twitter brings to the table from a customer service standpoint.

These easy to use Twitter tools are going to really support your customer service department, and will allow you to expand your influence on social media when used intelligently.

Customer Direct Messages (Public to Private Conversation)

DM’s, or “Direct Messages” are a fantastic way for you to have a private conversation with your customers. A customer service conversations will most likely start off as a Tweet. If you are dealing with something negative, you need to acknowledge that you’re on it…and move this to a private conversation – a DM. Twitter has made this much easier.

Your business can add a deep link to your Tweets, this will automatically display a call to action button. When the customer clicks this button, it will allow them to send a DM easily. Think about how great this will be when you need sensitive information such as an order number…this is a great Twitter feature.

Twitter Customer Service Feedback

Twitter has also included a feature called Customer Feedback. It lets your community share their opinions with your business privately.

This is a fantastic way to get feedback. This feature allows you to survey your customers to get a better idea of how you are doing and what you can do better. This comes in after a customer service chat.

You will have two options on how to use this: Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Partner your customer service with your marketing on Twitter and watch as your bottom line explodes

You see, people trying to figure out how to use Twitter for customer service aren’t just going to want to think of this as a digital customer service department – they are also going to want to think of it as a marketing channel as well.

Not only will you want to quickly, efficiently, and successfully resolve any and all of your social media customer’s questions, concerns, and problems using Twitter, but you’re going to want to do so intelligently so that this back and forth between you and your customers contributes to your influence and your transparency.

Success in business today is all about transparency, and the new customer service tools you’re going to get from Twitter allow you to boost your transparency while at the same time protecting the privacy of your customers.

When you stop thinking of your customer service department as the “fire department” in your business and instead think of it as a new channel for marketing and advertising, you’ll learn exactly how to use Twitter for customer service in a way that dramatically boosts your bottom line profits!