A list of hashtags to help you drive more people to your Dia De Los Muertos Instagram Posts

Dia De Los Muertos Hashtags for Instagram

Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is quickly gaining speed in popularity in the United States outside of a Mexican audience. After Cinco de Mayo, it is probably the second most well known Mexican celebration (even more so than Mexican Independence Day). What does this mean for your brand or business? It means that you have a chance to reach out to Latin-American customers – just keep in mind that this celebration has roots in religion and it must be handled with care. Before you post to Instagram, take a few seconds to copy and paste these Dia De Los Muertos Hashtags. They will help you to get more likes and engagement from your community.

Dia De Los Muertos Hashtags

#DiadelosMuertos #DayOfTheDead #SugarSkull #DiaDeLosMuertos #Mexico #DiaDeMuertos #Skeleton #Skull #Flowers #UNESCO #AllSaintsDay #AllSoulsDay #Calavera #Marigold #Ofrenda #LadyoftheDead #LaCalaveraCatrina #FlordeMuerto

[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#DiadelosMuertos #DayOfTheDead #SugarSkull #DiaDeLosMuertos #Mexico #DiaDeMuertos #Skeleton #Skull #Flowers #UNESCO #AllSaintsDay #AllSoulsDay #Calavera #Marigold #Ofrenda #LadyoftheDead #LaCalaveraCatrina #FlordeMuerto [/pw-clippy]

How to Manage & Grow Your Instagram Accounts


If you plan to have a successful Dia de los Muertos Instagram campaign, you can’t expect to post just once a month and succeed. Instagram takes commitment. That commitment involves gorgeous images, good write ups with a call to action, and a good set of hashtags. But, that’s just the basics. If you actually want to see a return on investment from Instagram, you need to post consistently (daily if possible) and engage on a daily basis. This can get cumbersome, but there are tools such as Socialdraft that can help  you stay consistent and focused while saving you time.

Socialdraft helps yo tou:

Schedule Instagram Posts
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How to Get The Most from Your Dia De Los Muertos Hashtags

Run a Hashtag Contest

Teach your customers to use custom hashtags with a contest

Dia de los Muertos is an awesome marketing opportunity. Not every business in town will be running a promotion for the holiday. You can take a cue from Dos Caminos. They came up with a Dia De Los Muertos branded hashtag #DayOfTheDeadatDos and asked their customers to take pictures at the location and share it on Instagram  with the tag. This means that all their friends would be exposed to the post and to the restaurant. Dos Caminos basically converted their customers into a happy marketing army.

Mix up Business Related and Dia De Los Muertos Hashtags

Mix up dia de los muertos hashtags with business tags

Use Industry Hashtags

By using hashtags related to the makeup and face painting industries, artist Ronnie Mena exposes himself to both an audience that is interested in Dia de los Muertos, and an audience that is directly interested in his craft.

Align Yourself With Verticals

You can earn another brand's audience by using their hashtags

You can use hashtags to align yourself with and reach the audience of associated brands, personalities, and businesses. Museo del Barrio did this beautifully by crafting a post around artist Antonio Lopez. By using the hashtag #AntonioLopez, they are giving themselves a chance to be discovered on Instagram by the artist’s fans.

Use Location Hashtags

Location hashtags help businesses to be seen by people who can convert

If you are a local business (like a restaurant, bar or make up artist) you need to attract local eyes. They are more likely to convert to customers the closer they are to your location. Take this example from Casa Neta Restaurant. By using #nycevents #flatironny #nycnightlife #nyc #flatiron #nychalloween #newyorkcity as their location hashtags, they are increasing their chances of being seen by those who are checking out what’s going on in those locations on those date and increasing their chances of a conversion from a view to a customer.


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