Hashtags that artists can use on Instagram to get more organic traffic

Drawing Hashtags for Instagram & How to Use Them

Instagram is a great social network for artists. It is a great place to share your work, but the images are not so high res that they can be stolen from you outright. The question is, how do you go from someone who is posting their artwork on Instagram to someone who is selling their artwork on Instagram? The answer: a combination of great hashtags and strategy. Today, we’ll discuss a strong Instagram strategy for artist and give you the best uses for drawing hashtags so you can get your work seen by the right people. But, before we get to the strategy, take a few seconds to click “copy” below this list of the top Instagram Drawing Hashtags. These hashtags will be the starting point to your strategy on Instagram.

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[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#Drawing #Drawings #Drawingoftheday #Blackandwhite #Drawingskills #Drawingtime #Drawingaday #Doodle #Drawingpen #Drawingart
#Drawingbyme #Socialdraft #Instadraw #Instadrawing #Selfportrait #Graphic #Sketch #Sketchbook #Instaart #Sketching #Sketches #Sketchaday #Art #Creative #Artsy [/pw-clippy]

The good news is that as an artists you no longer have to rely on a dealer to help you sell (although that can help significantly). Because of social media and services like Instagram, you can engage a community of artists, and build a fan base that can convert into your customers. Instagram is a perfect place for art promotion. It’s visual and there are ways that you can set up an online shop so you can sell your art directly from your Instagram feed. If you’re new to Instagram, or if you haven’t been attracting the right kind of people to your Instagram feed, read on. We’ll discuss a strategy to help you brand yourself on Instagram and help you sell your art.

What to Post to Instagram

This is your business. Don’t confuse your audience. Stop posting pictures of your baby or your cat. Instagram is where you will be branding yourself, so make sure to stay on brand. Want some ideas on what to post:

              • Art pieces & drawings



            • Art in progress



            • Things you are inspired by



            • Technique and how tos



            • Behind the scenes


            Post High Quality Images

You as an artist cannot post anything that is low quality. Again, you brand your work as high quality and your Instagram feed needs to reflect this.


Your captions are the second thing your audience will engage with. Yes, the image is the visual story, but you need to make sure your caption compliments the image and gets the viewer engaged. After the caption, make sure to include a call to action. Calls to actions work, when you tell people what you want them to do, a good majority of the time, the do it. Note the call to action on this post. It’s simple and to the point: follow us. Some calls to action you will want to request

              • Click the link on my profile to view more



            • Double tap if you like this piece



            • Tag a friend who would like this work


            How often Should You Post To Instagram [fve]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6JjnyZ9V_Y[/fve] Minimum on a daily basis. Yes, this seems like a lot, but there are a few reasons why you need to post daily. Instagram has recently implemented an algorithm. It takes into account the engagements you get. That means that if you skip a day or two, you have no chance to get engagement and you’ll drop in the feed. Also, you want to be constantly in the mind of your audience. Don’t let them forget you. That being said, don’t post content that is off brand or of low quality. How to Schedule Daily [fve]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6JjnyZ9V_Y[/fve] Use a service that helps manage and schedule Instagram posts, like Socialdraft. You can sit down say on a Sunday, spend 30 minutes and get your posts scheduled out for the week. Socialdraft will SMS you at the scheduled time with the image and write up. This will keep you active on a consistent basis. Using Art & Drawing Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are the key to being found on Instagram. Think of hashtags as Instagram SEO. Hashtags are the way Instagram will categorize your posts, so if you are doing a pencil drawing, the #pencildrawing hashtag will help people looking for that kind of content to find you. You will read that using more than one hashtag is not cool.  You know what’s not cool…not being found. We recommend that you use all 30 hashtags allowed by Instagram. Here’s the breakdown on how to find them and how to use them.

General Drawing Hashtags

Those are the hashtags we gave you above. These are industry specific, but they are used often. You want to use them so you can give yourself a chance to come up on search when people search say #art, but they MUST be combined with a combination of the hashtags we’ll discuss below. Why? Because as of today, #art has been used in 186,783,707 posts. This means that this hashtag has a possibility of getting you seen by many people, but most likely, you’ll quickly drop down the feed unless you have a very strong following.

Industry Specific Drawing Hashtag

We discussed why you need to use #art. But, let’s take a hashtag such as #pencilportrait which has only been used in 56,829 posts or #petportrait which has been used in 207,000 posts. This still gives you a nice chance of reach, but…gives you a much more targeted audience. People who are interested in seeing pencil portraits and who may be looking for someone to create a pencil portrait for them. Also, when there is less competition, you have a better chance to come up on Top posts. When this happens, Instagram keeps you at the top of the feed giving you more exposure. The benefit is more likes, more comments, and a more targeted audience.

Hashtag Campaigns

Once you’ve grown a decent sized audience that is constantly engaging with your posts, you will want to begin to do a few things. First, train them to use your hashtag. Say that you have an Etsy shop or Fiverr shop where you sell pencil portraits. When you complete the piece and send it to your buyer, make sure to prompt them to share it to Instagram with your custom hashtag #yourshopname or #pencilportraitbyyourname in exchange for a percentage off their next purchase. This works as very inexpensive advertising and brand building. This is just one idea, but think of the possibilities of #AskArtistName (to ask for drawing tips)…there is so much you can do.


Make Friends On Instagram

Art is a community, and this extends to Instagram. Find other artists on the network and build a relationship with them. Like and comment on their posts and they will do the same with you. This will help you to grow your account and get seen by their audience.


How to Manage your Instagram Account

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