How Socialdraft Works


The idea behind Socialdraft is to make your life easier. Socialdraft works on any device so you can manage your reputation on the go. Take a few seconds to get to see How Socialdraft Works and to get to know the most popular features of our dashboard. We’re not just a social media scheduler; we’re a reputation management suite, influencer tool, and a robust tool for agencies. We’ve even got task management built in. When you’re ready, click here to start your RISK-FREE TRIAL of Socialdraft.



You can schedule posts to Instagram on the Socialdraft dashboard. An SMS will be sent to you at the scheduled time for easy posting.



You can also schedule pins to Pinterest on the Socialdraft dashboard. Just enter the content on our calendar and voila!



Pull reports for your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Then download these as PDF to send to collaborators, clients, and coworkers.



Turn on this feature so that any posts created by a sub-admin cannot publish without approval from an admin. A great way to avoid social media disasters, angry customers, and loss of revenue.


We have married an easy to use Calendar with Social Posting. It’s going to make your life soooo darn easy! With our drag and drop calendar, you can:
1. Schedule & publish posts to Facebook, Facebook Groups,  Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
2. Re-schedule a post: If you want to change the date of posting, simply drag and drop the post onto a new date.
2. Re-post/Duplicate: You can recycle older posts by simply dragging and dropping that post to a future date.
3. Edit Posts: You can edit your posts by simply clicking the post and selecting edit.


Projects allows you to bundle up various social media accounts into projects. When you want to schedule the same content to all those accounts, simply select the project and you’re done.
1. Set up your “project”: give the project a name and choose the social neworks that should fit that project. You can combine any number of networks: all Facebook, all Twitter, all Linkedin or a combination of all three.
2. When you create a post that you want a “project” to share, simply select the project.


There are various ways for you to post to social media on Socialdraft. One of them is using our simple “Create” Scheduler
1. Enter your text, add a link, add an image.
2. Select the social networks you want to post to.
3. Select the accounts you’d like to post to.
5. Click schedule & you’re done.



The Socialdraft new visual calendar is the easiest way to get a quick glimpse at all the content that is scheduled to be published.


Instagram is growing by leaps and bounds and is a great place for engagement. Socialdraft allows you to monitor your brand, hashtags, and keywords on Instagram; and then gives you the ability to interact with content creators AND amplify their content. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to increase their social influence and convert their audience.


You love…so do we. You can now connect to the Socialdraft dashboard and reap all the rewards of everyone’s favorite URL shortener. Better still, you don’t need to take an action to shorten links, as soon as you add them in the “create” area, our dash will automatically shorten them for you.


This feature was built for those of you who need to collaborate in your social media efforts. An account admin can set Team Members on the Dashboard so they have access only to certain accounts. This keeps your account safe, makes collaboration easy and quick.


The biggest request we kept running into was the ability to mass schedule via CSV. Our CSV scheduler even results in gorgeous images for your social media posts. You’re going to LOVE IT!


The feed allows you to monitor the activity on your social accounts and to take actions on them. The idea is to save you time and effort.


This is for those people who need to manage multiple social accounts. We make it super easy to add more Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profiles.