A guide on how to use dessert hashtags on Instagram

Dessert Hashtags for Instagram & How to Use Them

Desserts, everyone loves them. Desserts are loved so much that there are over 28 million Instagram posts that are tagged with dessert hashtags. If you make desserts or if you run a brand or business that is related to desserts, then you know that Instagram is a great place to amplify your brand. But with all that competition, you’re worried that you’ll get lost in the crowd. There’s no need to worry. We’ve put together a list of the best dessert hashtags for Instagram. Copy and save those on your smart phone. Then, read on so that you can learn how to combine them with other types of hashtags so you can get the most organic reach for a targeted audience.

Dessert Hashtags

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How to Use Dessert Hashtags on Instagram

Use geo targeted hashtags to attract locals to your bakery

Include location hashtags

If you are a local business such as a bakery, caterer, or restaurant; you need to make sure that your posts include location hashtags. These should be your city, neighborhood and state. Dominique Ansel doesn’t really need to work so hard at this,  he is pushing one of the world’s most delicious pastry, the cronut. But, he still takes the time to include the #Soho hashtag so that when people are browsing it on Instagram, his scrumptious image has a chance to grab local’s attention.

use related brand and dessert hashtags

Use related brand hashtags (when relevant)

Jacques Torres is one of NYC’s most prominent chocolatiers. As such he collaborates with other brands including Champagne Taittinger. Note how this post uses the #Taittinger hashtag. This is done so that people who are fans of this gorgeous sparkler can be cross marketed to. By using their hashtag, he is reaching out to an audience that may not have been interested in him before.

Use hashtags for different holidays to help your dessert business get more likes

Use Holiday Hashtags

The dessert industry is perfect for the holidays. Make a list of special holidays and be ready to use hashtags related to those holidays when they come around. Carlos’ Bakery uses a single hashtag #easter to increase visibility of their post during the holiday. 145k views tells me this was quite effective for them.

Download a copy of our 2017 holiday hashtag calendar here

A custom brand hashtag can strenghten your business

Use a custom brand hashtag

Instagram is great for branding. If you teach your customers and audience to use your custom hashtag you can turn them into a marketing army. Check out Krispy Kreme Donuts. They’ve only created about 2,000 pieces of content, but when you check their hashtag there are 1.5 million posts. That’s a ton of people working as marketers for the brand. That’s strong marketing.

How to Grow Your Instagram  Dessert Account


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