Mixing and DJ Hashtags for Instagram and How To Use Them

February 23, 2017

DJ's can use this list of hashtags to get more Instagram engagement


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What’s This?

As of early 2017, Instagram has 600 million monthly active users. But what’s relevant to anyone in the music industry, especially those who are in the DJ industry is that 28% of internet users who are between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram and that 4% of internet users bet 30-49 do as well. That means that your target audience is on Instagram. The problem? There’s tons of content and competition on Instagram. As of February 2017, there were 18 million posts tagged #DJ. This means you need to be smart about your hashtag use to stand out from the crowd. Before we discuss how to use your DJ hashtags, take a few seconds to copy those hashtags below. They will be the building block to your Instagram strategy.

DJ Hashtags for Instagram

#Dj #Mixing #Djlife #Newmusic #Hiphop #Mastering #Music #Instamusic #Remix #Soundcloud #Studio #Recording #Party #Mixer #Launchpad #Produce #Bass #Beatmaker #Musicstudio #Studiolife #Musicproduction #Dubstep

How to use DJ Hashtags for Instagram

A good way to expand your audience is to use hashtags for relevant brands

Combine them with Related Brand Hashtags

DJ Lena Estetica understands the power or related brand hashtags. Although she has a healthy following on Instagram, she still uses hashtags for related brands; for example, venues that she will appear at. By doing this she allows her posts to come up on the feed for these tags and gives herself exposure to a very desirable and related audience which has a higher chance to engage her content…and more importantly, attend her shows.

A custom hashtags will help you convert fans into brand advocates

Make Sure to Include YOUR Branded Hashtag

Every DJ and music related brand should have a custom hashtag. This can be something simple, like your name. The Nature One festival utilizes this exact method #NatureOne.  Note that while they’ve only created 340 pieces of content, the hashtag has been used over 40,000 times. This means that their fan base is so vested in their brand and in being associated with it that they are acting as a marketing army that only makes the brand stronger.

Use geo targeted hashtags to draw in a local audience

Incorporate Location Hashtags

Location hashtags are quite useful if you need to promote a show or venue. Sure, you want your DJ brand to be internationally known, but converting people to see your shows is much easier if they are nearby. Le Shuuk uses location hashtags such as #Stuttgart and #Germany alongside DJ hashtags so that he can come up on the feed for his core follower base in Germany.

Use hashtags for your specific type of music to get in front of the right audience

Use Industry Specific DJ Hashtags

There are many different types of DJ’s, different styles, different industries, different music. While the general music audience may convert, you will have a better chance of getting engagement if you target those closest to your exact industry. If you are a techno, electronica, or dubstep DJ, then you need to mix in a few hashtags for the genre that fits you. If you’re a wedding DJ, then you need to edit your tags to attract the right eyes. The idea is to mix in the general hashtags to get a wider reach and mix in more specific ones to assure engagement and increase the chances of a return on your Instagram investment.

How to Manage and Grow Your DJ Instagram Account


It takes more than just the right hashtag strategy to see a return on investment from Instagram. In order for your account to be effective, you need to consistently manage and care for your account. That means posting daily, engaging your audience, and cleaning up your account.

Socialdraft is the Social Media Management Tool that can help you manage this. With Socialdraft, you can:

Schedule posts to multiple Instagram accounts
Have multiple people work on various accounts
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But Socialdraft is more than just an Instagram management tool. With Socialdraft, you can:

Schedule posts to Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Business Pages and Pinterest Boards
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Download content calendars as PDF
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Engage on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin
Download Facebook and Twitter reports
and tons more…

What are you waiting for? Take Socialdraftrisk-freesk free trial. It’s easy

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